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Care Health Care Shield Add-on Plan is a rider that policyholders choose with their base plan to deal with the rising medical treatment costs every year due to inflation. It also covers the expenses incurred on certain consumables and healthcare items that base plans do not cover. When you choose this add-on, you can also protect your No Claim Bonus (NCB) as it will not lapse on making even a small claim in a policy year.

This add-on from Care Health provides three benefits to policyholders — Claim Shield, NCB Shield and Inflation Shield. Before understanding this plan further, let’s look at its key features mentioned below.

  1. Protection of sum insured against inflation
  2. Coverage of 68 non-payable items up to the sum insured
  3. Protection of No Claim Bonus
  4. No Waiting period
  5. Free look period as per the base policy
  6. Tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961

On this page, we will discuss the features of the Care Health Care Shield Add-on Plan in detail so that you can understand the plan better. Keep reading to know more!

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Let’s Discuss the Features of Care Health Care Shield Add-on Plan in Detail

Policyholders can only purchase Care Health Care Shield Add-on Plan with the base health insurance plan either on policy issuance or renewal. It cannot be purchased in isolation. We will be discussing the features of this add-on plan below. Have a look!

Claim Shield Benefit

As we mentioned earlier, some health insurance plans do not cover certain consumables and healthcare items. Care Health Care Shield Add-on Plan will cover the following non-payable items related to a particular claim under the base health insurance plan (up to the sum insured).

  1. Baby Food
  2. Baby Utility Charges
  3. Beauty Services
  4. Belts/ Braces
  5. Buds
  6. Cold Pack/Hot Pack
  7. Carry Bags
  8. Email / Internet Charges
  9. Food Charges (Other than patient’s diet provided by the hospital)
  10. Leggings
  11. Laundry Charges
  12. Mineral water
  13. Sanitary Pad
  14. Telephone Charges
  15. Guest Services
  16. Crepe Bandage
  17. Diaper Of Anytype
  18. Eyelet Collar
  19. Slings
  20. Blood Grouping And Cross Matching Of Donors Samples
  21. Service Charges Where Nursing Charge Also Charged
  22. Television Charges
  23. Surcharges
  24. Attendant Charges
  25. Extra Diet Of Patient (Other Than That Which Forms Part Of Bed Charge
  26. Birth Certificate
  27. Certificate Charges
  28. Courier Charges
  29. Conveyance Charges
  30. Medical Certificate
  31. Medical Records
  32. Photocopies Charges
  33. Mortuary Charges
  34. Walking Aids Charges
  35. Oxygen Cylinder (For Usage Outside The Hospital)
  36. Spacer
  37. Spirometer
  38. Nebulizer Kit
  39. Steam Inhaler
  40. Arm sling
  41. Thermometer
  42. Cervical Collar
  43. Splint
  44. Diabetic Footwear
  45. Knee Braces (Long/ Short/ Hinged)
  46. Knee Immobilizer/Shoulder Immobilizer
  47. Lumbo Sacral Belt
  48. Nimbus Bed Or Water Or Airbed
  49. Ambulance Collar
  50. Ambulance Equipment
  51. Abdominal binder
  52. Private Nurses Charges-special Nursing Charges
  53. Sugar-Free Tablets
  54. Creams Powders Lotions (Toiletries Are Not Payable, Only Prescribed Medical Pharmaceuticals Payable)
  55. Ecg Electrodes
  56. Gloves
  57. Nebulisation Kit
  58. Anykitwith No Details Mentioned [Delivery Kit, Ortho Kit, Recovery Kit, Etc]
  59. Kidney Tray
  60. Mask
  61. Ounce Glass
  62. Oxygen Mask
  63. Pelvic Traction Belt
  64. Pan Can
  65. Trolley Cover
  66. Urometer, Urine Jug
  67. Ambulance
  68. Vasofix Safety

No Claim Bonus Shield

If a policyholder does not claim in a policy year, Care Health will provide No Claim Bonus (NCB Super, if opted). With this facility, the sum insured amount will increase at a definite rate on renewal if a policyholder has not made a claim during the policy year.

With the NCB Shield benefit, the accumulated NCB will not be reduced at the time of renewal if the total claim amount payable in the previous policy year under the base plan does not exceed 25% of the base policy sum insured. However, if the total claim amount payable is more than 25% of the base policy sum insured, policyholders will not get this benefit.

Inflation Shield

Inflation shield benefit from the Care Health Care Shield Add-on Plan ensures that your sum insured remains unaffected from inflation. You would be wondering how? Well, this shield provides an additional increase in the sum insured under a base policy according to the inflation rate in the previous calendar year.

The percentage of increase in the sum insured will apply only to the sum insured under the base health insurance plan and not on NCB or any other benefit.

Note: The inflation rate will be the change in the average Consumer Price Index (CPI) of the entire calendar year published by the National Statistical Office (NSO). In case this rate is unavailable at renewal, the rate of the previous year will be considered.

No Waiting Period

Under the add-on rider, there are no waiting periods. However, the waiting period will be applicable as per the base health insurance plan.

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