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How to Renew National Insurance Mediclaim Policy?

When you buy your health insurance policy from the National Insurance Company, you are assured of having a dependable health cover. The National Insurance Company is one of the oldest and most reputed providers of medical insurance in the country. They offer some of the very best health plans at some of the most competitive rates. To stay covered, you need to pay the premiums on time and also ensure you get the renewal done on time. If you want to know how to renew the National Insurance mediclaim policy, we are here to help you. Read on to know more.

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The Process to Renew the National Insurance Mediclaim Policy

How to renew National Insurance mediclaim policy? Let’s find out:

1. Go online – The first step towards renewing the plan is going online. The plans can be renewed over the internet in a quick and smooth manner. You can complete the process on the official website of National Insurance or on their mobile app. You do not have to physically visit the office of the insurance company just to renew your health insurance cover. This is a major benefit that you must take full advantage of.

2. Enter Details – Once on the website or app, begin the renewal process by entering some personal details. These include your policy number and your date of birth. After you enter these data, your policy details will be shown to you. Choose the renewal option and proceed to make a payment.

3. Make the Payment – You can make the payment then and there using a credit or debit card or by opting for the net banking option.

Keep a good reminder set to ensure you never forget the renewal date. Unless you pay your premium and renew the policy on time, your National Insurance health cover will not remain active and you cannot make a claim. Stay one step ahead of such problems by simply renewing the policy on time.

You can even opt for the long-term health covers that offer the benefits of health care for periods of two or three years. You need to pay the premium only once and stay covered for a longer duration. Opt for this type of a health cover if you have a habit of missing premium due dates, as they offer a more guaranteed cover. Also, the premium rates of the long term health plans from National Insurance are lower as compared to the premium rates of the regular health insurance covers.

Benefits of Renewing National Insurance Mediclaim Policy

Now that you know how to renew National Insurance mediclaim policy, go ahead and do so. You will get the following benefits thereafter:

1. Uninterrupted health cover – The biggest advantage you get when you renew your National Insurance health plan on time is uninterrupted health coverage. When the policy is renewed on time and it is active, you can get covers such as in-patient care, pre and post-hospital covers, domiciliary care, daycare covers, ambulance covers and so on.

2. Financial protection – The health insurance covers offer financial protection as well. As we all know, health care costs are very high these days. If you do not renew your plan on time and it lapses, you have to pay the hospital bills from your own pocket. This can lead to you losing huge sums of money. So pay the premium on time and keep your money protected as well.

3. Tax benefit – You get a tax benefit for the health insurance premium you pay. This is available under Section 80 D of the Indian Income Tax Act.

4. Add-on covers benefits – The National Health Insurance Company offers many add-ons covers too along with the health plans. You can get riders such as the critical illness rider, the accidental death benefit rider and so on. If your plan is renewed and active, you stand to get these add-on covers too, when there is a need.

Do not let the policy lapse, as then you will miss out on all the above-mentioned benefits. National Insurance does offer a grace period by which you can renew a lapsed policy but avoid getting it lapsed in the first place. You never know when misfortune can strike. If you fall ill or meet with an accident on the day your plan lapses, you cannot make a claim, even with the grace period feature in place. So get the renewal done on time and enjoy all the benefits all the time.

The Final Word

Being aware of how to renew the National Insurance mediclaim policy is half the battle won! And since the steps are so easy and hassle-free, complete them on time. Stay covered in a tension-free manner after that and enjoy the excellent health insurance coverage offered by the National Health Insurance Company Limited.

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