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Care Health Operation Mediclaim

Being one of the leading health insurance companies in India, Care Health Insurance Company Limited is one among the five private-sector insurers that deal with insurance policies specifically pertaining to health, personal accident and travel insurance. Starting 2015, Care Health Insurance Company Limited has been a joint venture of Care Enterprise Private Limited, Corporation Bank and Union Bank of India. The company offers specialized products and services to individuals, employees of corporates as well as for financial inclusion. Currently offering products in the retail segment for Health Insurance, Critical Illness, Personal Accident, International Travel Insurance, Top-up coverage, Maternity, Group Health Insurance and Group Personal Accident Insurance for corporates.

Health Insurance

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Care Health Insurance Company has curated Super Mediclaim, which is basically an indemnity based insurance product that offers complete coverage for critical illnesses as well as surgeries.

These Super Mediclaim Plans are as follows

  1. Care Critical Mediclaim: This is a plan that covers 32 specific critical illnesses.
  2. Care Cancer Mediclaim: This mediclaim provides complete coverage for a vast range of varied types of cancer sicknesses.
  3. Care Heart Mediclaim: This incredibly advantageous plan covers 16 heart-related illnesses.
  4. Care Operation Mediclaim: This mediclaim plan covers a long list of defined surgeries.

One among the 4 Super Mediclaim plans is the Care Health Operation Mediclaim plan which proves to be highly beneficial in the hour of need. For that daunting moment, when the doctor says that surgery is the only way out, Care is your biggest supporter at such times. Care Health Insurance – Operation Mediclaim is a Super Mediclaim that bears the costs of the surgery and takes care of your surgical needs.

Terms of the Policy of Care Health Operation Mediclaim

  1. Entry age: 5 years of age to 50 years of age on an individual basis
  2. Maximum renewability: Lifelong
  3. Sum Insured: 10 lakh INR/ 25 lakh INR/50 lakh IN/ 1 crore/ 2 crore
  4. Pre-policy issuance medical check-up: no medical check-up required
  5. Duration: 1 year, 2 years and 3 years
  6. Mode of premium payment: single and monthly
  7. Waiting duration: 90 days initial waiting period
  8. Particular ailment waiting duration: 24 months i.e. 2 years
  9. PED waiting period: 48 months i.e 4 years

Features of Care Health Operation Mediclaim

  1. Indemnity based plan
  2. Lifelong renewability
  3. No Claim Bonus (NCB)
  4. Equated Installments
  5. Quick recovery counselling
  6. Air ambulance
  7. Surgical procedures
  8. Room rent
  9. International second opinion

Benefits of Care Health Operation Mediclaim

  1. Pre-hospitalization expenses: 30 days preceding hospitalization, all medical expenses are covered.
  2. Post-hospitalization expenses: Up to 60 days post hospitalisation, medical expenses such as doctors consultation charges, medicines, investigation tests, etc are covered.
  3. Ambulance cover: An ambulance cover of 3000 INR per hospitalization.
  4. Organ donor cover: Covers medical expenses up to the sum insured or 15 lakh INR whichever is lower, of the person donating the organ to the insured.
  5. Annual health check-up: Starting from the second year of the policy on consecutive coverage, yearly health check-ups are offered.
  6. Second opinion: Coverage provided once per covered condition each policy year.
  7. International Second Opinion: Coverage for this is provided only once for the covered condition in each policy year.
  8. No Claim Bonus: An increase in the sum insured by 50%, 25% and 25% for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd policy year that is free of any claims.
  9. Room rent charges: No limit on the coverage for a single private room
  10. ICU Charges: Limitless coverage
  11. Air Ambulance cover: In an emergency situation where something unfortunate happens and you need to be transported through an air ambulance, the company also covers the same for up to 5 lakh INR.
  12. Speedy recovery counselling: Maximum 8 sessions per policy year. Coverage of up to 1000 INR per session, this service can be availed maximum two times in a month.
  13. Health portal: Value-added products and services from Care Company’s official website.
  14. Doctor on call: Coverage for telephonic or online consultation with a doctor.
  15. Global coverage: You receive coverage in foreign countries too for 45 continuous days in a single trip and maximum for a period of 90 days on a cumulative basis in one policy year.


Although there are innumerable health insurance companies in India that offer a wide array of products and services that provide many advantages; the number one reason why you must choose to buy a Care Health Insurance plan is that these plans assure secureness and never-ceasing dedication to your well being. Additionally, it has also paid more than 7 lakh claims and has also been awarded as Claims Leader of the year. Along with providing 24×7 claims customer service support, these plans allow you to be free of financially worry. Thus, it lets you focus on your health improvement, which after all is all that matters. The Super Mediclaim plans are so well created, that they especially fit the insured’s requirement in particular situations. Buy yourself a Care Health Insurance – Operation Mediclaim plan and recover super fast as well!

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