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Not always you’ll need to undergo hospitalization for the treatment of a disease or an ailment. Sometimes you may require outpatient consultation with doctors, diagnostic tests or medical prescriptions. All these are Outpatient Department (OPD) expenses, which according to news reports account for nearly 62% of the total healthcare costs in India. Thankfully, OPD health insurance covers these expenses and ensures savings for you should such a situation arise later. You can get covered for OPD expenses either under a base health insurance plan or by adding a rider to the former. The rider will add to the premium, but it’s worth having so given the increasing possibilities of OPD expenses. Let’s check the benefits of these plans.

Health Insurance

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Benefits of OPD Health Insurance Plans

Besides coverage, OPD health insurance plans offer tax benefits, allow multiple claims, cashless claim options, etc. Let’s check these benefits individually.

Extensive Coverage

People affected by diabetes, blood pressure, asthma require constant visits to the hospital for consultations, diagnostic tests, etc. All that only adds to the non-hospitalization expenses of these patients. OPD health insurance plans do wonders to many such patients by covering these expenses. Most regular plans may not come with OPD cover. So, you must look for OPD Cover across plans and see which one has that and at the best premium rates.

Multiple Claims Allowed

You can claim for as many times as you may want for OPD expenses. However, the cover is only up to the base sum insured. In the case of a rider, the cover will be up to the rider sum insured.

Cashless OPD Services Have Become a Game-changer

The best thing to have happened recently is the introduction of cashless OPD services by some insurance companies. Using the cashless services, one doesn’t need to pay upfront. Whereas a reimbursement option requires you to pay upfront before the insurance company reimburses you the amount.

Tax Benefits

Tax benefits also apply to the premium payable for OPD health insurance plans under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. It could thus lead to sizeable savings on the cards for those spending heavily on OPD consultations.

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