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Health Insurance Policy Provides Coverage up to Rs 2 crore; OPD Facility and Much More

A health insurance plan provides coverage to the policyholder for unexpected expenses incurred due to medical emergency. Health Insurance Plans offers the insured financial coverage for the medical cost and expenses when the insured individual is hospitalised. Health Insurance policy covers various benefits like cashless hospitalisation, free check-ups, etc.

Health Insurance

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With such a rise in the medical expenses, the need for a health insurance plan for higher cover is also increasing. Not all the health plans provide comprehensive coverage to the insured including the hospitalisation needs under different circumstances. If you looking forward to buying a health insurance plan to meet your requirement in most of the future events then Health Premia Plan offered by Niva Bupa can be considered for you.

Features of Niva Bupa Health Premia

Health Premia Insurance plan has various unique features which ensure higher security and benefits to the insured individual as well as his/her family. The key features of Niva Bupa Health Premia are as follows:

High Coverage

Health Premia has the option to purchase a health insurance plan with coverage of up to Rs 2 Crore based on the resident city of the policyholder, medical history, etc. The higher amount of coverage ensures more benefits and higher security to the insured.

OPD and other Facilities

Health Premia plan by Niva Bupa address various daily health requirements of the individuals which includes OPD facility, inpatient hospitalisation, personalised health training, diagnostics services, pharmacy services, second medical opinion and much more. OPD and the above-mentioned facilities are not offered in all health insurance plans Health Premia not only serve your basic health needs but also provides various additional benefits which ensure complete and comprehensive coverage in your health in a difficult situation.

Shorter Waiting Period

Most of the health insurance plans have a waiting period of 24 months to 48 months as per the norms of the insurance industry. However, Niva Bupa Health Premia has a waiting period of only one year for certain specified diseases as mentioned. This plan is the plan with one of the lowest waiting period in the industry. Hence this plan relieves you from the stress of a longer waiting period to enjoy its benefits and coverage.

The benefit of premium waiver

Upon diagnosis of a specified illness to the insured during the term of the insurance policy, the premiums for the plan for the coming year will be waived off. Waiving of the next year premium for the planned decrease the burden on the insured.

Extension of International Coverage

If the insured is travelling to abroad then he/she has an option in which they can double the international sum assured under the plan to Rs 60 Lakh under the gold plan or Rs 2 crore under the platinum plan in order to cover the international travel requirements and needs. The policyholder can also opt for enhanced geographical cover if he/she is travelling to Canada or USA

Loyalty Additions

Even after claiming in the previous policy year, there is an increase of 10% in the base sum assured annually subject to a maximum of 100% of the basic sum assured under the plan.

Family Floater Plan

Health Premium plan can be brought as a family floater plan also. This insurance product provides coverage for up to total 19 relationships along with an individual sum assured for all and a floater cover benefit which will be common to all other.

Free Health Check-up

Free health check-up is provided under this plan from the very first day for the adults and children.

No Claim Bonus

For every claim-free policy year, the policyholder can receive a bonus which can either be accumulated with to the amount of sum assured in the plan or can be offered as a discount of fixed percentage towards payment of premium at the time of renewal of the plan.

Benefits of Niva Bupa Health Premia

Health Premium plan offered by Niva Bupa is a very beneficial insurance plan. The benefits offered by the Health Premia plan are discussed below:

The benefit of Refill

If the insured falls ill for more than once in a year and gets hospitalised due to same or different illness in the policy then the basic amount of sum assured refills and is made available again to the insured. This benefit makes Health Premia an ideal insurance plan as the insured is benefitted with refill option without any extra cost.

Maternity Benefit Cover to be provided worldwide

Under a platinum insurance plan, after survival of the waiting period, the insured can get a maternity benefit cover worldwide in addition to coverage of the newborn baby from the very first day of his/her birth. This includes defined vaccinations also in the coverage.

Daily Hospitalisation Expenses

Some of the hospitalisation expenses does not form part of the coverage of the plan. Health Premia Plan provides the insured with an option to add daily hospitalisation cover for covering all such hospitalisation expenses including that of the attendants at the hospital. Thus the insured is saved from the financial drainage and can attain proper treatment which he /she might not due to lack of funds.

Critical Illness Cover

Health Premia plan provides the insured an option coverage benefit against 20 major illnesses which includes Strokes, Open heart surgery, Cancer, Kidney Failure, etc. On diagnosis of any of the covered critical illness, the insured will receive an additional coverage which will be paid as a lump sum amount and this payment of the lump sum amount will be over and above the hospitalisation cost and expenses which are offered through the base policy. This benefit of optional critical illness cover ensures higher financial support and comprehensive coverage to the insured. The lump-sum amount received can be used for any purpose which ensures flexibility to the policyholder.

Coverage of Laser Surgery and Robotic/ Cyberknife Surgery

This plan also covers the expenses that are incurred after serving a prescribed waiting period while undergoing a laser surgery or any procedures using the robotic or cyberknife surgeries on co-payment of specified amount.

Weight Loss Surgery

This insurance plan also covers the expenses incurred towards bariatric surgery which is medically prescribed after the expiry of the waiting period as prescribed considering that BMI to be over 35.


Health Premia insurance plan is an ideal plan for those who are looking for wider and higher coverage along with OPD facility and various additional benefits. Comparing comprehensive health insurance policy in term of the premium can be a done but it differs as different plans offer different benefits and offer different features to the insured. Hence, you should choose a health insurance plan as per your specific need and requirement and not merely because of the low premium.

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