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Health insurance can provide financial coverage to individuals in case they face some medical emergencies. On choosing a health insurance plan, individuals can get coverage against hospitalization bills, critical illness, daycare treatment, OPD coverage, domiciliary treatment, etc. You need to pay a certain amount (premium) per year towards the policy to get all these coverages. But what is the premium amount you need to pay towards the health insurance policy?

Health Insurance

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If you are someone who wants to know how much it will cost you per year, consider yourself in the right place. In this article, we will be discussing some of the top individual health insurance plans and their yearly premium amount. Also, we will be telling you the factors that affect your premium amount towards the policy. Keep reading to know more!

Premium Amounts of Top Individual Health Insurance Policies

An individual health insurance plan is one of the best ways to ensure the protection of your finances in case you need hospitalization due to disease or illness. In the below table, we are showing some of the popular individual health insurance plans with their premium amount. Have a look!

Individual Health Insurance PlansPremium Amount
HDFC Ergo Easy Health IndividualDepends on the chosen sum insured
Niva Bupa Health CompanionStarts from INR 5,085 per year for all variants
Niva Bupa GoActive PlanStarts from INR 13,352 per year
Niva Bupa Health Premia Insurance PlanStarts from INR 12,488 per year
Niva Bupa Super Saver PlanStarts from INR 9,214 per year
Care Individual Health InsuranceDepends on the chosen sum insured option
Star Health Comprehensive PlanStarts from INR 7,015 per annum
Star Health Gain Insurance PolicyINR 15,000/ INR 20,000/ INR 25,000/ INR 30,000
Star Health Young Star Insurance PolicyStarts from INR 3,340 per annum
Star Health Criticare Plus Insurance PolicyStarts from INR 3,750 per annum
Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum Enhanced PlanDepends on the sum insured chosen by the individual

Factors that Affect Premium Amount of an Individual Health Insurance Policy

When choosing a health insurance plan from an insurer, the premium amount should be according to your income and requirements. To ensure the same, you should have an understanding of the factors that affect the premium amount of an individual health insurance policy. We are discussing them below that you should check!

Sum Insured Option

The first thing that affects your premium amount is the sum insured chosen by you. An individual health insurance plan may have different variants, and each variant can have multiple sums insured options for you to choose from. So, the premium amount will depend on the sum insured option. The premium can be higher on choosing a higher sum insured amount and vice versa. So, you should choose the sum insured option accordingly.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

If you choose health insurance and you have some pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, etc., the insurer may charge a higher premium on your policy as compared to a person who does not have any pre-existing condition. By charging a higher premium amount on the policy, the insurer tries to mitigate the coverage risk attached to such an individual.

Age and Gender of an Individual

The premium of an individual health insurance policy will be lower for an individual who is at an early age (20-the 30s) as he or she has lesser chances to get hospitalized due to an illness as compared to an individual who is above 45. That’s why the premium amount depends on the entry age of the individual. Other than this, a few insurers also provide a lower premium rate to women policyholders as compared to men.

Residing Location

Many insurance companies decide the premium rate of an individual according to the location he or she is residing in. So, the premium amount of a policy may be lower for an individual living in a non-metro city as compared to an individual living in one of the metro cities.

Type of Health Insurance Policy

Remember that your premium amount also depends on the type of health insurance policy chosen by you. For example, the premium amount of a critical illness individual health insurance plan will obviously be higher than a basic individual plan. This is why you should check the premium amount before choosing a policy.

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