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Health Insurance Plans with Maternity Benefits and Coverage

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and life-changing phases one may go through. Proper steps need to be taken to embrace the magnificence of creating a life and accepting the great responsibility that comes with it. Hence, it is imperative to be fully prepared during maternity, both internally as well as externally. Financial back up plays a very significant role in providing for the child in every way. A maternity insurance plan takes care of medical expenses, medical treatment costs, delivery costs as well as hospital stay expenses. Whilst doing so, a health insurance plans with maternity benefits and coverage will enable you to experience fully the most priceless moment of your life, without having to stress about anything else.

Health Insurance

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Maternity Insurance

Maternity insurance is basically an add-on or additional rider that comes along with a health insurance plan. Maternity insurance provides cover for both delivery alternatives, normal as well as cesarean delivery. Various insurance providers prefer offering maternity insurance as an additional service or additional rider; thus lessening the impact of the loss of money for you. Maternity insurance is also offered along with the health insurance policy by corporates to women employees of the organisation. Whereas incorporate group policies, maternity insurance is provided as an add-on benefit with a limit of 50000 INR.

Here is the list of top five health insurance plans with maternity benefits and coverage:

Royal Sundaram Master Product – Total Health Plus

Royal Sundaram General Insurance offers an incredible health insurance plan with maternity benefits and coverage. Named as the Total Health Plus Plan, it is a comprehensive insurance policy that provides benefits of 30000 INR to 50000 INR. Royal Sundaram Master Product- Total Health Plus Plan provides coverage for maternity hospitalization as well as any kind of complications that may occur before or after delivery. This maternity benefit can be availed after a waiting period of 3 years only. Hence, it is considered wise to plan your pregnancy in order to avail the benefits of this maternity insurance.

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance – Easy Health Family Floater

The HDFC ERGO Health Insurance – Easy Health Family Floater comes in three variants. They are Standard, Exclusive and Premium. Leaving aside the Standard plan, the Exclusive and Premium plans offer rewarding maternity benefits as well as newborn benefits. The Exclusive and Premium plans provide coverage for maternity procedures both before and after delivery. What’s most exciting is that these safeguarding plans also offer coverage for expenses related to the newborn from the time the baby is born up to 90 days.

Niva Bupa- Heartbeat Family Floater

The Niva Bupa Heartbeat Family Floater comes in three types. They are silver, gold and platinum. This plan is truly one of the best health plans with maternity benefit and coverage as it offers maternity coverage as well as newborn coverage in all these three types of plans. These plans consist of maternity coverage and newborn baby care expenses along with the first year vaccinations. Another fascinating feature of this maternity benefit is that it offers covers for two deliveries. However, a prenotion for this benefit is that the insured person and his or her spouse should have been covered under these sub-plans for two consecutive years.

ManipalCigna Health Insurance- ProHealth Plus Plan

ManipalCigna Health Insurance’s ProHealth Plus Plan provides coverage for maternity, newborn expenses and vaccinations as well. A maximum of 10 Lakh INR is offered as cover under this plan. The plan offers coverage of 15000 INR for normal delivery and 25000 for cesarean delivery. This plan also offers coverage for the first year of vaccination expenses for your baby. The waiting period for availing these maternity benefits is 48 months that is 2 years.

Star Health Wedding Gift Pregnancy Cover

Star Health Insurance is a well-known insurance provider. It has established yet another advantageous health insurance plans with maternity benefits and coverage. The Star Health Wedding Gift Pregnancy Cover offers coverage of up to two deliveries. Along with covering both kinds of deliveries which is normal delivery and cesarean, the plan also offers any complications that occur to the mother after giving birth to the child. Additionally, this incredible plan covers pre-natal as well as post-natal expenses as well as newborn related expenditures. However, compared to other health insurance plans with maternity benefits and coverage; this plan has a longer waiting period of 3 years. A maximum of 10 Lakh INR is offered as health insurance cover.


In most cases, maternity insurance covers are given to individuals only when they conceive. In case you are already pregnant, your application is not considered. Generally, these insurance plans have a specific waiting period, only after which the maternity benefits and coverages come into effect. Maternity insurance plans are a must-have. It not only allows you to focus on yourself and your newborn but also assists you in caring for your child.

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