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Given the surging healthcare expenses, it’s only sensible to buy a health insurance plan that can pay the same in case you face a medical emergency. But if you face the same immediately after buying a health insurance plan, will you get the instant cover then? Maybe not in all cases! The immediate cover is possible only in case of accidental injuries. All other illnesses and conditions will get covered 30 days after the inception date of the health insurance plan. But health insurance plans can come with some other conditions too regarding the commencement of cover.

Health Insurance

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If you remain unaware of these, it’s YOU who will feel bad for not getting the claim approved later. It’s natural to play a blame game in such a situation, but it doesn’t help! So before choosing a health insurance plan, be aware of the time when you will get the cover for different diseases or conditions. In this article, we’ll tell you about those so that you can use your health insurance plan optimally. Let’s get started!

So How Do Health Insurance Companies Decide the Time of Cover Commencement?

Health insurance companies decide the same based on your existing health conditions, the type of illnesses or conditions you get caught up with later. Based on all these, health insurers can change the coverage time accordingly.

Cover for Pre-existing Existing Illnesses Will Begin 2-4 Years After Policy Inception

Some of us choose a health insurance plan under the impression that they will get the money immediately for the treatment of their existing diseases or illnesses. But when the health insurer denies the same, all they express is frustration! The policy documents clearly specify that if you have any illnesses before the commencement of the policy, you’ll get the cover for the same after a certain period. While some insurers cover it after 4 years, some do it after 2 years. So, it depends from one insurer to another. If you already have any illnesses, search out health insurance policies having the least waiting period (i.e. the time you need to wait for the cover to begin), yet not compromising on the overall benefits.

Maternity Cover Will Also Take About 2-3 Years to Begin

Motherhood comes with a bundle of joy that cannot be expressed in words! But delivery expenses can be reasonably high across hospitals in India. Guess what, here also, you won’t get the money from the insurer straight after buying a policy. A waiting period of 2-3 years will apply to a basic health insurance plan. Whereas the waiting period for a maternity plan can be 9 months.

Home Treatment Cover Comes with a Few Conditions Too

Sometimes your conditions worsen to such an extent that you cannot be shifted to a hospital, or sometimes hospital beds may not be available. In either of the two situations, you can go for a home treatment. But the question is – can you get the money for such a treatment from the health insurance company? Yes, you can! But a qualified medical practitioner needs to approve the home treatment first. Besides, the treatment should last for at least 3 days to get this cover. Most likely, the cover for this treatment will happen on a reimbursement basis, which means you need to pay first before it gets reimbursed by the health insurance company.

Critical Illness Plans Also Come with a Waiting Period

The cost of critical illnesses such as cancer, heart diseases and others can be enormous. Keeping this in mind, many choose critical illness plans to receive the much-needed financial protection should they face any of these ailments in their lives. But here also, one needs to contend with a waiting period, which can apply for about 180 days from the date of policy inception.

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