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Health insurance in India has gained a lot of popularity among Indian citizens over the last few years. People have understood just how important it is to cover health care requirements. As a result, we have some very good health insurance companies offering great medical insurance policies these days. In this article, we discuss the Indian medical insurance sector in general and tell you about the features and benefits of buying a top health insurance policy. Take a look.

Health Insurance

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List of Different Types of Health Insurance Plans in India

Let us begin by exploring the types of health insurance covers that are available in the Indian markets:-

Individual Plans

As the name suggests, you can buy health insurance coverage just for yourself. These plans are quite popular, especially among single people who do not have family members to take care of. There are many options available for these types of health insurance covers.

Family Healthcare Plans

The family healthcare plans cover the entire family under single insurance coverage. You can have a large sum insured and cover yourself, your spouse, your children and even your parents in a single policy. This is a convenient way to protect and manage the health needs of all your loved ones from a single source.

Group Health Plans

If you work in a big company, in all probability, you enjoy a group health insurance cover. a group cover is extended to all the employees by the employer. It is a part of the employment benefits that you get. You can have the health insurance cover for yourself, your kids, your partner, and your parents. There is a cap on the cover and it is only valid till the time you are employed in the company.

Critical Illness Plans

Next, we have critical illness insurance plans. These offer protection from a set of critical illnesses including organ transplant, stroke,  heart failure, cancer, etc. If you buy this plan and get affected by anyone of the listed critical illnesses, you will get compensation which you can use in any way you wish. This is a very handy form of health insurance, especially for those who have a family history of some critical illnesses.

Senior Citizen Plans

As you may have understood by the name, a senior citizen health insurance cover is targeted for people above the age of 60. It is one of the very helpful types of health insurance. This is because people over the age of 60 have certain age-related health problems due to which their healthcare costs increase. The senior health insurance plans are designed to help elderly people and prove to be beneficial indeed.

Maternity Plans

Rounding off this list is the maternity insurance health plans. Such plans cover all the costs related to childbirth. There usually is a waiting period associated with a maternity insurance plan, so you should buy this plan in advance before you start planning for a baby.

These are the common types of health insurance plans available in India. There are even more types of medical insurance coverages that are available, so do your research and pick up the insurance policy that suits you the best.

Features of Health Insurance Plans in India

Here are some of the handiest features that health insurance in India offers:-

Lots of Options

You are quite literally spoilt for choice when you look to buy health insurance in India. There are many general insurance companies who offer excellent medical insurance covers. You can get a plan a good rate and get the protection you need, with ease.

Online Plans Available

You can buy health insurance online. This is a very handy feature of the modern-day health plans. You get to bypass the health insurance agent and choose a plan in an unbiased and economical manner.

Affordable and Easy to Buy

As mentioned above, online insurance plans are much cheaper than offline ones. This is because you don’t pay the brokerage amount. The administration and processing fees are low too. In addition, the plans can be bought online in a quick and hassle-free manner. This is another beneficial feature of the new age health insurance policies.

Riders Available

You can choose and add a number of riders with your basic medical insurance policy. Riders allow you to make the plan tailor-made for yourself. The riders are available at an added cost, so choose them wisely.

Final Word

As you can see, health insurance is a very large subject matter. You, therefore, cannot find a single health care plan that suits everyone. To get the ideal cover for yourself, you need to assess your needs first. You then need to go over the types of medical insurance covers available. You have to do an analysis of the sum insured and the insurance premium and then check the affordability factor too. Compare insurance quotes and then locate your ideal cover. Thankfully, health insurance in India is huge and you will find many good options to choose from.

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