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How to Choose Mediclaim Policy

Many things in life are uncertain. Among them is your health. Even when you are fit and fine, you may get affected by an infectious disease, a hereditary ailment or simply meet with an accident. Thankfully, medicare has advanced tremendously and most illnesses can be cured. Sadly though, the health care costs have gone up too much, making good quality health care almost out-of-bounds for most people. However, this problem has a very simple solution to it – health insurance. If you invest in a health insurance plan, health care becomes very affordable. This is why everyone needs health insurance. Take a look at this article to know how to choose mediclaim policy that is both effective and economical.

Health Insurance

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How to choose mediclaim policy?

Here are some points that help you choose the best health insurance plan:

1. Assess your own needs – Start off by analysing your own needs. Insurance needs are always different for different people. So do not blindly choose the same health insurance plan that your brother got for his family. The health insurance needs of your family and yourself may be very different from the needs of your brother and his family. To know what your needs are, assess your health records, your hereditary conditions, your spouse’s and children’s health conditions, etc to understand what type of a health insurance plan would be best suited for your family. Only after that is done, proceed to the next step.

2. Make a budget – Next, you need to make a budget. Health insurance is available in various price ranges. You may want the largest and most comprehensive health insurance policy for yourself but it may not be affordable for you. So before you begin shopping, make a budget and see how much you can spend on your health cover. If the premium is too high, you may struggle to pay it on time and may end up losing your health cover.

3. Compare – Do not miss this step! Comparing health insurance is an extremely crucial thing to do before you purchase a plan. It is very simple to compare health insurance. All you need to do is go online, use a premium calculator and enter your details. All the quotes will be flashed on your screen with brief info about each plan. Scan the results very carefully to compare and locate your ideal cover at the most economical price.

4. Choose a good insurance provider – How to choose mediclaim policy? Simple, just get a plan from the best insurance provider. It is important to avoid the ill-rated insurance companies as they would hold back your claims, would not cooperate when you need them and so on. Choose your insurer with care because it is important to find a good insurer to buy the plan from.

5. Choose the correct cover – There are different types of health insurance covers available in India nowadays. You get the regular family floater health insurance plans. You also get special health covers such as diabetes covers and cancer covers. You get health plans for specific people such as senior citizens and mothers-to-be. You need to choose the most suitable type of cover to be assured of having the best mediclaim cover with you.

6. Get some riders – Every health insurance company offers add-on covers with their base health plans. Also known as riders, these add-on covers offer an added protection. Some of the common health insurance riders include the critical illness rider, the room rent waiver rider, the personal accident rider, etc. Remember, a rider is available at an extra cost so choose wisely and get the ones that are of greatest use to you.

7. Buy online – A great tip on how to choose mediclaim policy would be to look online. Not only can you easily choose by comparing the options online, but you can also get the plans at lower costs when you shop online. This is why you must look for the online plans to find a great avenue to choose and get health insurance.
Renew on time – Buy the plan and then renew on time to stay covered in an uninterrupted and wholesome manner.

These are some of the best tips on how to choose mediclaim policy. Keep them in mind and start looking for your ideal cover.


How to choose mediclaim policy? Well, as you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, the procedure is quite simple and logical. You need to know your own requirements, your budget and the type of coverage you need. You then need to compare health insurance, find the best plan from the best insurer and buy it online. Just remember to renew it on time and you will have an excellent health insurance cover at all times.

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