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Future Generali Hospital Cash Insurance Plan

To become financially independent, you need to take care of a lot of things and in this, your health takes a backseat sometimes. You should give priority to your health as well for which health insurance policies are there for you. The policy helps you get a financial claim for hospitalization expenses. One such policy is Hospital Cash Insurance Plan where the claim can be settled within 14 days. You can renew the policy 30 days before the expiry date. Under the hospital cash insurance plan, you and your family including Self, Spouse, and up to 2 dependent children of a maximum of 25 years can get health cover. Read this page to know more about the policy details.

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What Does the Future Generali Hospital Cash Insurance Plan Cover?

  1. Daily hospital benefits due to sickness
  2. ICU benefits in the home city residence
  3. ICU benefits outside the home city residence
  4. Convalescence benefit for hospitalization for more than 10 days

The claim amount may vary based on the Hospital Cash Insurance Plan you choose. Check out this table below to understand it better.

Particulars Plan A (in INR)Plan B (in INR)Plan C (in INR)Plan D (in INR)
Daily Hospital Expenses5001,0002,0003,000
ICU in Home Residence1,0002,0004,0006,000
ICU Outside Home Residence1,5003,0006,0009,000
Convalescence Benefit5,0005,0005,0005,000

The eligibility may also vary for each Hospital Cash Insurance Plan

  1. For plan A – There’s no income criteria
  2. For plan B – income should be above INR 50,000
  3. For plan C income should be above INR 75,000

Exclusions From Future Generali Hospital Cash Insurance Plan

  1. Pre-existing diseases covered after a waiting period of 48 months
  2. A waiting period of 24 months for illnesses like benign prostatic hypertrophy, hernia of all types, hydrocele, etc.
  3. Hospitalization for cosmetic treatments such as plastic surgery, refractive error corrective procedures, experimental investigational, or unproven procedures and treatments.
  4. Hospitalization for General debility
  5. ‘Run-down’ condition or rest cure
  6. Sexually transmitted diseases
  7. Intentional self-injury
  8. Hospitalization for Pregnancy
  9. Fertility treatments
  10. Non-Allopathic treatment
  11. Hospitalization for any mental illness
  12. Hospitalization outside India

Eligibility for Future Generali Hospital Cash Insurance Plan

  1. Entry age 18 to 65 years
  2. Pre-medical tests for insured up to 55 years of age
  3. Medical test cost is waived if there is no adverse health declaration present on the proposal form
  4. For insured above 55 years of age, medical tests are necessary
  5. Medical tests are necessary for specific plans
  6. 50% of the test charges are reimbursed if insured and his family members are already insured with the insurance company
  7. Medical reports are valid for 30 days from the date of tests
  8. Medical tests will be done in an empanelled diagnostic center approved by the insurance company

Claim Procedure

The insured person needs to submit the following documents to claim his/her Hospital Cash Insurance Plan.

  1. Photocopy of the discharge card or certificate
  2. Hospital bill or receipt
  3. Cash memos from chemists

Free Look Period

Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited offers a free Look Period, which starts from the date of inception of your Hospital Cash Insurance Plan. In case the insured person doesn’t agree with any terms of the policy, he/she can return the policy to the insurance company within 15 days of its receipt, stating the reason for your objections. If you haven’t made the policy claim during the Free Look Period, you will be entitled to a refund of the paid premium.

Family Floater Future Generali Hospital Cash Insurance Plan

For the Hospital Cash Insurance Family floater plan, the premium is decided as per the following criteria-

  1. The premium of self is calculated as per the highest age of the family member
  2. The premium of a spouse is 50% of the self premium amount
  3. The premium of a child is 25% of the self premium amount

Policy Term

Future Generali Hospital Cash Insurance Plan comes with a maximum term of 1 year which can be renewed for lifelong. The minimum age of entry in this policy is 6 months with the maximum being 65 years.

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