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If you are the sole breadwinner in your family, the hospitalization of any family member can wipe out your savings drastically. A Family Health Insurance plan protects the health of your family along with yourself at an affordable premium. You can include your spouse, children, dependent siblings, parents and parents-in-law. Before choosing a family health insurance plan, you should know how much it costs so that you can choose according to your coverage requirements and affordability.

Here, the cost refers to the premium of your family health insurance plan that you pay every year to get coverage against treatment expenses. On this page, we will provide you the cost of some family health insurance plans in India, their features, and factors affecting the premium amount for the same. So, let’s start!

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Premium Amount and Sum Insured of Top Family Health Insurance Plans in India

The below table can give you all the necessary information about the sum insured of top family health insurance plans in India along with their premium amount.

Family Health Insurance PlanSum Insured (in INR)Annual Premium Amount (in INR)
Star Health Comprehensive Insurance Policy5 lakh - 1 croreStarting from 7,105 ( For Sum Insured of INR 5 lakh)
HDFC ERGO Health Optima RestoreUp to 50 lakhAs specified by the Insurer
Star Health Family Delite Insurance Policy2 lakh/ 3 lakhStarting from 2,800 (for sum insured of INR 2 lakh)
Niva Bupa Go Active4 lakh - 25 lakhStarting from 13,352
Care Family Health Insurance5 lakh - 6 croreAs specified by the Insurer
Niva Bupa Health Companion3 lakh - 1 croreStarting from 5,085 per year
ICICI Lombard iHealth Plan2 lakh - 50 lakhDepends on the Sum Insured

Factors Affecting Premium Amount of Family Health Insurance Plan

Now that you have the necessary information about the premium of some top family health insurance plans, you should know about the factors that affect the same. We are mentioning them below. Please check!

Sum Insured

The premium amount of a family health insurance plan with a higher sum insured will be more as compared to the premium of a plan with a lower sum insured. The reason being a plan with a higher sum insured can give you comprehensive coverage against treatment expenses. So, choose a sum insured according to your affordability and coverage requirements.

Type of Health Insurance Plan

Insurers mainly provide two types of health insurance plans – Individual Family plan (individual sum insured for each family member) and Family Floater plan (overall sum insured floats among all the insured family members). The premium amount depends on the type of health insurance plan chosen by you. If you purchase an individual family health insurance plan for each family member, the premium amount will be higher as compared to the floater plan for your family.

Age of the Eldest Member in your Family

The insurer will also check the age of the eldest member in your family before fixing the final premium rate of your policy. If you include a senior citizen (above 60 years of age) in your family health insurance, the premium amount will be higher as they are more likely to fall ill as compared to young people.

Family Medical History

If members in your family have certain medical conditions or past medical history (heart diseases, cancer, etc.), the premium amount can be higher. That’s why insurers ask for the family medical history when you purchase a family health insurance plan.


Your premium amount for a family health insurance plan also depends on the location where you are taking this plan. The premium amount in metro cities will be higher as compared to the premium of a family health insurance plan in Tier 2 or 3 cities.

Features of Top Family Health Insurance Plans in India

In the below table, you can check the top features of family health insurance plans in India. Have a look!

Family Health Insurance PlanFeatures
Star Health Comprehensive Insurance Policy

  1. No limit on room rent

  2. Cost of health checkup on every claim-free year

  3. Maternity and newborn baby cover

  4. Cover on OPD Basis

  5. Personal Accident Cover

  6. Disease management program

  7. Air Ambulance Cover, Organ Donor coverage, etc.

HDFC ERGO Optima Restore

  1. 100% restore benefit after the first claim

  2. 2x multiplier benefit

  3. Daily hospital cash up to INR 1,000 per day

  4. Complimentary health check-ups

  5. Daycare procedures coverage

  6. Modern treatments coverage

Star Family Delite Insurance Plan

  1. ICU expenses coverage up to 1.5% of the sum insured

  2. Post-hospitalization coverage up to INR 5,000

  3. Emergency Ambulance charges up to INR 1,500 per policy period

  4. Modern treatments coverage

  5. Cataract treatment coverage up to INR 20,000

Max Bupa Go Active

  1. Daycare treatments coverage

  2. Health Coach as an optional benefit

  3. No sub-limit on room rent expenses

  4. 10 OPD Consultations

  5. Up to 100% of your sum insured as a refill

Care Family Health Insurance

  1. Annual health check-up facility

  2. Ambulance coverage up to INR 3,000 per hospitalization

  3. Domiciliary hospitalization up to 10% of the sum insured

  4. Daycare coverage up to the sum insured

  5. Organ Donor coverage up to INR 5 lakh

Max Bupa Health Companion

  1. Complimentary annual health check-up
  2. Hospital cash up to INR 4,000 per day

  3. In-patient coverage up to the sum insured

  4. No room rent limit

  5. No Claim bonus up to 100%

ICICI Lombard iHealth Plan

  1. Additional sum insured facility

  2. Unlimited reset benefit

  3. No co-payment required

  4. Hospital Daily Cash up to INR 3,000 per day

  5. Donor expenses up to INR 50,000

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