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Health Insurance Plan with Unlimited Sum Assured

Health insurance plans have become a basic necessity for many individuals. It will help you to encounter health problems that might arise in the future. So, it is better to be prepared before any uncertainty occurs. On the other hand, there are many individuals who want a high sum assured while taking a health insurance plan. Therefore, you can see a Niva Bupa Health Insurance Plan with unlimited sum assured. The name of the plan is ReAssure plan and it also covers the health risks related to the Covid-19 disease. You can make unlimited claims as well in a year without giving any extra cost. So, let’s explore the various benefits of this health insurance plan.

Health Insurance

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Benefits of the Health Plan having Inexhaustible Sum Assured

There are some exclusive benefits of this plan that might amaze you. You must go through all these benefits and then make your final call whether to buy this plan or not.

  1. Unlimited Sum Assured
  2. 100% Cashless Settlement
  3. Covers Covid-19 Risks
  4. Covers Critical Illnesses
  5. No Claim Bonus
  6. Various Discounts
  7. Safeguard Benefits

Unlimited Sum Assured

There is no maximum limited for the amount of the Sum Assured. You will get as many amounts as you want for the treatment of the disease. All the critical illnesses usually need a lot of money for the treatment so you can use the amount of the sum assured for it. There is no concern for the money for treating a critical illness.

100% Cashless Settlement

This benefit of the plan will help you to pay the bills of the medical facilities directly to the hospital and saves the time of the individual. You will not have to make any part-payment to the hospital because all your bills will be settled cashless.

Covers Covid-19 Risks

As we know that the Covid-19 disease is spreading enormously so it is better to take care of it. In this insurance plan, all the risks related to the Covid-19 disease are also covered. There is a waiting period of 15 days in this health insurance plan.

Covers Critical Illnesses

This health insurance plan also covers critical illnesses like cancer, kidney’s dialysis, and many more. If in case you are hospitalized multiple times in a year then you can make as much claim as you can and take the sum assured.

No Claim Bonus

The company also gives you booster benefits that will double the amount of the sum assured. If you don’t make any claim in the first year then you amount of sum assured will increase by 50%. After the two claim-free years your sum assured will be doubled. If you make only a claim for the Covid-19 disease then that year will also be considered as the claim-free year.

Various Discounts

This health insurance plan has various discounts depending on the situations you fulfil. You can see those discounts that are available in this plan.

  1. Get a discount of up to 30% on the renewal of the premium under the Live Healthy Benefits.
  2. Doctors can enjoy a discount of up to 5%.
  3. Add two or more members to this plan and get a discount of 10%.
  4. 7.5% discount on the premium of the second year in the 2 Years Policy term.
  5. 15% discount on the premium of the third year in the 3 Years Policy term.

Safeguard Benefits

This policy covers 100% of the medical expenses like gloves, oxygen masks, conveyance charges, personal protective equipment kit, and many more. In this benefit, your base sum assured will also increase every year on the basis of the CPI inflation rate.


Well, now you are familiar with the health insurance plan with an unlimited sum assured. There also some other benefits as well of this plan. So, if you are plan to cover the critical illnesses and the COVID-19 disease then it is the best plan for you. You can also explore the benefits and discounts that are given in this plan before you buy it. This health insurance plan would be the best option for you if you are looking for a high insurance cover.

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