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There are many health insurance companies that have come with health insurance plans that cover the risk of Coronavirus Disease. As the cases of Coronavirus disease increasing day by day so the individuals have started looking for such health insurance plans that cover the risk of this disease. The IRDA has also made a standard health insurance plan known as the Arogya Sanjeevani Plan that covers the risk of Coronavirus disease. You must have a look at the features of health insurance policies that covers COVID-19 risks. These policies can be helpful for you if you take it at an early stage. It will cover all the financial risks that might arise due to the Coronavirus.

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  1. Know the Key points of the COVID-19 health insurance plans.
  2. Cover the risk of Coronavirus Disease through these Policies.
  3. See the Premiums and Sum Insured in these COVID-19 insurance plans.

Key Points of the COVID-19 Insurance Plans

There are certain key points in these health insurance plans that you must know before taking them. In such a financial crisis these plans give you financial aid and you can easily fight the COVID-19 disease.

Cover Against Coronavirus illness

All these health insurance policies cover the risk of Coronavirus disease and they compensate for the financial loss that occurs due to the COVID-19 disease. The Coronavirus Testing and hospitalization charges are quite high so the insurance companies will cover all those expenses in this policy. But you will have to fulfill the waiting period of the policy otherwise, not a single penny will be given by the company to you.

Health Policies Especially for Coronavirus Risks

There are some health insurance companies that have issued insurance plans especially to cover the risks of the Coronavirus disease. The companies are Star Health, Digit Health Care, and ICICI Lombard that have a policy for Novel Coronavirus and covers the risk of all those patients who are tested positive for the Coronavirus tests. So, it is better to take the policy on time and cover the risk of COVID-19 Disease.

Tenure of the Policy

All the health insurance policies related to the Coronavirus disease have tenure of 1 year only and they can’t be renewed further. As these policies are for only one disease so there is no option for renewing the plans further.

Eligibility Criteria

The COVID-19 health insurance plans are only available for the citizens of India. The eligibility criteria differ from company to company. Some COVID-19 health insurance plans don’t cover the risk of those individuals who has a foreign travel history or above the age of 75 years. Therefore the eligibility criteria depend on the company’s policies.


The premiums of these types of policies fall between INR 200 to INR 2500. The amount of premium is quite affordable and you will have to pay it only for the tenure of 1 year. On the other hand, such a nominal premium covers the risk of such a big disease.

Sum Insured

You can take this policy with a minimum sum insured of INR 20000 and that is enough for you to cover the financial loss at the time of medical emergency. On the other hand, the maximum sum that you can take for covering the risk is of INR 2 lakhs. The premiums may vary depending on the sum you insure in the policy.

Potential Customers

These health policies are best for those individuals who don’t have any health insurance plan yet. Now it is the time to protect yourself from the COVID-19 disease because if you are tested positive for the test then you will have to pay a lot of charges. The insurance plans will cover all types of financial risks that occur during the treatment of Coronavirus disease.


Now you know the features of health insurance policies that Covers COVID-19 Risks. You must take the policy before it is too late because the number of COVID-19 patients is increasing day by day. The health insurance companies will remain by your side at the time of the COVID-19 disease. The premiums of these policies are also nominal and are just for the tenure of 1 year. So, take the plan and secure the financial risk at an early stage.

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