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ICICI Lombard Group Personal Accident Plan compensates policyholders financially in case of death, temporary total disablement, permanent total disablement and permanent partial disablement arising due to an accident. The sum insured under this plan will depend on the earning capacity of policyholders. You should check the key features of the ICICI Lombard Group Personal Accident Plan mentioned below before we discuss them in detail.

  1. Coverage against accidental death
  2. Coverage against permanent total/partial disablement due to an accident
  3. Availability of additional covers such as ambulance charges, burns, cost of clothing damage, etc. 
  4. A 15-day free look period

Go through this page to understand the features and benefits of this group personal accident plan in detail. Here, we will also talk about the additional covers that policyholders can choose by paying an additional premium.

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Features and Benefits of ICICI Lombard Group Personal Accident Plan in Detail

ICICI Lombard Group Personal Accident Plan provides the following benefits to policyholders.

Coverage Against Accidental Death

If a policyholder dies during the policy term, this plan will offer the sum insured (as mentioned against death benefit under the policy) to the nominee. Death should happen solely and directly from an injury, within 12 months from the date of an accident resulting in such injury.

Coverage Against Permanent Total Disablement

In case of the following losses to the insured person during the policy term, the plan will offer the sum insured to policyholders.

  1. Loss of sight of both eyes, or physical separation of two entire hands or two entire feet, or one entire hand or one entire foot, or of such loss of sight of one eye and such Physical Separation/ Loss of one entire hand or one entire foot
  2. Loss of use of two hands or two feet, or one hand and one foot, or of loss of sight of one eye and Loss of Use of one hand or one foot

Note: Policyholders will get 50% of the sum insured in case of loss of the sight of one eye, or the physical separation of one entire hand or one entire foot. 

Coverage Against Permanent Partial Disablement due to an Accident

Group Personal Accident Plan from ICICI Lombard also provides a permanent partial benefit if an insured person faces any of the following losses (mentioned in the table) due to an accident. The percentage of the sum insured will vary according to the extent of losses (occurred due to an accident).

Losses CoveredPercentage of Sum Insured
Loss of All Toes20
Great both phalanges5
Great - One phalanx2
Other than great if more than one toe lost each1
Loss of hearing in both ears75
Loss of hearing in one ear30
Loss of four fingers and thumb of one hand40
Loss of four fingers35
Loss of thumb - Both phalanges25
One phalanx10
Loss of Index finger - Three phalanges10
Two phalanges8
One Phalanx4
Loss of ring finger -three phalanges5
Two Phalanges4
One Phalanx2
Loss of little finger - Three phalanges4
Two Phalanges3
One Phalanx2
Loss of metacarpus - first or second (additional)3
Third, fourth or fifth (additional)2
Any other permanent partial disablementAs assessed by the doctor

Additional Coverage

If you want to enhance your coverage under the ICICI Lombard Group Personal Accident Plan, you can get the same for the following situations by paying an additional premium.

  1. Coverage against expenses related to Burns (due to an accident)
  2. Modification of residential accommodation & vehicle (due to disablement)
  3. Repatriation of Mortal Remains from the insured person’s place of death to the place of residence
  4. Ambulance Charges
  5. Transportation Allowance (Compassionate visit for a maximum of 4 family members)
  6. Travel Expenses for Medical Treatment
  7. Catastrophe Evacuation like an earthquake, fire, storm, etc.
  8. Cost of Clothing Damage
  9. Loss of Job Cover
  10. Improved Disability Benefit/ Dismemberment (lump sum benefit of up to 2 times the accidental death sum insured)
  11. Daily Cash Allowance
  12. Carriage of Dead Body
  13. On Duty Cover (during office hours only)
  14. Children’s Education Grant
  15. Accidental Hospitalization Expenses
  16. Mysterious disappearance certified by the local police authorities
  17. Treatment outside India (along with traveling cost & boarding & lodging of the attendant)
  18. Outpatient Department (OPD) expenses
  19. Loss/damage to School Bag/Books
  20. Widowhood Cover ( up to 300 times the sum insured)
  21. Purchase of Blood
  22. Prosthesis & Artificial Limbs
  23. Broken Bones ( up to 200 times the individual sum insured)
  24. Legal Expenses (up to 500 times the individual sum insured)

What is Not Covered Under the ICICI Lombard Group Personal Accident Plan?

Policyholders will not get any coverage benefit in the following situations.

  1. Suicide, attempt to Suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury, sexually transmitted conditions, mental disorder, anxiety, stress or depression
  2. Under influence of drugs, alcohol, or other intoxication or hallucinogens
  3. Participation in an actual or attempted felony, riot, civil commotion, crime misdemeanor
  4. Committing any breach of law with criminal intent
  5. Death or disablement resulting from pregnancy or childbirth
  6. Participation in any motor speed contest
  7. Engagement in aviation, or while mounting or dismounting from or traveling in any aircraft (not applicable for fare Paying Passengers)
  8. Underground mining & contractor specializing in tunneling
  9. Naval, military or air force personnel
  10. Radioactivity, Nuclear risks, ionizing radiation

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