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Nowadays, it has become difficult for most individuals to manage their medical expenses from their monthly income. No one knows about the health uncertainty so it is better to be prepared for it. Taking a health insurance plan is the best option to deal with the health problem and your savings don’t wash away for the treatment. Therefore, you can have a look at the HDFC ERGO My Health Medisure Super Top-up Plan that allows you to cover yourself and your loved ones. There is no need for a medical check-up in this plan unless and until you reach the age of 55 years. Let’s go through the key features of this plan so that you can understand it better.

Health Insurance

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Key Features of Medisure Super Top-up Plan

  1. You can cover all the family members under one policy only.
  2. The company gives you a free-look period of 15 days.
  3. This plan is available with a policy term of 2 years.
  4. You can enjoy discounts on premiums by adding more family members to the policy.
  5. This plan is available for lifetime renewal.
  6. Enjoy Tax Deductions under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Benefits of the Medisure Super Top-up Plan

Now, you must see the exclusive benefits of this plan. See the health issues and expenses that are covered in this policy.

Covers Multiple Family Members

You can cover your family members as well in this insurance plan. There is no maximum limit for adding the family members to this policy. The members that can be added to this policy are:-

  1. Grandmother
  2. Grandfather
  3. Brother
  4. Sister
  5. Grandson
  6. Granddaughter
  7. Daughter-in-law
  8. Son-in-law
  9. Nephew
  10. Niece

Constant Premium After 61 Years

The company will make the amount of premiums constant once you reach the age of 61 years. After 61 years of age, you will have to pay a constant premium and your cover will continue as the same as it was before.

No Health Check-Up

Usually, the health insurance plans need a medical check-up before an individual buys it. But in this plan, there is no need for a health check-up up to the age of 55 years. If you are taking this insurance plan after the age of 55 years then you will have to go through a health check-up.

Premium Discounts

You can also enjoy discounts on the premium amount in the HDFC ERGO My Health Medisure Super Top-up Plan. If you take this insurance plan for the policy term of 2 years then you will get a discount of 5% on the premium amount. On the other hand, you will get a discount of 10% on the premiums by adding more than 2 members in the policy.

In-Patient Hospitalization

All the in-patient hospitalization expenses are covered in this plan. The company will settle all the claims trough a cashless mode. The maximum limit of the coverage for the in-patient hospitalization is up to the amount of the Sum Assured.

Pre and Post Hospitalization

When an individual faces a health problem then there are some expenses done before the hospitalization and after the hospitalization. So, the expenses done prior to the hospitalization and post to hospitalization are covered in this insurance plan.

Day Care Treatment

The daycare treatments of the patient are also covered in this insurance plan. It simply means that the company will reimburse the expenses done for daycare treatment. The maximum amount covered for the daycare treatment is up to the amount of the Sum Assured.

Free-Look Period

The company also gives you a free-look period of 15 days during which you can return the policy if you don’t find it interesting. The company will return the premium amount that you have given at the time of inception of the policy after deducting the stamp duty charges.

Lifetime Renewability

You have the option to renew the policy for life. It means that there is no maximum age for entry in this policy. You can cover an individual of any age in this policy but the premium will increase as the health risk increases.

Things Not Covered under HDFC ERGO My Health Medisure Super Top-up Plan

  1. Adventure and Sports Injuries
  2. Self-Inflicted injuries
  3. Damage done through Wars
  4. Participation of the Insured into Defence Operations
  5. Venereal and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  6. Cosmetic Surgery
  7. Treatment of Obesity

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