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Bajaj Allianz Health Infinity Plan

Health Insurance Plans are very crucial in this modern age where the cost of medical expenditures and other related costs are sky touching. Furthermore, the present regime of individuals has made them more susceptible to various illnesses that require medical attention. In this situation, availing a strong health insurance plan is a must to insure yourself and your family against all medical exigencies. Bajaj Allianz, a leader in the insurance market has an array of health insurance plans keeping in mind all these factors.

Health Insurance

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One such health plan launched recently by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance is Health Infinity Policy keeping in mind the additional cost which an individual incurs during hospitalization thereby many times fall short to cover many expenses under a normal sum insured. Bajaj Allianz understands this concern and to address this issue, the company has come up with the new plan Health Infinity Policy.

Let us see the details of the Health Infinity Policy below:

Main features of Health Infinity Policy

  1. Guaranteed Plan– A Health Insurance Plan no limit or Sum insured
  2. Individual Plan– Individual Plan for self, partner, kids, and parents
  3. New Concept- A new idea of choosing the health plan according to the room rent per day and the coverage will be 100 times – details given in the next section
  4. Cost Sharing– If the claim permitted amount surpasses 100 times of the room rent option then the co-payment of 15% / 20% and 25%, as chosen, will be applied on the claim amount- details given in the next section along with room rent options
  5. No Sublimit– For In-patient hospitalization, there is no sub-limit
    Pre-Hospitalization- Benefit for covering pre-hospitalization expenses for 60 days
  6. Post-Hospitalization– Benefit for covering post-hospitalization expenses for 90 days
    Ambulance- Coverage for an ambulance by roads for INR 5000 for each hospitalization
  7. Day Care Procedure– Coverage for adequate day care procedure
  8. Health Check-up– Precautionary Health check-up after the completion of 3 policy years, equivalent to the room rent/ day as chosen, however maximum till INR 5000, whichever is a lesser
  9. No Medical Test– Pre-policy medical test is not required until 45 years
    Pre-existing disease- Coverage of Pre-existing disease after 3 years from the 1st Health Plan
  10. In-house Claim Settlement – The company has its team for claim settlement without any involvement of 3rd party TPA
  11. Tax Benefit- Income Tax Benefit under section 80D for availing this health plan

Room Rent Selections under Health Infinity Policy

The slab of Room Rent/ day (INR)Co-payment %
3000- 5000 / day20-25
8000 / day20-25
10000 / day15/20/25
15000 / day15/20/25
20000 / day15/20/25
25000 / day15/20/25
30000 / day15/20/25
35000 / day15/20/25
40000 / day15/20/25
50000 / day15/20/25

Let us take an example to illustrate the correlation between the room rent option and co-payment.

Mr. R Bose has chosen INR 6000 room rent/day with a co-payment of 20%. Mr. Bose encountered an accident and incurred an expense totalling to INR 850000 during the hospitalization.

He has selected for a private room with INR 5000 room rent/day which is well within the chosen room rent option.

According to the policy terms, no co-payment will be required till 100 times the limit of the room rent and hence there is no co-payment till INR 600000. Above INR 600000, 20% co-payment will be applicable for extra claim of INR 250000 (850000-600000). The insurer will have to pay INR 776000 shown as below

DescriptionAmount (INR)
Total Bill Amount 850000
Total Claimed Amount after deduction of Non-Medical expenses820000

Claim under the plan co-payment of 20% for the entire bill beyond 100 times

DescriptionAmount (INR)
Room Rent INR 6000 and 100 times of 6000600000
Amount exceeding 100 times room rent limit of INR 6000220000 (820000-600000)
Co-payment as applicable 20%20%
Policy co-payment applicable 44000
Total Amount Payable by the insurer776000 (820000- 44000)

Who can apply Health Infinity Policy?

The below categories of individual can apply for Health Infinity Policy

  1. Any Indian National can apply for the plan
  2. NRIs or Non-Resident Indians, PIOs or Person of Indian Origin and OCIs or Overseas Citizens of India, subject to the issuance of the policy while they are staying in India and are paying in Indian Rupees or INR through their Indian account

Point to note here is that the company will cover for the treatment which is availed in India and Indian Rupees

Eligibility under Health Infinity Policy

Age of Entry for proposer/ spouse/ dependent parents Minimum- 18 years, Maximum- 65 years
Age of Entry for Child Minimum- 3 months, Maximum- 25 years
Period of Policy (in years)1/2/3
Term of Premium Payment1 Year- Yearly Payment
For 2 years and 3 years- The whole term premium is to be paid at the time of the beginning of the risk and renewal too

Discounts under Health Infinity Policy

The plan offers various kind of attractive discounts which are listed as below:

  1. Discount for Wellness: Upon submission of certain specified documents, a discount of 5% is given on renewal
  2. Discount for availing long term plan: 4 % discount for 2 years policy and 8% discount for 3 years policy
  3. Discount for Family Plan: A discount of 5% is given if 2 or more entitled family members are covered
  4. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance: A discount of 5% is given if the plan is bought online
  5. Discount for an employee: A discount of 20% is given to the employees working in Bajaj Allianz

Claim procedure under Health Infinity Policy

The claim settlement is done internally by the company without any intervention of any 3rd party as a TPA and is very easy to follow. For a Cashless facility, treatment needs to be done only at the network hospitals of the company. And if the company rejects the cashless claim, or if any other hospital is chosen for treatment apart from the network hospital or if the insured person does not opt for a cashless claim, then he or she can go for Reimbursement Claim.

You can visit the official website or can contact the 24*7 helpline number 1800 103 2529 or 020-30305858 for any assistance.

Thus, with Health Infinity Policy, you can give your family the best of the health plan and can be stress-free about the cost and other expenses that might be associated in case of any untoward event. So, stay safe and stay healthy.

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