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The birth of your child is one of the happiest milestones of your life. Edelweiss New Born Care Add-on can be your perfect companion if you are looking to enhance your existing health insurance to protect your finances from newborn related expenses. Edelweiss General Insurance offers three health insurance plans – Silver, Gold and Platinum – with different sum insured options.

Edelweiss New Born Care Add-on can be taken with any of the health insurance plans by paying an additional premium apart from the basic premium. Let’s check the striking features of this add-on.

  1. Multiple sum insured options
  2. Coverage for newborn baby from the first day of birth
  3. No waiting period
  4. A 15-day free look period

On this page, we will talk about different aspects of the Edelweiss New Born Care Add-on in detail so that you can make a better decision. Read on to know more!

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Let’s Discuss the Benefits of Edelweiss New Born Care Add-on in Detail!

As mentioned earlier, you can enjoy the benefits of the Edelweiss New Born Care Add-on by paying an additional premium. We are discussing all such benefits in detail below. Have a look!

Coverage Benefits

When you choose Edelweiss New Born Care Add-on with any health insurance plan (silver, gold or platinum), your newborn baby will get coverage from day one (from the day of baby’s birth or delivery) up to the chosen sum insured. A policyholder can get coverage for a maximum of two children per policy year with this add-on. The coverage benefits will be as follows.

  1. Expenses related to newborn baby’s in-patient hospitalization for an illness or injury during the policy period
  2. Pre-and post-hospitalization expenses of your baby as per the base policy chosen by you (up to maternity or the sum insured limit)

Note: Here, Baby/Newborn baby means a baby who is born during the policy term and ages between 1 day and 90 days.

Sum Insured Options

With the Edelweiss New Born Care Add-on, policyholders can choose multiple sum insured as per their base health insurance policies. You can choose from the following sum insured options.

  1. The sum insured will be from Day 1 of the baby’s birth up to the maternity sum insured (for the Edelweiss Gold and Platinum plan)
  2. Sum insured will be from Day 1 of baby’s birth up to the entire base sum insured for all variants (Silver, Gold and Platinum)

What will be the Add-on Period?

The policy period or coverage will be for 90 days (from the date of birth to 90 days of baby’s age) anytime during the base health insurance plan chosen by you. Do remember that this add-on will cease to exist once the baby reaches 91 days of age.

Free Look Period

Edelweiss New Born Care Add-on offers a free look period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy documents within which policyholders can return the policy on finding the same unsatisfactory. Also, you should not have made any claim during the policy period.

Special Conditions for Edelweiss New Born Care Add-on

You should check special conditions for the Edelweiss New Born Care Add-on mentioned below.

  1. You can only choose this add-on with the Edelweiss Health Insurance policy that you are purchasing for the first time or at the renewal of an existing policy.
  2. You cannot pass the benefits of this add-on to someone else.
  3. You cannot cancel this add-on alone, you will need to cancel your base policy, except at the time of its renewal. However, if the policy is within the free look period, you can cancel this add-on without canceling your policy.
  4. The coverage under this add-on will be provided to a baby of a legally married couple, up to a maximum of two children.

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