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  1. All the Health Insurance doesn’t Cover the Coronavirus Risk.
  2. Take the Star Health Insurance or ICICI Lombard Health insurance because they have special policies for Coronavirus Patients.
  3. Read all the Features and Terms and Conditions of both the Policies.

Health Insurance

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The Coronavirus Outbreak is getting worse day by day and many individuals are panicking about it. Some of them are hoarding necessity for themselves and some have started taking health insurance for themselves and for their families. But before you take any health insurance you must see whether it covers the risk of Coronavirus disease. All Health Insurances doesn’t cover the risk of Coronavirus diseases. There are only some of them that can be used to cover the risk of Covid-19 disease. On the other hand, health insurances that cover Coronavirus risks have a long list of terms and conditions that has to be fulfilled by the policy taker.

Types of Health Insurance for Covid-19 Risks

After the outbreak of the Pandemic Disease, there are basically two companies that have come up with the health insurance for Covid-19 patients.

ICICI Lombard

ICICI Lombard has launched a Health Insurance plan known as the ICICI lombard Covid-19 Protection Cover. You can take this insurance at just a premium of INR 149. The sum insured under this policy is of INR 25000 and with a waiting period of 14 days.

Details of Covid-19 Insurance Cover

  1. If the patient is tested positive for the Covid-19 test full sum will be given to the policy taker.
  2. A sum of INR 25000 is insured in this policy
  3. INR 149 is the premium for this policy
  4. The individual gets Health Assitance, Virtual Assistance through chat, and teleconsultation as a complimentary benefit in this insurance.
  5. 18 years is the minimum age for taking this Insurance.
  6. 75 years is the maximum age for taking this insurance and it includes the senior citizens as well who have more chances of becoming Cobvid-19 Positive.

Terms and Conditions

  1. If the policy taker becomes Covid-19 Positive within 14 days from the date of policy issuance then no compensation will be given to him.
  2. The company will not indemnify the individual who is already positive in the Covid-19 test.
  3. No compensation will be given to those individuals who have a travel history and have a high chance of having a Coronavirus disease.

You can see that this health insurance plan will cover all the risks related to the Coronavirus disease. Similarly, Star Health has also introduced the Coronavirus Insurance policy for covering the Covid-19 risks.

Star Health Coronavirus Policy

This Health Insurance Plan Covers you for Coronavirus Disease. If you are tested positive for the disease then you are entitled to get the sum insured. There are two categories of this Health Insurance plan. In the first category, you can ensure a sum of INR 42000 by paying a premium of INR 1083 and in the second category, you’ll get an insurance cover of INR 21000 by paying a premium of INR 542. 

Features of Coronavirus Health Insurance Policy by Star Health

  1. You can get a cover of INR 21000 and INR 42000 in this policy with a premium of INR 542 and INR 1083 respectively.
  2. This insurance is available on the basis of a single individual.
  3. There is no need for Medical Screening in this health insurance plan.
  4. The best thing in this policy is that it gives compensation to the individuals who are having a travel history.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Covid-19 Positive Report must be from a Government Authorised Centre.
  2. If the company founds that the policy taker becomes Covid-19 Positive within 16 days from the date of policy issuance then he will be not liable for any compensation.
  3. The Individual must be hospitalized once he tests positive.


Before taking any health insurance plan, you must see whether it covers the Coronavirus disease. All the Health Insurance Plan doesn’t cover the Coronavirus risks. But the policies mentioned above are especially for the Coronavirus patients, so you can cover the risk through these policies. Read all the features of both and policies and have a deep look at the terms and conditions. These plans will be best for senior citizens because this disease has the majority victims of above 60 years of age. So, if you really care for your loved ones and then take the policy for them because it will definitely compensate you during your medical emergencies.

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