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HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Gold Plan

HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Gold plan is a comprehensive health insurance plan that is designed to cover the medical expenses of the insured. HDFC ERGO is a leading health insurance provider that understands the insurance needs of its customers.

Health Insurance

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It is one of the most dedicated insurance providers who have undoubtedly introduced wholesome insurance plans especially health insurance plans which take care of medical contingencies.

The Suraksha Gold plan of HDFC ERGO Health is a robust and simple plan that offers higher coverage. The plan is designed to offer coverage to individuals, family and even senior citizens.

What is covered under the Health Suraksha Gold plan?

The  Suraksha Gold plan of HDFC ERGO Health is a comprehensive health insurance pack that offers numerous unique benefits to the insured. The plan predominately covers the following facilities:

1. Day Care Procedures

The plan covers the entire medical expenses including the cost of hospitalization even in cases of day care procedures.

2. Pre-Hospitalization Cover

The pre-hospitalization cover offers coverage of expenses incurred before hospitalization like pharmacy bills, doctor consultation charges, check-up fees, etc. The expenses are covered up to 60 days before hospitalization.

3. Post-Hospitalization cover

Post-Hospitalization cover refers to covering expenses incurred after the patient was discharged from the hospital. The pre-hospitalization cover includes doctor consultation fees, pharmacy bills, rehabilitation charges, etc. The post-hospitalization cover is offered up to 180 days.

4. Mental Healthcare

The  Suraksha Gold plan of HDFC ERGO Health is unique by offering cover for mental treatment. All the expenses for hospitalization are covered in case the insured is suffering from mental illness and availing medical treatment for the same.

5. Home Healthcare

Home healthcare refers to the medical treatment availed at the comfort of home. Under the Suraksha Gold plan of HDFC ERGO Health insured can avail home healthcare treatment with cashless facility.

6. Hospitalization Expenses

The  Suraksha Gold plan of HDFC ERGO Health covers the entire hospitalization expense including room rent, nursing charges, diagnostic test charges, doctor consultation fees, etc.

7. Ambulance Charges

The plan covers the expenses incurred for the transportation of the patient from hospital to home.

8. Organ Donation Expense

Under this plan, HDFC ERGO covers the organ harvesting expense in the event of organ transplant.

9. Alternative Treatment

HDFC ERGO understands your need to pursue alternative treatment in case you are unhappy with the current line of treatment. HDFC ERGO supports alternative treatment like Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, and Sidha.

10. Recovery Benefit

HDFC ERGO offers a recovery benefit of Rs 15000 in case the hospitalization exceeds 10 days.

11. Air Ambulance

This plan covers the cost of air ambulance in cases of a medical emergency.

12. Maternity

The plan covers the maternity expenses incurred towards the birth of a child

What is not included under the Health Suraksha Gold plan?

The  Suraksha Gold plan of HDFC ERGO Health does not cover the medical treatment expenses arising in the event of the following:

  1. Injuries caused due to participation in Adventure Sport
  2. Self-Inflicted Injuries
  3. Injuries caused during the act of war
  4. The plan is not for people involved in defence operations like Army, Navy or Air
  5. sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, AIDS, etc.
  6. treatment of obesity or cosmetic surgery

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for availing the plan is as under:

Sum InsuredMinimum Rs 3 Lakhs
Maximum Rs 10 Lakhs
Age at EntryMinimum 91 days
Maximum No Limit
Policy TermMinimum 1 Year
Maximum 2 years
Maximum Renewal Age Lifetime
Policy TypeIndividual Plan
Family Floater

Reasons to choose the Suraksha Gold plan of HDFC ERGO Health

It offers various benefits but the following are the most important perks of choosing the plan

  1. No hospital room rent capping: the plan does not put any capping on the hospital room rent. With the Suraksha Gold plan of HDFC ERGO Health , you can avail the hospital room as per your choice without worrying about the room rent
  2. Sum Insured Rebound: the Suraksha Gold plan of HDFC ERGO Health offers the sum insured rebound cover wherein you can reinstate additional sum insured equivalent to base sum insured to cover the medical expenses in case the existing sum insured gets exhausted
  3. Free Annual Health Check-up: HDFC ERGO believes ‘Health is Wealth’ so the company offers free healthcare check-ups for every renewal of health insurance policy.
  4. Home Healthcare:  Suraksha Gold plan offers cashless in-home treatment where the insured receives all the medical treatment at the comfort of his/her home. All the in-home healthcare treatment is available through the cashless facility.
  5. Tax Benefit: All the premiums paid under the plan are eligible for tax benefit under Section 80D of the income tax Act 1961.
  6. Affordable premium: Suraksha Gold plan of HDFC ERGO Health  premium is affordable. The amount of the premium is based on the age of insured, location of the insured and the amount of sum insured chosen.

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