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Care Health Insurance Plan For Diabetes

If you are looking for a good health insurance plan that covers diabetes as well, consider getting the Care Health Insurance plan for diabetes. The Care Freedom plan has provision for diabetes cover at an added premium. It is an excellent plan overall and so paying the extra premium and getting a diabetes cover works out very well. Read on to know more.

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Features of the Care Health Insurance Plan for Diabetes

The Care Freedom Plan from Care Health Insurance is one of the best health covers available for people who already suffer from diabetes. There is no pre-policy screening and even if you are a diabetic, you can get enrolled in this policy. Here are some features of the plan that may be of use to anyone who is a diabetic:

Comprehensive Health Care

The Care Freedom plan offers a comprehensive health cover. Apart from covering the diabetes-related issues, you can get treatment for all other general health conditions. It, therefore, proves to be a good medical insurance policy that keeps you safe, keeps your finances secure and offers wellness all at once. It is available as an individual health plan as well as a family floater health insurance policy.

Cover for Pre-Existing Illnesses

The biggest advantage of this plan is that you can directly buy it without going in for a health check. This allows you to have the plan even if you have pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or heart problems. You can deal with your issues and have a good health cover at all times when you buy the Care Freedom health plan from Care Health Insurance. Many of the other health plans insist on you undergoing a pre-policy screening. When diabetes is detected, the plan is not issued to you. But no such thing happens when you buy Care Freedom, the excellent Care Health Insurance plan for diabetes.

Check for Diabetes

Not only are you given a chance to have a health insurance plan when you have diabetes, but the insurer also offers annual health checks specifically for diabetes. You can undergo diagnostic tests to make sure your diabetes in control. The Care Freedom plan compensates you for the expenses incurred during these tests.

Lifelong Renewability

Once bought, the Care Health Insurance plan for diabetes can be renewed for as long as the policyholder lives. The lifelong renewability option is a very handy feature available on this policy that everyone benefits from. This is especially helpful for senior citizens who need health insurance at an advanced age to stay fit.

Daycare Treatment

Sadly, a diabetic may fall ill more frequently. He or she may need health care at the hospital. If a daycare procedure is carried out, the bills can be reimbursed without any hassles as daycare treatments are covered under the comprehensive Care Freedom Plan.

Inpatient Care

If the health problem is more serious and the policyholder required to be hospitalised for illness or surgery, the plan will cover him or her for it. All expenses incurred insurance hospital stay are covered under this plan. The facility for cashless treatments is also available at all the network hospitals.

Pre and Post-Hospital Cover

And finally, if the policyholder needs pre and post hospitalisation care, he can get a health cover for that as well under the Care Health Insurance plan for diabetes, also known as the Care Freedom plan. This is another handy feature that you get when you buy this comprehensive health plan from this high-rated insurance company.

Grace Period

Paying the premium on time is very important to ensure the Care Health Insurance plan for diabetes remains active. You never know when an emergency may strike and when you may need to use the health cover. So pay your premium on time and renew the plan if it nears its expiration date. But at times, mistakes happen and policyholders don’t renew the plan on time. Thankfully, Care allows a grace period of 30 days within which you can pay the premium and have the plan restored.

Freelook Period

The insurer offers a freelook period of 15 days from the day you buy the Care Health Insurance plan for diabetes. If you change your mind during that time or want a different plan, you can surrender this policy and get your money back.

These are some of the excellent features of the Care Health Insurance Plan For diabetes.


The Care Freedom plan is a good option for senior citizens who have pre-existing illnesses such as cardiac problems and diabetes. In normal cases, it is difficult for them to find good health cover. But with the Care Health Insurance Plan For diabetes, this problem gets tackled. Get this very helpful health insurance policy and stay covered in a truly wholesome manner.

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