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The HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Company plans are much sought after in India. Apart from offering some excellent health covers, the insurance company also offers exemplary services, making it popular among its customers. In this article, we explore the plans in detail, the benefits on offer and also tell you why opting for HDFC ERGO as the health insurer of choice would be a great idea. Take a look.

Health Insurance

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Top Health Insurance Plans from HDFC ERGO

HDFC ERGO is one of the largest general insurance companies in India. Apart from health insurance, it also offers auto insurance, travel insurance, and home insurance. However, the health insurance plans from this insurance provider stand out, making them one of the best providers of health insurance in India. Here are some of the good medical insurance plans they have on offer:

HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Gold Plan

This is one of the best-selling health insurance plans from HDFC ERGO. the Health Suraksha Gold plan is a comprehensive family health insurance policy that covers hospitalization, pre and post hospitalization, domiciliary care, newborn care, etc. It also offers policyholders the freedom to choose the doctor and hospital room as there are no sub-limits in these categories. It is a very good plan for anyone looking to get a comprehensive health insurance coverage for themselves and their loved ones.

HDFC ERGO My Health Medisure Super Top Up Insurance Plan

The next plan on the list is My Health Medisure Super Top Up Insurance plan from HDFC ERGO. This is a top-up health insurance cover which you can buy in addition to the basic medical insurance plan. It works as back-up insurance coverage and allows you to have larger health care cover at a lower rate. There are many benefits of this plan, including hospitalization costs minus the sub-limits, no pre-purchase health checks, etc.

HDFC ERGO Personal Accident Insurance Plan

The HDFC ERGO Personal Accident Insurance Plan is another very handy medical insurance policy. Here, you get an assurance that if you die or get injured in an accident, the insurance provider will compensate for the damages. The plan is valid for accidents taking place anywhere in the world. More than one member of a family can be covered under this health cover. The plan can be bought online in just a few minutes. The maximum coverage amount is INR 15 lacs.

HDFC ERGO Critical Illness Plan

The Critical Illness plan from HDFC ERGO is of great use. It offers health insurance coverage against many critical illnesses such as cancer, stroke, paralysis and kidney failure. Upon the diagnosis of any of the listed critical illnesses, the policyholder is given a lump sum amount of money which he can use to get treated, provide for his family, etc. Anyone between the ages of 5 and 40 years can be enrolled under this very effective health insurance policy. This plan is especially helpful for those who have a family history of some serious illness.

Some of the other Insurance Plans from this Insurance Company Include:

  1. HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Gold with Regain & ECB
  2. HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Top-up Plus
  3. HDFC ERGO My Health Medisure Plus Insurance Plan
  4. HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha with Regain & ECB
  5. HDFC ERGO My Health Personal Accident Insurance
  6. HDFC ERGO My Health Medisure Classic Insurance
  7. HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha
  8. HDFC ERGO My Health Medisure Prime Insurance

No two people have the same health insurance requirements. This is why one needs to assess his own requirements and see the type of health care plan that would suit his needs. Thankfully, HDFC ERGO has a vast range of health covers available and everyone is assured of finding the ideal type of insurance coverage for themselves.

Benefits of Getting an HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Plan

With so many health insurance companies operating in India, why should someone choose the plans from HDFC ERGO? Well, there is not one, but many reasons for this. They include:

Types of Plans

As mentioned above, there is a vast variety of health insurance plans available from HDFC ERGO. Whether you require a family health insurance cover, a personal accident insurance plan, a critical illness insurance cover or a top-up health insurance plan, you will find it all from this insurance provider. The company acts as a one-stop destination when you go shopping for health insurance.

Good Claim Payout

The insurance company is well-loved for the way in which it settles the health insurance claims. The claims are settled in a quick and easy manner. This apart, the company is known to settle a high number of the claim requests received. This is always a positive pointer and tells us just how good and professional an insurance company is.

Simple Processes

The process to buy the HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Company plans is very simple. You can simply go online, browse over the options and choose your ideal health cover. Then, you can use the premium calculator to see the cost of the medical insurance cover. Next, you need to make an online application. After putting you through a screening test, the company will issue the plan in your name and your health insurance coverage will begin. The other processes such as the insurance claim process, premium payment process, etc are all easy and quick to complete.


The company works with a lot of transparency. All the clauses related to the health insurance covers, including the exclusions, legal terms, etc are all mentioned in the policy wordings. There are no hidden charges or hidden clauses for the policyholder to worry about. HDFC ERGO is one of the largest health insurance companies in India and so you can expect a lot of lucidities and ethical work culture from them.


