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Apollo Munich Easy Health Insurance Family Floater Plan

About Apollo Munich Easy Health Insurance Family Floater Plan

The presence of a good health insurance plan is more often than not the differentiating factor between getting the best treatment possible versus just getting treatment. To ensure that you or your family members always have access to better health care, Apollo Munich has come up with the Easy Health Insurance Plan. The Easy Health insurance brings excellent features and benefits along with unprecedented quick claims under a single umbrella. Whether you are looking for an individual health insurance plan or a health insurance plan for your family, the Easy Health plan will not leave your disappointed.

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Here are some of the salient features of the Easy Health Insurance plan.

  1. Apollo Munich easy health insurance family floater plan is a comprehensive health insurance plan, which was created with the intention of you not having to spend any money from your pockets.
  2. Apollo Munich easy health insurance family floater plan is available in three trims, namely Standard, Exclusive and Premium. The sum insured for Standard plan ranges between INR 1 lakh to INR 15 lakhs, and for Exclusive, the range is between INR 3 lakh to INR 50 lakh. The Premium trim also has a similar sum insured coverage as Exclusive, as the range is between INR 3 lakh to INR 50 lakh.
  3. The policy offers coverage for pre and post hospitalization up to a maximum of 60 days and 90 days respectively for medicines, investigation, and consultations.
  4. Apollo Munich easy health insurance family floater plan offers comprehensive cover for inpatient related treatment such as hospital room rent, ICU charges, nursing charges, operating theatre charges, medicines, drugs, etc.
  5. Apollo Munich easy health insurance family floater plan provides you access to cashless treatment in over 900 cities for more than 5000 hospitals and 12000 doctors.
  6. When you opt for the individual Easy Health insurance plan, you have an option to select critical illness cover. The critical illness cover will pay out 50% or 100% of the sum insured as per the choices you make, to provide for the expensive treatment of critical illnesses.
  7. Apollo Munich easy health insurance family floater plan works better if you purchase it from a long term perspective. For every year that you do not make any claims, the sum insured of the policy increases by 10% up to a maximum of 100%. This cumulative bonus ensures that your health plan remains relevant, in terms of the sum insured, even in the future.
  8. It offers maternity benefits as well, where you get access to regular medical checks from qualified doctors. The maternity cover provides for excellent care and treatment for a policyholder during the pregnancy period. And it covers all hospitalization expenses of the newborn up to 90 days.
  9. The plan offers a unique benefit of lower premiums for its active members. Staying active by walking around 10,000 steps a day can not only reduce any medical possibilities but also offer your rewards. You can save as much as 8% of the premiums paid during the policy renewal.
  10. If you are someone who believes in the power of AYUSH treatment (Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy), the plan has you covered as well. As long as you are receiving treatment in any government hospital or institute that the government recognizes, you can claim your expenses.
  11. Apollo Munich easy health insurance family floater plan offers free health checkups on the completion of a block of four years without any claims.
  12. You can make claims for daycare procedures or procedures that do not require a patient to be admitted for 24 hours.
  13. The plan offers coverage for pre-existing diseases as well but after a waiting period of 36 months.

As is the case with any insurance product, Apollo Munich easy health insurance family floater plan does not offer coverage for certain scenarios.

Here are some of the exclusions

  1. The plan does not cover critical illness within 90 days of buying the policy in the first year.
  2. Apollo Munich easy health insurance family floater plan does not offer coverage for adventure-related outings or sports such as diving, racing, rock climbing, aviation, etc.
  3. The plan does not offer coverage for war or war-like situations, perils of a nuclear attack, biological or chemical weapons, any form of radiation, etc.
  4. It also excludes self-inflicted injuries, injuries incurred during military, air force or naval operations, any form of breach of the law, attempt to suicide, etc.
  5. Apollo Munich easy health family floater plan also does not cover expenses related to HIV or AIDS, treatment for infertility, plastic surgery or cosmetic surgeries, etc.
  6. The plan also does not offer any coverage for genetic disorders, weight control programs, external congenital diseases, vicarious or surrogacy pregnancy, etc.

Documents that you must submit for claims

  1. Duly signed claim form along with your Apollo Munich Easy Health family floater policy number
  2. Documents related to hospitalization, such as the discharge summary, diagnostic reports like X-Ray, MRI, medical bills with details, etc.
  3. Any supporting medical documents for similar treatments done in the past.
  4. In the event of an accident, a copy of the FIR or MLC.
  5. Details of account where you want to receive the payment in the form of a canceled cheque or a copy of the bank passbook.

The claim process for Apollo Munich Easy Health Family Floater Plan

  1. For reimbursement cases, you must submit all the required documents within 15 days of the discharge date or treatment date of the medical procedure.
  2. The insurer will send you a request for additional documents, if needed, within 7 days of receiving your claim.
  3. Once the insurance company receives all the documents, the claim will be settled within 30 days.
  4. For cashless services, you must inform Apollo Munich at least 48 hours before a medical procedure for pre-approval of pre-planned procedures.
  5. For emergency procedures, you must inform the insurer no later than 24 hours after admitting.
  6. The insurance company will revert within 6 hours for any additional documents for cashless service or if the procedure is not covered as a part of the insurance.


The Easy Health insurance family floater plan from Apollo Munich ticks a lot of right checkboxes. The plan does not have any caps on room rent or copay in place, is relatively light on pockets, and offers excellent coverage and boasts of quick turnaround time. You can confidently opt for either the individual or family plan.

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