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Best Health Insurance in India for Pre-Existing Diseases

Health insurance has become quite popular in India nowadays. However, some people stay away from health insurance because they have certain pre-existing diseases. Health insurance in India for pre-existing diseases is available, but you need to know some points associated with it. Take a look at this article to know more.

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What are pre-existing illnesses?

Pre-Existing illness is a condition that is already present when a proposer looks to buy a medical insurance cover. Since mediclaim plans work on a risk basis, many insurers have a clause related to these existing illnesses. For instance, no claims can be made for a pre-existing illness within the first three years of the cover. Waiting periods are commonly associated with these ailments.

How to get health insurance in India for pre-existing diseases?

Getting health insurance in India for pre-existing diseases is not an impossible task. Almost every health insurance plan allows people with these illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension or asthma to get enrolled, but they do attach a waiting period. You simply need to wait out the time and then start making any claim you wish. These days, there are some plans such as the Chronic Care Management plan from Aditya Birla Health Insurance and Care plan from Religare Health Insurance that include many pre-existing ailments in the cover from the first day of the coverage. So getting health insurance even if you have an existing health disorder is no longer a problem.

Points to remember when buying health insurance in India for pre-existing diseases

Before you look to buy a health cover with pre-existing ailments, here are some points to remember:

  1. Cost of premium – You must remember that the insurance provider is offering the health cover to you at a risk. As a result, the premium rate will be higher than normal and quite understandably so. A person who has a pre-existing disease is definitely more likely to make a health insurance claim. Thus, with a higher risk present, the health cover becomes more expensive.
  2. Importance of health screening – Always agree to get a health screening done before you get health insurance in India for pre-existing diseases. This will prevent all kinds of disputes from taking place later on when you may need to file a claim. If the tests are done and your health conditions truthfully revealed, the insurance provider can not deny the claim later on. So do not shy away from the screening when you look to buy the cover.
  3. Proper usage of group insurance – If you are employed, in all probability, you have a group health insurance cover or are covered under the CGHS. These are employment benefits and the mediclaim thus offered doesn’t have a waiting period clause. Use your group cover wisely to get treated even for your pre-existing ailments.

As you can see, it is quite possible for people to get health insurance in India for pre-existing diseases. So do not let any health condition hold you back from getting health insurance as such a cover is of utmost importance in the present time.

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