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HDFC ERGO Personal Accident Insurance Plan

It is really difficult for an individual to speculate the future because uncertainty can happen anytime. Either it can be in the form of a health problem or personal accident so you have to be prepared for it. Therefore, you can take a look at the HDFC ERGO Personal Accident Insurance Plan in which the company will cover the financial loss caused due to an accident. One’s whole life is ruined if he has gone through a major accident. Permanent disability is the stumbling block of one’s life. So if you want to support by your side then it is better to take a Personal Accident Insurance Plan. Let’s explore the key features of this plan and how it will benefit you.

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Key Features of Personal Accident Plan

  1. This insurance plan will give you worldwide coverage.
  2. You can even cover your family members under the same health insurance plan.
  3. There is no need for any medical check-up to take this plan.
  4. You have the option to renew this plan throughout your life.
  5. The company also gives you a free-look period in this plan.
  6. This plan is also available for a long policy term with discounts on premiums.

Benefits of Personal Accident Plan

Here are some of the benefits of this plan and you can see the risks that are covered in it. You must also explore the details of this plan before buying it.

Accidental Death

If in case the insured dies during the policy term due to an accident then the company will pay you 100% of the Sum Assured. This sum of money will be paid to the nominee that you will have to decide at the time of inception of the policy.

Permanent Total Disability

If the insured has become permanently disabled due to an accident then the company will pay the benefits of the sum assured to you. Permanent disability will affect your earning capability so you can use the amount of the sum assured to live a happy life.

Broken Bones

You will also get the benefits of the Sum Assured if in case your bones are broken due to an accident. Any injury related to the bones can result in the financial crisis of you are the only earning member of the family. So the amount of the sum assured can help you to fight such a financial crisis.


The company will also cover the 2nd Degree and 3rd Degree burns if it is caused due to an accident. Sometimes people get burnt in an accident when the vehicle catches fire. So, in such a scenario, the company will compensate you for the loss if you have got a severe burn injury.

Ambulance Costs

In case of a major accident, an ambulance is the first thing that is called to take the victim to the hospital. So the HDFC ERGO Personal Accident Insurance Plan also covers the ambulance expenses and it will be reimbursed once you make the claim.

Hospital Cash

You will get a daily cash allowance in this insurance plan if you are hospitalized due to an accident. This facility will be cashless and it will be transferred directly to the hospital. It will save a lot of time and you will not have to visit the company for the settlement.

24×7 Support

The company will give you round the clock support if you need any type of help to make the claim. No matter what when the accident has occurred, the company’s support is always available. It will give you 24 hours service in this insurance plan.

Age of Entry

The minimum age of entry for an Add-on member in this Accident Insurance Plan is 18 years and the maximum age of entry is 70 years. You can cover your parents as well in the same policy without taking a separate one.

Worldwide Coverage

This policy gives you worldwide coverage. If you face an accident outside India then it is also covered in this policy. The company will pay you the benefits and take care of you even if you are not in the country.

Premium Discounts

You can enjoy discounts on the amount of premium if you take this policy for a long policy term. The company allows you to enjoy a long accidental cover by increasing the policy term to more than 1 year.

Free-Look Period

You will also get a free-look period of 15 days during which you can return the policy of any of the terms and conditions that don’t fit your requirement. The company will return the amount of premium after deducting the processing charges.

Lifetime Renewal

There is no maximum age limit for renewing the policy. If you want to enjoy the cover for a long time then you can renew this policy every year.

Exclusions of HDFC ERGO Personal Accident Insurance Plan

  1. Adventure and Sports Injuries
  2. Self-Inflicted injuries
  3. Damage done through Wars
  4. Participation of the Insured into Defence Operations
  5. Venereal and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  6. Cosmetic Surgery
  7. Treatment of Obesity

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