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Health Insurance Plans For Parents Above 60

Senior citizens require health insurance. This is a fact, but still, we find many seniors staying without a good health cover. The unfortunate reason behind this is the reluctance of many health insurance providers to offer health plans to people over the age of 60. Another reason is that many people rely on their employer-provided health insurance plans. But when they retire at the age of 60, the insurance coverage is taken away.

Health Insurance

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If your parents are currently living without a health insurance cover, irrespective of the reason, you need to get them enrolled under a good mediclaim policy at the earliest. Take a look at this article to know what your best options are:

Best health insurance plans for parents above 60

Here are the best available health insurance plans for people aged above 60 years:

  1. Bajaj Allianz Silver Health Plan
  2. Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet Plan
  3. United India Insurance’s Senior Citizen Plan
  4.  Care Health Care Freedom Plan
  5. New India Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy 

These plans allow people aged over 60 years to get enrolled. Take a look at the general features of the senior citizen health insurance plans to understand how they may help your parents.

Features of senior citizen health insurance

  1. In-patient care – All the expenses related to in-patient care for the senior citizen are covered. Your mother or father may be admitted for an illness, accident or surgery. The bills including the room rent, the doctors’ fees, the medical costs, etc are covered under the senior citizen health insurance plans.
  2. Daycare coverDaycare procedures are those procedures that do not require an overnight stay in the hospital. Common daycare procedures include cataract operations, chemotherapy, angiography, etc. Senior citizens often require daycare procedures. This is where a health insurance cover comes in handy as the procedures can be done and billed to the mediclaim policy.
  3. Post and pre-hospitalisation cover – Most people require pre and post-hospital care, but the senior citizens need them more frequently. This is why you need to get a good health insurance policy that has provisions for both the pre-hospital as well as post-hospital stay care.
  4. Cashless option – A majority of the senior citizen health insurance plans have the cashless treatment option. If you take your parents to a network hospital, they can make use of the cashless treatment option. This comes in very handy at the time if a medical emergency.

These features make the health insurance plans for parents above 60 years very useful and a must-buy for everyone.

Reasons why a senior health plan is needed

If you are wondering why the health insurance plans for parents above 60 years of age is needed, here are some significant reasons:

  1. Health deteriorates with age – With age, the health of a person begins to become more and more fragile. Even the minor flu can lead to something serious and that can result in hospitalisation. As a result, every senior citizen needs to be covered under a good health insurance policy to ensure he or she gets the proper treatment needed as and when there is a requirement.
  2. Income is limited – The income of a senior citizen is limited and in some cases even non-existent. The health care costs, on the other hand, are very high. As a result, you need to have a senior citizen health cover for your parents who are above the age of 60. If they fall ill, they can get treated at the best hospitals with the financial assistance of the mediclaim policy. In the absence of such a policy, the treatment may get too expensive and out of bounds for them.
  3. Assurance is available – With a senior citizen health cover in place, your parents live a healthy and tension-free life. They are assured of the health policy taking care of their expenses if a need arises. In the absence of a health cover, they may constantly worry about their health care costs. This can lead to unnecessary stress and subsequent ill-health. Get a health insurance plan and prevent such events from taking place.

With so many reasons working in their favour, the senior health insurance plans become an absolute necessity for your parents. Get them covered if you have not done so already.

In conclusion

Your parents have always taken care of you and now it is your turn to take care of them. They are at a fragile state in life, so make sure you make their journey smooth, happy and healthy. It is very easy to do so. All you need is a senior citizen health insurance plan for parents above 60. Get the health cover and keep them safe and secure at all times. Choose from the wonderful plans mentioned above and you will not face any issues whatsoever.

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