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Best Family Floater Health Insurance Plan in India

Health insurance is available in many different categories. Among the most popular types of health insurance, is the family floater health insurance scheme. This is a kind of medical insurance that is available for the whole family. In other words, all members of a family, including a newborn child and a senior citizen, can be brought under a common health insurance coverage. There are many benefits and uses of such a health insurance policy. read on to know more.

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Key Features of a Best Family Floater Health Insurance Plan in India

A family health insurance policy is defined by the following characteristics:-


The health insurance coverage is available for all the members of your family including yourself, your husband or wife, your parents, and even your spouse’s parents.

Affordable Healthcare

Most of the health insurance companies in India offer family health plans at a discounted rate when the sum insured is high for a large number of people in a family.

Long Term Cover

You can keep your family safely protected under a good medical insurance cover for as long as 3 years when you buy a family floater health insurance policy.

These are the wonderful features of a family healthcare plan. Buy such a policy and secure your loved ones in a wholesome manner.

Major Benefits of Best Family Floater Health Insurance Plan in India

Now that we saw the distinguishing features of the best family floater health insurance plan in India, let us see what benefits it has on offer:-

Comprehensive Cover

You get a comprehensive health insurance cover for all the people who are close to you. The health insurance companies offer a very large sum of insured amounts that are sufficient to include all the family members. You can adjust and choose the coverage as per your requirements to get the best possible health insurance cover.


Since there is a lot of competition in the health insurance sector these days, you get affordable family medical insurance plans with ease. The insurance companies compete with each other and reduce the cost of their health insurance products to stay ahead of the competition. As a policyholder, you gain from this and get some excellent family health plans at some of the best rates.

Easy to Manage

When you get health insurance for the whole family from a single source, managing the healthcare requirements of the individual family members becomes quite convenient. You do not have to worry about individual health insurance plans for everyone, their individual premium payments, renewals, etc. You can manage everything from a single point and keep everyone secured in a hassle-free manner.


Riders are easily available with the health insurance plans. You can add any number of riders you wish and make the family health plan more flexible to suit your needs. This will make it possible for you to offer maximum care to your loved ones. Do remember here that riders are available at an added cost, so choose the riders carefully and only purchase the ones that are of optimum use to you and your family.

Coverage Restoration

This is a massive advantage available with health insurance plans for a family. You get your sum insured restored after a claim has been made. This is highly beneficial as you get to keep your family protected against future medical emergencies. Please note that not every health insurance provider offers this benefit, so do your research and choose a good insurance provider who has the best benefits on offer.

Cashless Hospitalization

Almost all the top health insurance companies in India offer cashless hospitalization benefits in family floater health insurance. Here, you get treated at the hospital and your insurance provider directly settles the bill with the hospital. You do not have to make the payment at the time of discharge. This is one of the best uses of a family health plan.

Tax Benefit

And finally, you get the big advantage of saving tax when you buy one of the many health insurance plans. yes, that is correct! You get a tax rebate on the insurance premium you pay for your health care coverage. this helps you to save your hard-earned money in a legal and proper fashion.

It is clearly understood that a family health plan is highly beneficial. It is the best way to protect your family against health problems and assure they stay healthy at all times.


There is no substitute to being responsible when it comes to taking care of your loved ones. And since your family is the most precious thing in your life, you ought to take the very best care of them. It, therefore, is crucial for you to get the best health insurance coverage for all of them. Go online, compare insurance quotes and get the best possible family health insurance policy.

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