The customer support team of HDFC ERGO is very helpful. A policyholder can call the helpline number at any time and get his doubts cleared. The executives are well-trained, polite and very efficient. They help solve all the queries with ease. A policyholder can also reach the company through online chats and emails. So even when the health insurance policy is bought online and there are no insurance agents involved, the policyholder is never faced with any difficulty, as HDFC ERGO is always ready to help.

Online Access

The company has a very good online presence. You can buy health insurance plans online after using some very handy tools such as the premium calculator. Then, you can easily pay the health insurance premium online. Health insurance renewal can also be completed online. The company has an excellent digital presence and this makes it very easy for a policyholder to buy and maintain an HDFC ERGO health cover.

These are the benefits you get when choosing the HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Company plans. As you can see, these are some very good benefits that prove that choosing this company to buy your health insurance cover will prove to be a good idea.

Top #5 Reasons Why You Need the HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Company Plans

Here are some logical reasons why you need the HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Company Plans:

For Better Health

Choose a good health insurance plan from HDFC ERGO to protect your health. The medical expenses in India have gone up at a very high rate in the last few years. Without the assistance of a good health cover, you cannot afford to get treated at the best of hospitals, as they are simply too expensive. A surgery and stay of a week in a top-rated hospital can pull up a bill of over a lakh of rupees. To deal with such expenses, it is important for you to buy a good medical insurance plan. In the absence of a good plan, you may have to get treated at a substandard health care center where you may or may not recover properly.

To Protect Your Finances

As stated above, good treatment costs a lot of money. A person who does not have a good health insurance plan would need to arrange for the funds himself. He will have to empty out his bank balance, take loans, etc. This can cause a lot of damage to his financial well-being. If you want to avoid being in such a situation, get a good HDFC ERGO Health Insurance plan.

To Get Tax Benefits

There are several tax benefits available on health insurance. The premium you pay towards the health insurance policy is tax exempted, up to a maximum value of Rs 50,000 a year. This provision is available under Section 80 D of the Indian Income Tax Act. Buy a health insurance plan and make use of this very handy tax-saving opportunity.

Safety for the Whole Family

The health insurance plan doesn’t just help you, it helps everyone involved in the family. From a newborn baby to a senior citizen, everyone can be covered under a common health insurance umbrella. As a responsible family person, you can ensure the health of everyone you love with just one good health insurance cover. Explore the HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Company’s plans to see which plan matches your family‚Äôs requirements.

To Stay Fit

A policyholder can get health insurance covers for OPD visits, diagnostic tests such as blood tests and x-rays, and also for preventive health checks. This helps the person stay healthy in a wholesome manner. Serious ailments can be diagnosed at the early stages and treated easily. This is another major advantage of buying health insurance.

With so many reasons why a health insurance plan helps, it becomes practically illogical for you to live without health insurance. Choose a good health insurance plan from a good insurance company like HDFC ERGO and get guaranteed of having your health covered at every step of the way.

Common Exclusions

While you get many covers in a medical insurance policy, there are some common health insurance exclusions that are present in almost all of the HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Company plans. They are:

Injuries Due to Self-Harm

If the policyholder needs hospitalization due to a suicide attempt, he cannot make a health insurance claim. No injury or illness stemming out of suicide or self-harm attempt will be compensated by the insurer.

Pre-Existing Disorders

Most of the health insurance plans from HDFC ERGO have a clause on the pre-existing diseases. If you have a pre-existing illness such as diabetes or hypertension, you cannot immediately claim after buying the plan, for ailments stemming from those. You have to wait till the waiting period gets over and then make the claim.

Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic treatments such as plastic surgery, liposuction, etc are excluded from the health insurance cover. Even if you are hospitalized for these treatments, you cannot make a claim on an HDFC ERGO health insurance plan.


Therapies such as acupuncture, naturopathy, magnetic therapy, etc are not covered in an HDFC ERGO Health Insurance plan. You cannot make any claims for these procedures.

You cannot make a health insurance claim if you have any of the above-mentioned conditions. Go over the policy wordings in detail to understand the exclusions more clearly. Certain excluded conditions are covered with the help of some add-on covers, so speak to the insurance provider and see what your options are.

The Final Word

Trouble often comes unannounced and so you never know when an accident or illness may strike. You, therefore, need to buy a good health insurance policy for yourself and your family members to ensure everyone stays fit and healthy at all times. Remember to choose the medical insurance cover from a good insurer like HDFC ERGO that delivers in every way. You will get the health cover, will manage to keep your finances safe, will enjoy tax benefits and above all, will enjoy mental peace at all times. So, go ahead and get a good health cover by choosing one or more of the HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Plan.

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