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Cholamandalam Health Insurance is one of the most popular health insurance providers in India because of its efficient claim processing and a wide range of plans. With features like Cashless Treatment option, Cumulative Bonus, and Tax benefits, a Cholamandalam Health Insurance Plan could exactly be the one you may look for. With so many policy options, you can easily protect your health by choosing one.

This page will tell you about all the factors that make Cholamandalam Health Insurance the right choice for you! You can also know the different types of health insurance plans and their features. Keep reading to know the same!

Health Insurance

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Reasons to Choose Cholamandalam Health Insurance

With more than 8,000 Network hospitals across India, you can easily enjoy cashless facilities. In other hospitals, you can opt for the Reimbursement method to get a claim for your medical expenses. Cholamandalam has more than 87 branches across India as well as over 34,000 agents who work towards securing your health.

Cholamandalam Health Insurance has a Claim Settlement Ratio of 50.01% in FY 2019-20 and has sold more than 1 lakh policies that are a testament to the trust that customers have in it. Cholamandalam believes in the philosophy of 3Ts of Trust, Transparency, and Technology to deliver a unique customer experience. You can also enjoy tax benefits on paying the premium under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Cholamandalam Health Insurance Products

Now after understanding the reasons to choose the Cholamandalam Health Insurance, you must want to know about the types of this health plan. There are mainly four options – Hospitalization Plans, Critical Illness Plans, Super Topup Plans, and Daily Benefits Plans. We are showing some of the popular plans from Cholamandalam Health Insurance and their features below. Do check!

Chola Healthline

Chola Healthline Plan from the Cholamandalam Health Insurance is a comprehensive plan with which you can get a health cover. With its floater sum insured basis, you can cover your family as well. Some of the key features are mentioned below. Do check!

  1. Option to choose from 4 Different plans – Value Healthline, Freedom Healthline, Enrich Healthline, and Privilege Healthline
  2. Sum Insured up to INR 25 lakhs according to the plan chosen
  3. In-patient Hospitalization expenses
  4. Pre- and Post- Hospitalization expenses
  5. AYUSH Coverage expenses
  6. 141 Listed Day Care Procedures
  7. Maternity Expenses under Privilege Plan
  8. Health Checkup and Cumulative Bonus under Renewal Benefits
  9. Ambulance Expenses
  10. Hospitalization expenses for New Born babies
  11. Additional benefits of Double Sum Insured in case of accidents, Specialist opinion for critical illness, etc.

Chola Critical Illness Health Insurance Plan

If you want to enjoy the freedom of flexible sum insured options, you can choose the Chola Critical Illness Plan, which is a fixed benefit policy. Uniquely designed for critical illness, you can also enjoy tax benefits up to INR 25,000 with this plan. We are showing you some of the key benefits. Have a look!

  1. Entry age up to 65 years and no medical checkup for individuals below 55 years
  2. Lifetime policy renewal facility
  3. Flexible Sum Insured Options of INR 3 lakh, INR 5 lakh, and INR 10 lakh
  4. Individuals don’t need to submit proof of expenses or bills to get claims
  5. Differential rates for men and women
  6. Emergency Ambulance cover up to INR 1,000 per insured with the advanced option

Chola Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance Plan

Want to protect your family under a Single Plan? Well, Chola Arogya Sanjeevani could be the right choice for you with an affordable premium, multiple sum insured options, and different premium payment modes. If you want to know some other features, you can check them below.

  1. Family Cover option with which you can cover even your in-laws
  2. No Health Checkup (pre-screening) up to 50 years of age
  3. Family Discount of 5% for 3-5 members, 7% for 6-7 members, and 10% if there are more than 7 members
  4. Unlimited AYUSH Coverage up to the Sum Insured
  5. Tax Benefits under Section 80D
  6. Road Ambulance expenses up to INR 2,000 per hospitalization
  7. Room Limits up to 2% of the Sum insured, up to a maximum of INR 5,000 per day
  8. Cumulative Bonus of 5% – 50% as Renewal Benefits

Chola Hospital Cash Insurance Plan

This plan from Cholamandalam Health Insurance works best for those individuals who want to enjoy a fixed daily allowance for every 24 hours of hospitalization. This way, you will be covered for each of the expenses during this period. We are showing some of the key features of the Chola Hospital Cash Insurance Plan that you can know.

  1. Daily Cash Benefit for each continuous 24 hours during hospitalization expenses regardless of what you spend up to INR 3,000 per day
  2. In the case of ICU Confinement, you will receive a double daily cash benefit
  3. In case of a hospitalization exceeding continuous 20 days, lump-sum convalescence benefit will be paid up to INR 20,000
  4. No Medical Screening for individuals up to 55 years of age
  5. Option to choose from 6 Plans (A, B, C, D, E, and F)
  6. Entry age of 18 to 65 years (Children between the age of  03 months to 26 years)

Chola Personal Accident Health Insurance Plan

Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. The Chola Personal Accident Plan from Cholamandalam Health Insurance can protect your finances in case of an unfortunate accident. Want to know some of the benefits of this plan? Well, you can check the same below.

  1. Basic Coverage for Accidental Death, Permanent total disability or permanent partial disability
  2. Entry age of 18 to 69 years for individuals
  3. Weekly Compensation
  4. Fixed Compensation in the event of Broken Bones due to an accident
  5. Family Transportation Benefit Cover
  6. Private Tuition Fee Cover
  7. Hospital Daily Cash
  8. Cost of Cremation

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