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If you are looking for a health insurance plan that can protect your finances in the case of a health emergency with an affordable premium, HDFC ERGO Optima Plus Plan could be the one to go with. This plan from HDFC Ergo can pay the rising medical bills on your behalf in case of an emergency. Features like In-patient treatment, Pre and Post Hospitalization Benefits, Day Care procedures make this policy popular among the customers.

Here, we will discuss some of the important aspects related to the HDFC ERGO Optima Plus Health Insurance Plan, such as its key features, eligibility criteria, premium amount, etc. Keep reading to know more!

Health Insurance

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Why Should You Choose HDFC ERGO Optima Plus Plan?

What are those reasons that should make you choose the HDFC ERGO Optima Plus Health Insurance Plan? Well, you must know them as it will help you choose better. Hence, we are showing some of the key benefits that you can get with this plan from HDFC Ergo Health Insurance. Have a look!

In-patient Treatment

With HDFC ERGO Optima Plus Plan, you can get coverage for medical expenses in case of any hospitalization due to an accident or illness. The coverage for hospitalization expenses will include the ones incurred on room rent, boarding expenses, nursing, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), blood, oxygen, anaesthesia, medical practitioner’s fees, operation theatre charges, surgical appliances, medicines, drugs and consumables, cost of prosthetic or any other devices or equipment, etc.

Pre-Hospitalization Coverage

Sometimes you will need to incur some medical expenses before hospitalization. With this policy from HDFC Ergo, you will get coverage for all the medical expenses arising due to an illness, for 60 days before the hospitalization. However, you should remember that this coverage will be up to the sum insured chosen by you.

Post-Hospitalization Benefits

Similar to Pre-hospitalization expenses, sometimes an individual will need to incur some medical expenses after getting discharged from the hospital. These are known as Post-hospitalization expenses. Your HDFC ERGO Optima Plus Plan will also provide coverage for medical expenses incurred for 90 days post-discharge.

Daycare Procedures

There are a few treatments for which individuals don’t need to be admitted to a hospital for a minimum of 24 hours. Such treatments are known as Day Care Procedures. Your Health Insurance plan from HDFC Ergo will cover all the expenses incurred for 140 Day Care Procedures that do not require a 24-hour Hospitalization.

Organ Donor Benefits

In case the insured person is undergoing an Organ Harvesting Procedure, the policy will also cover all the expenses resulting from the same.

Emergency Ambulance Benefits

If an insured person needs emergency transportation to the hospital via an Ambulance, your health insurance plan will also cover expenses up to INR 2,000 per hospitalization for transporting an insured person to the hospital via ambulance.

Domiciliary Treatment

Some medical treatments would not require hospitalization and can be taken at home instead. These treatments are known as domiciliary treatments, and one of the best things about this policy is that individuals will also get coverage for the same.

Will You Enjoy Any Tax Benefits?

Individuals will be eligible for tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961 on the premium amount paid towards the policy.

Will There be a Pre-policy Checkup?

People often have this question in their mind: whether they would need to undergo a pre-medical screening before choosing a Policy? Well, in the case of the HDFC ERGO Optima Plus Plan, the pre-policy check-up will depend on the age of the insured person and the chosen sum insured option. For individuals who are between 18 to 45 years of age, there will not be any pre-medical screening. Whereas individuals between 46 years to 65 years will need to undergo different medical tests under 6 Categories before choosing the policy.

What Will be the Coverage Period for HDFC ERGO Optima Plus Plan?

In the case of the HDFC ERGO Optima Plus Health Insurance Plan, individuals can choose for policy coverage for 1 year or 2 years according to their convenience.

What Will be the Premium Amount for this Policy?

The premium amount for this HDFC Ergo policy will vary according to factors such as Sum Insured Option, Deductible, Policy Term, and Age of the Insured Person. For example, if an individual who is between 91 days to 35 years and chooses a Sum Insured Option of INR 5,00,000 with a Deductible of INR 5,00,000, the premium amount will be INR 699. On the other hand, the maximum premium amount can be INR 10,106. You should also remember that these premium rates do not include GST.

One of the best things about this policy is if an individual is choosing to pay a premium of 2 years in advance, he or she can get a discount of 7.5% on the premium amount. On the other hand, this policy also provides a family discount of 10% if 2 or more family members are getting coverage.

Eligibility Criteria for HDFC ERGO Optima Plus Plan

When you are applying for HDFC ERGO Optima Plus Plan, there are a few conditions you will need to meet. We are showing the same below. Please have a look!

  1. Individuals between the age of 91 days up to 65 years can easily apply for this policy from HDFC Ergo. You can see that individuals can only have a maximum entry age of 65 years.
  2. Children between 91 days to 5 years can also get coverage under this plan if any of the parents are getting coverage under this policy.
  3. Under this policy, the coverage will be based on the individual sum insured.
  4. This policy can be issued to both individual and family floater basis. The family will include self, spouse, dependent children, and dependent parents.

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