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ManipalCigna Global Health Group Plan provides worldwide healthcare cover up to $10 Million. Let’s have a look at its key features below.

  1. In-patient Hospitalization and Day Care Benefits
  2. Outpatient Benefits
  3. Global Service Network for Quality Healthcare
  4. Wellness Package

So, if you are an employer of an employee group or non-employer of employee groups, associations, society or institutions, this policy is the right fit for you! Let’s learn more about the ManipalCigna Global Health Group Plan features and benefits on this page.

ManipalCigna Global Health Group Plan In-patient Hospitalization and Day Care Benefits

The insured person will get coverage for the following medical expenses under this plan –

  1. Room charges
  3. Hospitaliz ation charges
  4. Pre and Post-hospitalisation expenses
  5. Operation theatre cost
  6. Surgical procedures
  7. Minor surgical procedures
  8. Daycare treatments
  9. AYUSH Treatment for In-patient Hospitalization (available in India only)
  10. Medical Practitioner, Specialist, Surgeon, Anaesthetist fee, Radiologist, Pathologist fee, Assistant Surgeon, Qualified Nurses fee,
  11. Cost of medication
  12. Cost of diagnostic tests as an in-patient
  13. Surgical and other medical appliances

Note:– The in-patient hospitalization should be more than 24 consecutive hours.

ManipalCigna Global Health Group Plan Outpatient Benefits

The company will pay for reasonable and customary charges for the following outpatient expenses, for an injury due to an accident or an illness contracted during the policy term.

  1. Consultation fees of medical practitioners and specialists
  2. Prescribed medicines, drugs and dressings expenses
  3. Diagnostic tests such as laboratory tests, radiology and pathology, MRI, CT scan, PET scan.

ManipalCigna Global Health Group Plan Worldwide Services

The monetary limits of the ManipalCigna Global Health Group Plan are applicable as they are expressed in the currency specified in the policy schedule or certificate of insurance. Your claim will be paid in a local currency and will be converted into the spot exchange rate on the date of the payment of medical expenses.

List of Currencies

  1. USD (US Dollar)
  2. AED (Arab Emirates Dirham)
  3. AUD (Australian dollar)
  4. Euro
  5. GBP (Great Britain Pound)
  6. HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)
  7. SGD (Singapore Dollar)
  8. INR (Indian Rupee)

List Areas Covered Under ManipalCigna Global Health Group Plan

  1. South Asia
  2. Asian Middle East
  3. African
  4. The Asia Pacific excluding Hong Kong & Singapore
  5. The Asia Pacific including Hong Kong & Singapore
  6. India
  7. Europe
  8. Canada
  9. Latin America & Caribbean island countries
  10. Worldwide excluding the United States
  11. Worldwide including the United States

ManipalCigna Global Health Group Plan Wellness Package

Under the ManipalCigna Global Health Group Plan Wellness Package, the insured get benefits like –

  1. International services for emergency evacuation, medical repatriation and transportation
  2. Non-emergency medical expenses, routine or minor medical problems, tests and examinations
  3. The condition which allows treatment in the future
  4. Medical care or services scheduled for the patient’s or provider’s conveniences (non-emergency)
  5. Any expenses for ship-to-shore evacuations

To claim Wellness Benefit under ManipalCigna Global Health Group Plan, submit a claim form along with the invoices, treating Medical Practitioner’s prescription and reports duly signed by the insured person, as the case may be, to ManipalCigna branch office or head office.

ManipalCigna Global Health Group Plan Claim Process

You can claim your ManipalCigna Global Health Group Plan either through a cashless claim for reimbursement, whichever is suitable for you.

For Cashless – The cashless facility is available only at the network providers. And for availing the cashless facility, you need to show your health card as provided by the company, along with a valid photo identification proof such as Member ID, Voter ID card, Driving License, Passport, PAN Card or any other identity proof as approved by the insurance company.

For Reimbursement – When you opt for reimbursement of medical expenses, you need to submit the following documents at the company’s branch or head office within 90 days from the date of discharge from the hospital. Get the claim form from any of the ManipalCigna branch offices or download a copy from the company’s official website, and submit the duly filled claim form along with the following documents –

  1. Original copy of consultations
  2. KYC documents like photo ID proof, address proof, recent passport size photograph of the insured person
  3. Hospital discharge summary
  4. Operation theatre notes (if any)
  5. Main hospital bill
  6. Break-up of the hospital bill
  7. Original investigation reports, X-Ray, MRI, CTfilms, HPE, ECG
  8. Medical Practitioner’s reference slip for medical investigation
  9. Pharmacy bills
  10. MLC, FIR, post mortem report, if applicable
  11. A canceled cheque for NEFTpayment
  12. Payment receipt
  13. Death summary, death certificate (if applicable)

The company may call you for any additional documents or information as required based on the circumstances of the claim if it demands further investigation or available documents do not provide clarity.

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