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A health insurance plan, which offers financial protection to individuals amid a medical emergency, comes with several value-added benefits such as health check-ups. These health check-ups include – Urine Routine Analysis, Stool Test (Optional), ECG (Resting), X-Ray Chest (PA view), etc. But do these check-ups come free of cost? Well, most health insurance plans offer the same for free.  Let’s now check out the health insurance plans that provide free health check-ups.

Health Insurance

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List of Health Insurance Plans with Free Health Check-Ups

If you purchase any of the following plans, you will get the benefit of free health check-ups. So let’s compare these plans’ health check-up offers and know which one is the best for you.

Policy NameFree Health Check-up
Oriental Insurance Individual Mediclaim Policy0.75% of the average sum Insured after each claim-free year
Niva Bupa Health Companion PlanCashless health check-ups provided the policy continues for the 2nd year without any break
Star Medi Classic Insurance PolicyExpenses of health check-ups, up to 1% of the average Basic Sum Insured will be covered after every block of four continuous claim-free years, subject to a maximum of INR 5,000
Note - Health check-up claims are not part of your sum insured
Reliance Group Mediclaim Insurance PolicyAnnual health check-ups for all the insured employees
Aditya Birla Activ Care Senior Citizen Health InsuranceYou can get an advance health check-up once in a Policy Year that includes:

  1. PAP smear

  2. Thyroid function test

  3. TMT (2 D Echo if the customer is not able to walk on the treadmill)

  4. Chest X-ray

  5. Sonography Abdomen

  6. ENT check-up

  7. OPG (Dental x-ray)

  8. Vitamin D

  9. Vitamin B12

  10. Calcium

Note - Health check-up claims won’t impact your sum insured or the eligibility for no claim bonus, and the above-mentioned tests shall be organized by the Aditya Birla-empanelled hospitals. Free health check-ups are only cashless under this policy.
Niva Bupa Health Premia Insurance PlanHealth check-up cover from day 1 and will be applicable to the policy as follows -
Silver option - you can get health check-ups once in two policy years.

Gold option - you can get annual health check-ups, capped at INR 2,500 per insured

Platinum option - you can get annual health check-ups, capped at INR 5,000 per insured
Bajaj Allianz Silver Health Plan for Senior CitizensFree Health check-ups will be organized in the designated Bajaj Allianz Diagnostic centers at the end of continuous four claim-free years. This policy will cover the medical tests that are advised with the reference of physician/consultation such as laboratory tests for fasting blood glucose and complete blood count, serum cholesterol, urine routine, chest X-ray and ECG.

How to Claim Free Health Check-Ups in Health Insurance?

First, contact the insurer for a claim form that you need to fill. When purchasing a policy, you should get a list of diagnostic centres or hospitals where they can have health check-ups. Select the healthcare unit where you want to go and show your health card there to get a free health check-up benefit. If you want to get your health check-ups done at a non-network hospital, you need to pay upfront and seek reimbursement from the insurer later.

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