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Care Health Mediclaim Policy

In today’s super-fast world, when life is so unpredictable, it becomes extremely vital to have a well-crafted health insurance plan. Not having one can put you as well as your family under serious financial recursions in case of some health issues that may be due to an illness or maybe an injury. Whether you dig into your savings or you take a loan, medical treatment is often heavy on the pocket. But buying a health insurance plan is not that easy. The market is flooding with names that sell Mediclaim plans.

Health Insurance

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We bring to you a guide that would take you through the entire process. So, if you too are wanting to buy a mediclaim policy, read on:

What are The Benefits of Care Health Mediclaim Policy?

The reasons to invest in Care Mediclaim Policy are plenty, her’s a look at the top reasons to invest in one of its plans.

  1. Keep Your Savings Safe: What is the point of making all those investments, when you may use it all up against your medical expenses. From the consultation fee to the daycare charges, from ambulance to room rent, the list is endless. Care Mediclaim Policy you can give you a financial blanket for expenses incurred not only during the treatment but before and after it too.
  2. Cover Your Family Too: A medical emergency doesn’t come with a knock on the door. Buying individual plans for every member of the family may not always be affordable. Care Mediclaim Policy comes with floaters that help you include your immediate family in your health insurance a well.
  3. Compensate for Your Unhealthy Lifestyle: Due to the constant and big shifts in our lifestyles today, diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart issues, are becoming rather common. This itself is an indication of how important it is for you to have a mediclaim policy. Care Mediclaim Policy ensures that you and your family are well-protected.
  4. Best Hospitals: With over 4000 hospitals in its network, Care Mediclaim Policy provides flexibility when it comes to choosing a hospital as per your choice and requirement.

How Do I Process My Claim For Care Health Mediclaim Policy?

In an endeavour to keep your worries to the minimum, Care ensure that making a claim is simple and convenient. When in a medical emergency, remember to contact customer care within a period of 48 hours. In case the hospitalisation is a planned one, try informing the company 48 hours before the hospitalisation. Thereafter, the Pre-Authorisation Form or the Reimbursement Form has to be carefully filled-in and submitted at the hospital’s Insurance counter.

What Plans are Offered By Care Mediclaim Policy?

Care Mediclaim Policy offers you the freedom to choose from a few plans. Depending on your budget and your requirements, you can select the most appropriate policy. Compare them and make a choice today.

Basic Features of the PlanCare Super Saver PlanCare Elite PlanCare Elite Plus PlanCare Global PlanCare Global Plus Plan
In-Patient Expenses As high as the Sum Insured selected As high as the Sum Insured selected As high as the Sum Insured selected As high as the Sum Insured selected As high as the Sum Insured selected
Expenses before Hospitalisation30 days30 days30 days30 days30 days
Expenses after Hospitalisation60 days60 days60 days60 days60 days
Rent of Hospital RoomTo an amount that equals 1% of the Sum InsuredIndividual Private RoomIndividual Private Room, that can be upgradedIndividual Private Room, that can be upgradedIndividual Private Room, that can be upgraded
ICU ExpensesTo an amount that equals 2% of the Sum InsuredNo upper limitNo upper limitInfo NAInfo NA
Cover for Organ DonorINR 50,000INR 1 lakhsINR 2 lakhsINR 3 lakhsINR 5 lakhs
Medical Check-UpsAvailable for all membersAvailable for all membersAvailable for all membersAvailable for all membersAvailable for all members
Ambulance/Transport CoverINR 1,500 per hospitalisationINR 2,000 per hospitalisationINR 2,500 per hospitalisationINR 3,000 per hospitalisationINR 3,000 per hospitalisation

What are The Exclusions Under Care Mediclaim Policy?

There are certain conditions that cannot be covered under Care Mediclaim Policy, let us take a look at them:

  1. Injuries that are self-caused
  2. Hospitalisation due to suicide attempt
  3. Inborn or Inherited diseases
  4. Any prevailing illness within a period of 30 days of the policy start
  6. Hospitalisation caused due to war/revolt/strikes


Medical costs are sky-high, thus making the importance of a mediclaim policy indisputable. In today’s world having health insurance is a smart move that can save you from financial crunches all your life. Mediclaim Policy not just rescues you from a financial crunch but also gives you the assurance that even in a crisis, you will be prepared.

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