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Care Health Care Heart Mediclaim Plan

With a rise in a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food habits and lack of exercise have contributed to the rise in heart disease in India. Heart-related illness or any kind of pre-existing heart condition have increased by 50% in the last decade. Pre-existing heart conditions and illness require constant medical supervision thereby resulting in erosion of your savings. Buying a good health insurance plan offering coverage of heart diseases is the best solution to protect your savings and avoid stressful situations for your family.

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Care Health Insurance Company is one of the leading health insurance providers in India, dedicated to offering unique health insurance plans with amazing benefits. Care Heart is one such health Mediclaim plan provided by Care Health Insurance Company that offers coverage for pre-existing heart conditions. If you are having a pre-existing heart condition then buying a specific health insurance product will serve the purpose of safeguarding your savings in the event of medical emergencies like heart attack, angioplasty, etc.

What is Covered Under the Care Heart Mediclaim Plan?

The Care Heart Plan of the Care Health Insurance Company is a holistic heart care plan that covers all the expenses related to the treatment. The Care Health Insurance company has created this plan with a lot of attention so that the medical treatment doesn’t cripple your financial condition and help you remain stress-free in times of emergency. The following are the details of coverage offered under the plan:

Comprehensive Coverage

The main motive of the Care Heart Plan is to offer comprehensive coverage of hospitalization. You can avail of either cashless facility or get the hospitalization expenses reimbursed.

Pre-hospitalization and Post-Hospitalization Expenses

Heart ailments need close attention so frequent visit to doctors before and after the treatment is very important. The Care Heart Policy covers for the expenses of pre-hospitalization (30 days preceding the date of hospitalization) and post-hospitalization expenses (60 days from the date of discharge from the hospital).

Alternate Treatments

Many patients are in favour of alternative treatments like Ayurvedic or Unani. The Care Heart Policy offers coverage for such supplementary or alternate treatments.

Ambulance Charges

The transportation of the patient is to and from the hospital requires an ambulance. The Care Heart Policy offers in-built coverage of Ambulance Expenses.

Domiciliary Hospitalization Coverage

The Care Heart Mediclaim policy covers for domiciliary expenses incurred for home-based treatments.

Recharge Facility

The Care Heart health Insurance Plan offers a unique feature of automatic recharge of the sum insured. In the event of exhaustion of sum insured an automatic top-up of the health insurance plan is offered under the Care Heart Policy.

No Claims Bonus

Care Health Insurance company offers No Claims Bonus of 10% for every claim-free year. So, if no claim is registered in a particular year then the no claim bonus is offered by way increase in Sum Insured by 10%.

Health Check-up

Care Health Insurance Company offers free cardiac health annual check-ups for insured members.

Apart from the above-stated features the Care Heart Health Insurance policy also offers the following additional benefits:

  1. OPD Expense: An optional facility to cover for the OPD expenses is one benefit you can avail from the Care Heart Policy. The expenses covered under OPD are Pharmacy, diagnostic tests, and Consultation expenses.
  2. Second Opinion: Care Health Insurance Company understands the importance of the second opinion. So, with Care Heart Policy you can avail the second opinion from a heart care specialist of an international repute, at no extra cost.
  3. Home Care Option: Healthcare treatment is not only about hospitalization but the insured might need attention and care at home. This health insurance plan offers home care benefits where the expenses of specific home-based treatments are taken care of. However, the home care benefit must be utilized within 30 days from the date of discharge from the hospital and the treatment must be recommended by a medical practitioner.
  4. Health Check-up: This health check-up includes coverage of expenses for tests like blood sugar test, lipid profile, and fasting up to 3 times per policy year.

Policy Terms of Care Heart Mediclaim Plan

Minimum Age at EntryFor Adults: 18 Years
Maximum Age at EntryLife-Long
Type of CoverIndividual or Family Floater (for 2 adults)
RenewalLifelong renewal of policy is allowed
Renewal PremiumAs per the norms and prior approval from IRDA
Co-Payment20 per cent per claim
Waiting Period30 days of the initial waiting period
Specific Waiting Period2 years (24 months)
The waiting period in case of a pre-existing condition2 years (24 months)

Exclusions of Care Heart Mediclaim Plan

The standard exclusions under the policy are:

  1. Any sign or symptom or diagnosis of disease within 30 days from the date of commencement of the policy
  2. Expenses incurred due to self-inflicted injury like suicide, attempted suicide, etc.
  3. Expenses incurred due to alcohol or drug use or abuse
  4. Expenses incurred for the treatment of diseases like HIV, AIDS, etc.
  5. Expenses incurred for the treatment of Congenital Diseases
  6. Expenses incurred for the treatment related to infertility or in-vitro fertilization
  7. Hospitalization expenses incurred due to the act of war, riot, strike, etc.
  8. Expenses incurred for pregnancy, childbirth, and other related diseases


Care Health Insurance Company’s – heart Mediclaim policy is a must buy health insurance plans for patients having a heart condition. The plan offers holistic coverage and covers most of the healthcare expenses. Apart from the amazing health insurance plan the company is also well-known for the best customer service.

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