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Health is our priority as our livelihood depends on it. So to get financial stability in case of a health risk, you should buy health insurance. What does health insurance do? The insurance will cover your medical expenses like hospitalization, ambulance fees, medicines purchases, surgery expenses, etc. So this way, you can handle all your health expenses without spending from your pocket. We have presented to you the top two health insurance plans – Young Star Gold Plan and Care Freedom Plan. You can choose between the two by comparing their features and benefits. Read this page further and know more about the features and benefits of the Young Star Gold Plan and Care Freedom Plan.

Health Insurance

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Compare Young Star Gold Plan vs Care Freedom Plan Hospitalization Cover

The primary aim of purchasing health insurance is to get cover for the hospitalization expenses. Let’s see the hospitalization coverage benefit of the Young Star Gold Plan and Care Freedom Plan.

Young Star Gold Plan

Under this policy, you will get coverage for room rent (single private A/C room), boarding and nursing charges, surgeon, anesthetist, medical practitioner, consultants, specialist fees, cost of anesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre, ICU, surgical appliances, medicines and drugs, diagnostic materials and X-ray, diagnostic imaging modalities, dialysis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, the cost of Pacemaker, stent and other similar expenses, emergency road ambulance expenses.

Note:- Hospitalisation expenses may vary based on the room rent or actuals, whichever is less.

Care Freedom Plan

When you are admitted to the hospital as an in-patient for an illness or injury treatment, the Care Freedom Plan will cover the following expenses:-

  1. Room charges (twin sharing room and single private room)
  2. Nursing expenses
  3. ICU charges
  4. Surgeon’s fee
  5. Doctor’s fee
  6. Cost of anesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre, etc.

Note:- You should be admitted for at least 24 hours in the hospital if you want to claim this benefit.

Compare Young Star Gold Plan vs Care Freedom Plan Restore Benefit

There’s a feature in health insurance plans through which your sum insured will be restored up to 100% of the sum insured even after the claim. Let’s see whether this feature is available on the Young Star Gold Plan and Care Freedom Plan.

Young Star Gold Plan – Your basic sum insured is automatically restored to 100%, and this subject to the following:-

  1. Upon partial or full utilization of the coverage
  2. A single claim liability shall not exceed the coverage limit. In such a case, the restore benefit won’t work.
  3. Restore benefit is not available for modern treatment claims

Note:- Restored basic sum insured is utilizable for all claims during the policy period. And the unutilized restored sum insured will not be carried forward.

Care Freedom Plan – The sum insured shall be refilled to 100% if it is exhausted while claiming. The insured can use the recharged sum insured for any future claims other than the already claimed coverage during the same year.

Note: You’ll get the recharge benefit in the Care Freedom Plan only if the sum insured is exhausted up to 100%.

Compare Young Star Gold Plan vs Care Freedom Plan Other Benefits

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, the Young Star Gold Plan and Care Freedom Plan offer some other benefits too. Let’s check out the table below and compare them.

BenefitsYoung Star Gold PlanCare Freedom Plan
Pre-hospitalization ExpensesCoverage for a maximum of 60 daysCoverage for medical expenses incurred before hospitalization, subject to a maximum of 7.5% or 10% of the payable hospitalization expenses based on the sum insured.
Post-hospitalization ExpensesCoverage for a maximum of 90 daysUp to 30 days
E-Medical OpinionAvailableNot available
Coverage for Modern TreatmentsAvailableNot available
Cost of Health Check-upINR 1,500-3,500 for an Individual Plan and INR 3,00 to INR 5,000 for a Family Floater PlanAnnual health check-ups for all adult insured members. The covered tests include complete blood count with ESR, urine routine, blood group, fasting blood sugar, lipid profile, kidney function test and ECG.
The health check-up benefit shall be provided to you regardless of previous claims. You can also enhance your health check-up by opting for Health Check-up+ optional cover. Under this, you can either cover diabetic health check-ups or cardiac health check-ups.
Domiciliary Hospitalization ExpensesNot availableUp to 10% of the sum insured, covered after 3 days
Cumulative Bonus20% for each claim-free year, subject to a maximum of 100% of the basic sum insuredNot available
Additional Cover for Road Traffic Accident (RTASum insured increases by 25%, subject to a maximum of INR 10 LakhNot available
Wellness Program2-10% discount on premium if the insured lives a healthy lifestyle through various wellness activitiesNot available
Delivery ExpensesUp to INR 3,000 per deliveryNot available
Hospital Cash BenefitINR 1,000 for each
completed day of hospitalization. This benefit is available up to 7 days of hospitalization and 14 days per policy period
Not available
Consumable AllowanceNot availableOther than the hospitalization expenses, the care freedom plan will also cover non-medical expenses like transportation, attendant’s cost, etc, up to 7 days per hospitalization.
This coverage will start from the 3rd day of hospitalization, subject to a maximum of INR 750 or INR 1,000 per day, based on the sum insured.
Companion BenefitNot availableGet a lump sum benefit of INR 10,000, INR 1,000 per day or INR 15,000 if the insured stays in the hospital for more than 10 days.
The companion benefit may vary based on the sum insured chosen by you.
Dialysis CoverNot availableDialysis expenses shall be covered under the policy up to 1,000 per sitting. This benefit is limited to 24 consecutive months.
Home CareNot availableThe company will compensate the expenses incurred for hiring a qualified nurse to perform the daily activities of the insured
This benefit is admissible up to 7 days per injury/illness, subject to a maximum of 45 days per policy year after deduction of 1 day.


Between the Young Star Gold Plan vs Care Freedom Plan, you should choose the plan which offers you the benefit that suits you the best as per your needs and the current medical situation.

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