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Future Generali Mediclaim Insurance Plan

Health insurance plans enable you to get future security for your health. You can’t have a regular income lifelong, and with your growing age, medical issues arise. In that situation, a health insurance policy is a savior for you. How? With a medical insurance plan, you can pay hospital bills without any hassle. To make a claim you just have to submit the hospital bills and discharge certificate. Future Generali India Insurance Company Ltd. is an insurance company that offers you a wide range of offers and one such health insurance plan is the Future Generali Mediclaim Insurance Plan. The plan covers the expenses incurred during the medical treatment, as well as pre- and post-hospitalization costs. But it also has different health insurance variants. There can be some ailments and conditions for which you won’t get the cover. In this post, you will know about the policy coverage, exclusions, term, etc. So, read further.

Health Insurance

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Covers Given in Future Generali Mediclaim Insurance Plan

  1. Hospitalization Medical Expenses
  2. Emergency Medical Evacuation
  3. Daycare Treatment Expenses
  4. Domiciliary Hospitalization Expenses
  5. Pre Hospitalization Expenses
  6. Post Hospitalization Expenses
  7. Outpatient Medical Expenses
  8. Child Vaccination
  9. Newborn Baby Expenses
  10. Maternity Expenses for both Normal & Cesarean Delivery
  11. E-opinion for illness or injury
  12. Organ Donor Expenses
  13. Alternative Treatment Cover
  14. Patient Care for Insured above 60 years
  15. Medical Treatment Abroad
  16. Accident Hospitalization
  17. Wellness Care
  18. Accompanying Person
  19. Road Ambulance Charge

Type of Future Generali Mediclaim Insurance Plan

The Future Generali Mediclaim Insurance Plan is divided into three different types. You can choose a suitable plan as per your needs. Have a look at them below.

Vital Plan: This plan covers self, spouse, dependent children up to 25 years of age unmarried, and dependent parents. You can get a coverage of INR 3,00,000, 5,00,000 and 10,00,000 in this plan. The sum insured in the Future Generali Mediclaim Insurance Plan is used whenever you make a claim. The premium of your health insurance plan is decided as per the highest age member of your family.

Superior Plan: Under the Superior Future Generali Mediclaim Insurance Plan, you get a higher cover for your family as it may cover self, spouse, dependent children and parents, independent children and parents, dependent siblings, son in law, daughter in law, parents in law, grandparents and grandchild. The Sum Insured for this plan ranges from INR 15,00,000 to 25,00,000.

Premium Plan:  In this plan, you get the same coverage range as Superior Plan. The difference is just that the Sum Insured amount is higher compared to the other two Future Generali Mediclaim Insurance Plans. The insured person can get a cover of INR 50,00,000 to 1,00,00,000.


  1. Annual health check-up
  2. Charges for diagnostic, X-ray, or laboratory tests incurred at hospitals
  3. Injury or illness due to direct or indirect cause of war
  4. Vaccination or Inoculation except for newborn babies for reasonable vaccination up to 1 year
  5. Cosmetic treatments such as plastic surgery unless it’s advised by the doctor for the treatment of illness or injury, belts, braces, etc.
  6. Charges for spectacle, contact lens, hearing aids, wheelchair, artificial limbs
  7. Treatment of obesity and other weight control treatments
  8. Treatment of illness or injury due to alcohol or the misuse of narcotic substances

Future Generali Mediclaim Insurance Plan Term

The minimum entry age for this health insurance policy is one day. And the policy term can be of a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 3 years that can be renewed for lifelong as per the agreement of the policyholder.

Pre-medical Check-up

A pre-medical acceptance test is required for specific policy and if the person falls under age criteria. Look at the table to know the pre-medical check-up regarding the Future Generali Mediclaim Insurance Plan.

Age (in Years)PlanPre-Medical TestValidity
Up to 50 Vital PlanNot required -
> 50 Vital PlanRequired 30 days from the date of test
18 to 50 Superior & Premium PlanRequired 30 days from the date of test
> 50Superior & Premium PlanRequired 30 days from the date of test

Note: The medical test will be carried out at empanelled centers only. And the insured gets 100% reimbursement for the expenses incurred on the pre-medical test.

Waiting Period for Future Generali Mediclaim Insurance Plan

  1. 30 days for fresh proposal, except for accidental hospitalization
  2. 2 years of the compulsory waiting period for pre-existing illnesses
  3. 4 years waiting period for joint replacement and organ transplant

Discount on Future Generali Mediclaim Insurance Plan

The insured gets a floater discount on his/her medical policy if more than one person is insured with it. Check out the table to know how it’s done.

Age (in Years)Discounts

You might be eligible for a long term discount if your Future Generali Mediclaim Insurance Plan is more than a year. See the table to know the percentage.

Policy Term (in Years)Discount

In-House Cashless Settlement of Future Generali Mediclaim Insurance Plan

Future Generali has an in-house claims processing department, which is also known as Health Administration Team (HAT). There is no role of a Third Party Administrator (TPA). In the case of in-house claims processing departments, the process is done within the insurance company itself, which is more hassle-free and takes less time compared to the TPA.

Cashless Facility

You can get the advantage of the cashless facility by showing your health card at network hospitals. You can also avail discounts at hospital partners of Future Generali India Insurance. Below are the listed discount offers on specific treatments.

  1. OPD Care up to 25%
  2. Medicine up to 20%
  3. Dental Care up to 50%
  4. Vision Care up to 15%
  5. Physiotherapy up to 25%
  6. Fitness up to 25%
  7. Ambulance Charge up to 20%
  8. Wellness up to 25%

Cashless claims are received within 90 minutes from the time you submit the claim request to the TPA.


If the treatment happens at hospitals other than network hospitals, you will need to pay for the expenses and get them reimbursed later from Future Generali.  For reimbursement, you can fill in the online application form and submit it; or you can take a printout of the claim, fill it and submit it to the branch office.  Customers can also submit their insurance application request to the company’s official email address. Reimbursement claims will be processed within 10 working days from the time you submit the complete documents such as hospital bills, receipt, cash memos, etc.

For periodic updates on your claim, ensure to mention your Mobile Number and Email Id on the claim form.

Co-payment of Future Generali Mediclaim Insurance Plan

The insurance policy comes with a mandatory clause for copayment, which refers to the percentage of your claim amount. The option for voluntary co-payment allows you to reduce the premium payment. Below are the respective co-payments which the insured has to pay if he/she enters the policy at a specific age.

Age (In Years)Co-payment
75 or above40%

Voluntary Discount on the Co-payment

Deductible Amount (In INR)Vital Plan Superior Plan Premium Plan

Installment Facility on Future Generali Mediclaim Insurance Plan

Future Generali India Insurance Company Ltd. offers an installment facility for your long term health insurance plan with which you can easily do the loading to your plan. Below is the loading on standard premiums in case of installments.

Installment Frequency Loading
Half-yearly 3%

Note: In case of adverse claim there will be no loading on your policy premium.

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