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Care Health Care Insurance Plan

Specializing in health insurance products, Care Health Insurance provides incredibly advantageous health plans that perfectly fit the customer’s requirements. It is considered wise to invest in a health plan that reaps good benefits in the hour of need. One such health plan is the Care Health Care Insurance Plan. This plan is a comprehensive health insurance plan that provides coverage for you and your family. By shielding you as well as your family from financial losses resulting from unforeseen medical emergencies, Care Health care Insurance Plan owes to its belief in each one experiencing all the moments of life in their best health condition. With this Plan, you can rest assured that in times when you are unwell, all the hassle pertaining to your treatment will be taken care of efficiently, so that you can focus on what’s most imperative that is your health and recovery.

Health Insurance

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Types of ‘Care’ Products Under the Care Health Care Insurance Plan are as follows

  1. Super Saver
  2. Elite
  3. Elite Plus
  4. Global
  5. Global Plus

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Entry Age: Minimum age of entry for an individual is 5 years, whereas for floater the minimum age is 91 days with 1 insured person who is 18 years old and above. Maximum entry age is lifelong.
  2. Exit age: Lifelong
  3. Prosper’s age: 18 years and above
  4. Ways to cover yourself: Individual basis ( maximum 6 people with an equal sum insured) or floater basis
  5. Who all are covered: For an individual- self, spouse, parents, children, inlaws, grandparents, relatives, employees, etc.
  6. For Family Floater plan- self, spouse, parents, children, employee and his or her dependents, etc.

Features of Care Health Care Insurance Plan

  1. No maximum age limit for enrollment
  2. Annual health check-up for all members included under this plan
  3. You will receive a global cover for 12 specific types of critical illnesses
  4. Special Unlimited Automatic recharge
  5. Maximum of 150% No Claim Bonus with NCB super. In a period of 5 consecutive years, your sum will be increased if you don’t make any claims by 10% and a maximum of 50%.
  6. Cashless hospitalization
  7. Available with different riders
  8. Lifelong renewability
  9. No increase in premium even if any claim is made
  10. Treatment available across listed hospitals all over the world

Benefits of Care Health Care Insurance Plan

  1. Hospitalization Expenses: If the insured is admitted in the hospital for 24 consecutive hours, Care takes care of the hospitalization expenses like room rent charges, intensive care unit costs, nursing expenses, operation theatre cost, blood, oxygen, etc. up to the maximum sum insured. Additionally, you are also covered for expenses incurred in daycare treatment where you were admitted for less than 24 hours.
  2. Pre-hospitalization and Post-hospitalisation Expenses: Investigation tests, medications, consultation charges and so on are covered up to 30 days before the date of admission in the hospital. Similarly, follow up tests, doctor’s fees, medication costs, etc are covered as well up to 60 days post-hospitalization.
  3. Ambulance Cover: Keeping the insured’s well being in mind, these plans also cover the ambulance charges in case of an emergency medical situation as well as necessary transportation costs from one hospital to another.
  4. Daily Allowance: A lump sum amount is paid to the insured as a daily allowance. This is provided for every 24 hours of hospitalization that is payable for a maximum of 5 days of continuous hospitalization.
  5. Organ Donor Cover: Covers expenses incurred by the insured for an organ transplant from another person.
  6. Second Opinion Reassurance: You can opt for a second opinion at no additional costs. It will be taken care of by the company.
  7. Domiciliary Hospitalization: Here an amount is given to the insured for his or her medical home treatment.
  8. Automatic Recharge: If you happen to exhaust your sum insured, an automatic recharge is done and the entire sum insured is put back into your account.
  9. Alternative Treatments: Expenses for alternative treatments like Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha and homoeopathy are also covered.
  10. No Claim Bonus: In case of no claims made, you will receive a 10% increase in your sum insured in the following policy year.
  11. Annual Health check-up: To prevent you from visiting the hospital, the company also holds free annual health check-ups.
  12. Global Coverage: Except for the U.S.A, you can avail hospitalization costs anywhere in the world.
  13. Vaccination Cover: Vaccination expenses are provided as well for members up to the age of 18 years.
  14. Maternity Cover: An amount is given for expenses related to the delivery of a child of the insured person.

Reasons to Buy Care Health Care Insurance Plan

Unique features provided by Care Health Care insurance Plan are truly one of a kind. They are highly rewarding, advantageous and stress-relieving. Below are the reasons you must definitely buy a Care Health Care Insurance  Plan.

  1. Global cover anywhere in the world for more than 12 critical illnesses.
  2. A health check-up that is held yearly for each insured member.
  3. Along with NCB super, up to 150% of No Claim Bonus.
  4. Incredible unlimited recharge
  5. Available with different riders, to fit your specific requirements.

Policy Terms and Conditions of Care Health Care Insurance Plan

  1. Renewability: Life long
  2. Renewal Premium: Premium that is payable on renewable and the following cover are susceptible to change as per the IRDA
  3. Waiting Duration: Other than injury, the waiting period is 30 days for any illness. However, the waiting period for any pre-existing illness is four years of consecutive coverage.
  4. Grace Period: For renewal of the policy, a grace period of 30 days from the date of expiry.
  5. Enhance Sum Insured: You can enhance your sum insured upon renewal
  6. Co-payment: If the age of the eldest member insured is 61 years or above, 20% of co-payment policy will be applicable. However, no co-payment in this policy if the age of the eldest member insured is below 61 years of age.


Care Health Care Insurance Plan offers a vast range of benefits and coverages that prove to be beneficial in the future. Along with add-on covers and characteristics like No Claim Bonus Super, every day Care, Air Ambulance cover, Personal Accident cover, International Second Opinion and so on, these health care plans are all-inclusive and totally worth the purchase. This Plan is also widely known for its best customer service and 100% in-house claim settlements. In the health insurance industry, Care has proven to have the best claim settlement ratio of 92%. Your decision to secure your life as well as your loved ones with Care Health Insurance is the most fruitful decision of all.

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