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Digit Health Insurance

Digit Health Insurance covers individuals and their insured family members against medical expenses should they face a health emergency. It offers different health insurance plans with attractive features and benefits to keep you interested. So, we will talk about different Digit Health Insurance Plans in detail. But before this, you should know the reasons why you should choose the insurer. Let’s start without any further delay.

Health Insurance

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Why Should You Choose Digit Health Insurance?

Digit Health Insurance is one of the most popular insurers among customers because of the following reasons-

  1. The simple, paperless and hassle-free online process from applying to making a claim
  2. Option to choose additional coverage for accidental hospitalization and critical illnesses
  3. COVID-19 Hospitalization Cover
  4. No need to pay anything from your pocket as there are no age-based copayment
  5. No restriction on room rent charges
  6. Twice the sum assured if you exhaust the same in a policy year
  7. Cumulative Bonus for every claim-free policy year
  8. A wide range of 5,000+ network hospitals across India to get cashless treatment
  9. Complimentary Annual Health check-ups
  10. Daily Hospital Cash Allowance Facility
  11. Availability of Psychiatric Support

Know the Features and Benefits of Digit Health Insurance Plans in Detail

Digit Health Insurance understands the diverse needs of customers and offers products accordingly. Some popular plans among customers are Digit Complete Care, Digit Health Care Plus and Digit Total Protect Policy. We will be discussing the features and benefits of these Digit Health Insurance Plans below so that you can understand them better. We are starting with the Digit Complete Care Policy.

Digit Complete Care Policy

Digit Complete Care Policy provides comprehensive coverage against different expenses incurred on hospitalization, day care procedures, etc. Below are the features of the policy that you could look at.

  1. Personal Accident protection up to 100% of the sum insured
  2. Accidental Hospitalization Cover (For expenses incurred on room rent, ICU charges, professional fees, operation theatre fees, etc.)
  3. Daily Hospital cash cover
  4. Twice the daily hospital cash in case of ICU hospitalization
  5. Out-patient (OPD) benefit
  6. Day Care Procedure Cover
  7. Road Ambulance charges
  8. Personal belonging protect (Burglary and Robbery and Accidental Damage cover)
  9. Legal Assistance cover up to the sum insured
  10. Building and Content Protect against Fire, Lightning, Explosion/Implosion, Aircraft Damage, Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage, etc.
  11. Flexible sum insured for building – Market or Reinstatement Value Basis
  12. A 15-day free look period

Digit Health Care Plus Policy

Digit Health Care Plus Policy helps cover customers against unexpected hefty medical costs. Under this plan, individuals can get protection with 16 different sections. Let’s check the features of this plan mentioned below so that you can get an overview.

  1. Flexible sum assured ranging from INR 10,000 to 3 crores
  2. Hospitalization Cover ( Accidental Hospitalization Cover, Day Care Treatment, Pre and Post-hospitalization Expenses, Dental Treatment, Road Ambulance and Second Medical Opinion)
  3. Infertility Treatment Cover
  4. Multiple policy term options – 1, 2 or 3 years
  5. Organ Donor Expenses
  6. AYUSH Treatment Cover
  7. Emergency Air Ambulance Cover
  8. Long-Hospitalization Cash Benefit
  9. Maternity and Newborn baby (up to 90 days) expenses cover
  10. OPD Benefits (Doctor’s fees, Medication, Hearing aids, Surgical Treatments, etc.)
  11. Home Hospitalization Cover
  12. Refill facility up to 100% of the sum insured
  13. Hospital Daily Cash Benefit (Twice in case of ICU Hospitalization)
  14. Critical Illness Cover for 20 specified illnesses
  15. Critical Illness Hospitalization Cover
  16. Cancer Cover
  17. Cancer Hospitalization Cover
  18. Wellness Program Benefit (Doctor on Call, Wellness Coach, Lab Services, Pharmacy, Vital/Physical Activity Monitoring Services, Reminder Notifications, Medical Wallet, Report Aggregation, Home Care Service, etc.)

Digit Total Protect Policy

If you are looking to protect your family from loss of income when getting injured for a long period or die due to an accidental injury, Digit Total Protect Policy could work for you! With this plan, you can get coverage with 27 sections under the policy. You can check the features and benefits of this plan mentioned below.

  1. Accidental Death Cover up to 100% of the sum insured (with a maximum of INR 20 crore)
  2. Permanent Total Disability cover up to INR 20 crore
  3. Permanent partial disability cover up to 70% of the sum insured
  4. Loss of Income Cover up to INR 2 lakh per week
  5. Children Education Benefit up to INR 50 lakh
  6. Child’s Marriage Expenses Cover up to INR 50 lakh
  7. Orphan Benefits for Child up to INR 5 crore
  8. Funeral Expenses Cover up to INR 50 lakh
  9. Transportation Expenses Cover up to INR 25 lakh
  10. Trauma Counselling up to INR 25 lakh
  11. Accidental Hospitalization Cover
  12. Home Hospitalization Cover up to INR 2 crore
  13. Long Hospitalization Cash Benefit
  14. Daily Hospital Cash Cover up to INR 5,000 per day
  15. OPD Benefits up to INR 1 lakh
  16. Emergency Air Ambulance Benefits up to INR 2 crore
  17. Coma Benefit
  18. Fracture Cover
  19. Burns Cover
  20. Lifestyle Modification Benefit
  21. External Aids Benefits up to INR 10 lakh
  22. Compassionate Visit Benefit up to INR 5 lakh
  23. Miscarriage due to an accident benefit
  24. Critical Illness Benefit up to INR 3.5 crore
  25. HIV Cover

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