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Care Health Enhance Plan

In today’s world, it is undeniably important to have health insurance. However, India still has a considerable number of people who do not have health insurance. While some people are financially capable to take care of their medical expenses when the need arises; others prefer being financially secured in case such a happening takes place.

Health Insurance

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Medical costs are constantly uproaring, thus having health insurance will help take off the financial stress one feels in these moments. More so, Care Enhance Plan is a thoughtfully crafted health plan that provides an additional financial shield.

Known for being a customer-oriented insurance provider, Care has managed to create yet another incredible product- Care Enhance Plan. This plan is a high deductible Super Top Up Health Insurance for you and your loved ones. It functions on the principle of Policy Deductible that is a pre-decided amount that you would pay during a medical situation. The amount over the policy deductible will be paid by the company itself. For instance, if you choose a 4 lac sum insured and a policy deductible of 2 lac; then apart from the 2 lac that is paid by you, the remaining 4 lac plus any amount above the policy deductible will be taken care of by the company. This is just the beginning, read on further to know about more about this lucrative Care Enhance plan.

Features of Care Enhance Plan

  1. Long term of policy: You are offered with an alternative of selecting a term plan between 1 to 3 years. This helps in making the renewal process of your Care Enhance plan easier.
  2. One policy protects the whole family: In a single health plan for the sum insured, you can cover your immediate family members such as parents, spouse or children under the ‘floater plan’.
  3. Cashless hospitalization: This feature allows you to be worry-free about running around with your hospital bills. The only requirements you must follow is getting admitted to one of the network hospitals. Rest assured, the hospital bills will be taken care of by the company.
  4. Post-hospitalization: After hospitalization, you may still have to consult the doctor, undergo therapy sessions, medicines, other medical expenses, etc. All these are covered under the Care Enhance plan.
  5. Insurance claims to file: Whether it’s the case of an emergency hospitalization or planned hospitalization, to avail cashless hospitalization service you need to provide the company’s network hospitals with the Care Health Card. For reimbursement purposes, if you have used a non-network hospital, you must inform the company immediately about the claim. Call Care, send them the specified documents and your claim will be processed.

Benefits of Care Enhance Plan

  1. Pliable choice of deductible
  2. A vast range of sum insured alternatives up to 55 lakh INR
  3. Direct insurance claim settlement
  4. Irrespective of claim history, health check-ups are offered yearly to an adult insured member
  5. All over India, at all the network hospitals you receive smooth cashless treatment
  6. With the Enhance Anywhere feature, you can obtain select medical treatment anywhere all across the globe.
  7. For insurance coverage, a pre-policy medical check-up is not required (up to 50 years of age, less than 40 lakhs)

Coverage Offered Under Care Enhance Plan

  1. Organ donor coverage: This Care Enhance plan covers the medical costs of the organ donor at the time of undergoing an organ transplant surgery.
  2. Pre-hospitalization: Expenses incurred before hospitalization such as medications, examination tests, consultation, etc are covered under this plan.
  3. Post-hospitalization: Following hospitalization, costs incurred due to consultations, follow up visits, therapies, etc are also covered under this incredible plan.
  4. Hospitalization expenses: In case you are admitted in a hospital for 24 consecutive hours, expenses incurred on the following are covered- nursing costs, room expenses, intensive care unit costs, doctor’s fee, surgeon’s charges, operation theatre charges, anaesthesia, and so on.
  5. Health check-up: To refrain you from having to visit a hospital, Care provides you and your family with annual health check-ups to ensure you’re in good health condition.

Policy Terms of Care Enhance Plan

  1. Entry age: Minimum 1 day and maximum no limit
  2. Sum insured: 1 lakh INR to 30 lakh INR
  3. Deductible: 1 lakh INR to 10 lakh INR
  4. Grace period: 30 days from the date of expiry to renew the policy
  5. Group discount: 5% to 20% group discount depending upon the group size
  6. Co-payment: For an individual who enrols at the age of 61 or more, he or she is required to pay 20% of the claim amount. The remaining is paid by the company.


Care Health Insurance Plan provides comprehensive coverage for you and your family. This plan also offers a gift of expert-opinion to policyholders as an add-on aspect. It is rightly considered as one of the best health insurance plans to offer complete protection to your family.

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