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Future Generali India Insurance Co Ltd provides relevant and accessible insurance solutions to you. And to take care of your health requirements, Future Generali offers you a wide range of Health Insurance policies. With over 5,100+ Network hospitals, you can get your treatments without any hassle of providing documents and hospital bills. Just show your health insurance card at the network hospital and it’s done! Whether it is an accident, critical illness or any other hospitalization, expenses of all these will be covered under Future Generali Health Insurance. So check out this page below and learn about the Future Generali Health Insurance plans, coverage, exclusions, etc.

Health Insurance

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Future Generali Health Insurance Plans

Below, you could see a list of health insurance policies that Future Generali offers to you.

Future Generali Mediclaim Insurance Plan

Future Generali Mediclaim insurance plan offers coverage for Hospitalization Medical Expenses, Day Care Treatment expenses, Pre-and post-hospitalization Expenses, Organ Donor Expenses, Domiciliary Hospitalisation Expenses, Coronavirus, and even Mental Illness Expenses.

Future Generali Personal Accident Insurance Plan

With Future Generali Personal Accident Insurance Plan, you are covered for Permanent Total Disability, Permanent Partial Disability, Temporary Total Disability and Death. Only if all these happens due to an accident (including Disappearance and Drowning) will this insurance come into play. You must know that the company won’t pay for any existing disablement before its inception.

Future Generali Mosquito InsurancePolicy

When you buy Future Generali Mosquito Insurance policy, you are financially secured from your hospitalization expenses for diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Lymphatic Filariasis, Kala-azar, Japanese Encephalitis, Chikungunya, and Zika Virus. Other than the mentioned vector diseases, the company won’t approve the claim. And if you get treated for the covered disease during the waiting period, the same won’t be claimable.

Future Generali Hospital Cash Insurance Plan

ICU benefit is available to the insured person within the city of residence as well as outside the city residence. This benefit will be available to you for a maximum of 10 days for each hospitalization. And the expenses of Hospitalisation for Illnesses are not eligible under the Future Generali Hospital Cash Insurance Plan.

Future Generali Arogya Sanjeevani Policy

You don’t have to pay for the following –  Hospitalization Medical Expenses, Day Care Treatment expenses, Pre-and post-hospitalization Medical Expenses, Day Care Treatment expenses, Modern Methods of treatment, Cataract Treatment, AYUSH Treatment, and Emergency Ambulance if you buy Future Generali Arogya Sanjeevani Policy.

Future Generali Critical Illness Insurance Policy

If you are diagnosed with the following critical illnesses – Cancer (cancer of specified severity), Kidney failure requiring regular dialysis, Primary pulmonary arterial hypertension,  liver failure, Multiple sclerosis with persisting symptoms, the Future Generali critical illness insurance policy will help pay for the treatment of these ailments. If any diagnosis, treatment, or symptoms arise before the inception, the same will not be covered (unless it is mentioned in the proposal form). And if the covered critical illnesses arise before the inception or within 90 days of the inception, the company won’t be liable to pay for them.

Future Generali Surakshit Loan Bima

This is a specially designed health insurance plan that provides Personal Accident Cover, Loss of Job Cover and the Critical Illness Cover. And in the Future Generali Surakshit loan bima plan, general exclusions may apply.

Future Generali Top-Up Plan

A supplement plan to your existing health insurance that provides additional Sum Insured for Hospitalisation Expenses, Inpatient Expenses and Other Inpatient Expenses. Under this, the company isn’t liable to pay for Consequential Loss of any Kind or Description, Damage to Contents of a Consumable Nature and Loss or Damage to Mobile Phones or Similar Communication Devices.

Future Varishta Bima

Future Generali Varishta Bima plan for senior citizens is those who have attained a minimum age of 60 years. With this, they are covered against hospitalization expenses and will also get a discount on premium payments. For the convenience of the senior citizen in this plan, an installment facility is available for the premium payment.

Future Health Suraksha

An insurance plan that covers Inpatient, other than Inpatient, Pre & Post Hospitalisation, Daycare, Patient Care, Ambulance charge, Accidental Hospitalisation, Hospital Cash, Accompanying person expenses, Organ Donor Expenses and recharge benefit.

Future Aarogya Bima Plan

Future Aarogya Bima is an insurance policy that provides coverage to anyone from day 1 to the age of 70 years. With this plan, your Inpatient, other than Inpatient, Day Care Treatment expenses, Pre-hospitalization Medical Expenses, Post-hospitalization Medical Expenses will be covered.

Future Advantage Top Up

A Future Generali Health Insurance Plan that covers Day Care Treatment expenses, Pre-hospitalization Medical Expenses, Post-hospitalization Medical Expenses, Organ Donor Expenses, Inpatient and other than Inpatient expenses. For customization, you can add Alternative Treatment, Emergency Ambulance cover to your policy as well.

Future Generali Health Insurance Plan General Coverage

No matter which policy you choose, you will get cover for the following expenses –

  1. Room rent
  2. ICU charges
  3. Nursing expenses
  4. Medicines & drugs
  5. X-ray
  6. OT charges
  7. Consultants or Specialists fees

Future Generali Health Insurance Plan General Exclusion

Below is the list of expenses that are not covered –

  1. Congenital External Anomaly illness/disease/defect
  2. Expenses for the treatment of illnesses or Injuries caused by the misuse of alcohol, narcotic substance or any non-prescribed drugs
  3. Expenses for the treatment of injuries or illnesses arising from war, invasion, an act of a foreign enemy, war like operations (whether directly or indirectly)
  4. Hormone replacement therapy
  5. Sex change
  6. Plastic surgery or any Cosmetic treatment

Waiting Period on Future Generali Health Insurance Plan

A 30-day waiting period will apply to all your Future Generali Health Insurance policies. And if an illness is diagnosed or diagnosable during this period, the same will not be claimable, except for an Injury. And the usual 24-48 month waiting period applies to your pre-existing disease or condition.

Future Generali Health Insurance Plan Claim Process

You can get a claim either as reimbursement or via a cashless facility. When you visit a network hospital, you can get a cashless facility by just showing your insurance card. Whereas for reimbursement of a Future Generali Health Insurance, you can either visit the Company branch or official website, fill-up a form with your policy details like name, policy number, etc. And when it’s approved, you can get your claim amount. You can also call 1800 103 8889 or 1800 209 1016 and email to as per your convenience if you had any queries regarding the claim process.

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