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Care Health Group Global Care Plan provides financial protection against healthcare expenses to the employees of an organization/company. You will get coverage under this group insurance plan as per the following optional benefits chosen by the policyholder (employer) –

  1. Hospitalization Expenses
  2. Outpatient Care
  3. Daily Cash Allowance
  4. Convalescence Benefit
  5. Personal Accident Cover
  6. Dental Care
  7. Vision Care

Continue reading this page and learn more about the benefits of the Care Health Group Global Care Plan.

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Care Health Group Global Care Plan Benefits

Your employer can choose any of the following optional benefits under the Care Health Group Global Care Plan, and according to it, you’ll get coverage under the policy. Check out the list of optional benefits below –

Hospitalization Expenses – If you are sick or injured during the policy tenure and get admitted to the hospital, the insurer will cover the following medical expenses – in-patient care including  room/boarding and nursing expenses, ICU charges, reconstructive surgery, surgical implants, daycare treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy (for cancer), kidney dialysis treatment, organ transplant, road ambulance cover, domiciliary hospitalization, pre and post-hospitalization medical expenses. You can choose any of the following extension under the Care Health Group Global Care Plan if you choose this optional benefit –

  1. Pre and Post-hospitalization Medical Expenses Modification
  2. Maternity Expenses
  3. Alternative Methods of Treatment
  4. Durable Medical Equipment
  5. In-patient Rehabilitation
  6. Parent Accommodation
  7. Proportion Charge Waive off
  8. Limit on Illness/Surgeries/Procedures
  9. Dependent Accommodation
  10. Sub-limit on Surgeon, Anesthetist and Medical Practitioner Fees
  11. Room Rent Modification
  12. Corporate Floater
  13. Sub-limit on Hospitalization Expenses
  14. Outside Area of cover
  15. Hormone Replacement Therapy
  16. Infertility Treatment
  17. Doctor on call/chat
  18. International Emergency Medical Assistance

Outpatient Care – The insurer will cover the expenses of outpatient treatment under this optional benefit, up to the sum insured as mentioned in the policy document. Under this optional benefit, daycare treatments shall not be covered. You can choose any of the following extensions under this optional benefit –

  1. Sub-limit on Medical Consultation
  2. Prescribed Diagnostic Tests
  3. Vaccination
  4. Prescribed Pharmacy Expenses
  5. Health Check-up
  6. Second Opinion
  7. Alternative Methods of Treatments (OPD Basis)
  8. Extended Alternative Methods of Treatments
  9. Psychiatric Treatment
  10. Physiotherapy, Occupational & Speech Therapy
  11. Outpatient Surgical Procedures

Daily Cash Allowance

You will receive a fixed amount for each completed and continuous hospitalization of 24 hours. This benefit shall be valid only during the policy tenure, and you can receive daily cash only for in-patient hospitalization.

Convalescence Benefit

If you are hospitalized, the insurer will pay a convalescence benefit for every completed hospitalization in a policy year. This benefit shall be payable to you up to 2 times in a policy year, and up to 3 payments shall be made per hospitalization.

Note – Convalescence benefit shall be payable to you for different injuries resulting in hospitalization.

Personal Accident Cover

Under this optional benefit, you will get financial coverage against –

  1. Accidental Death
  2. Permanent total Disablement (caused due to an accident)
  3. Permanent Partial Disablement (caused due to an accident)

As stated in the Care Health Group Global Care Plan brochure, you can choose any of the following extensions under this optional benefit –

  1. Temporary Total Disablement
  2. Permanent Total Disablement Improvement
  3. Permanent Partial Disablement Improvement
  4. Accidental Hospitalization
  5. Medical Extension
  6. Funeral Expenses
  7. Ambulance Service
  8. Children’s Education
  9. Marriage Allowance
  10. Home Modification
  11. Vehicle Modification
  12. Mobility Extension
  13. Disappearance

Dental Care – The insurer will compensate for the following dental expenses –

  1. Dental Consultation – Emergency Palliative Treatment
  2. Conservative per tooth – Amalgam, Metallic Inlay, Composite Resin
  3. Tooth Extractions (erupted tooth, partially bony, completed bony)
  4. Radiology
  5. Periodontal – Provision Splinting, Gingivectomy, Root Amputation
  6. Endodontic – Root Canal, Therapeutic Pulpotomy (excluding final restoration)
  7. Accidental damage to natural teeth

Vision Care – The insurance company will cover the expenses of corrective spectacle lenses along with the frame, contact lenses, eye examination cost if prescribed by the ophthalmologist/optometrist.

Care Health Group Global Care Plan Additional Benefits

You can add on any of the following additional benefits under Care Health Group Global Care Plan –

  1. Network Hospitals – Under this additional benefit, you’ll get compensation for the full medical expenses incurred in a network hospital. Whereas if you are admitted to a non-network hospital, you need to bear 15% of the hospitalization expenses while the rest will be covered by the insurer.
  2. Modification of Waiting Period – If you opt for this additional benefit, you can change the waiting period under Care Health Group Global Care Plan.

Free Look Period

Under Care Health Group Global Care Plan you will have a 15-day free look period that will start from the date of receipt of the policy document. During this free look period, you can review the terms and conditions of the policy and return the same if not acceptable. On such cancelation, the insurer will refund the paid premium after deducting the proportionate risk premium, medical examination charges and stamp duty fee, if any.

Important Notes

  1. The coverage amount of any extension shouldn’t be greater than its respective optional benefit, except for Corporate Floater (extension), Personal Accident Cover and its Extension.
  2. The Coverage amount of the extension plan should be a part of your optional benefit, except for Corporate Floater (Hospitalization Expenses Benefit), Vaccination, Health Check-up, Alternative Methods of Treatment under Out-patient Care Benefit and Personal Accident Cover Extensions.
  3. You can get the above-mentioned benefits via cashless claim, reimbursement or both.
  4. The policyholder can opt either Limit on Illness/Surgeries/Procedures (extension) or Sub-Limit on Hospitalization Expenses (extension) under Hospitalization Expenses Benefit, but not both.
  5. If the policyholder opts for both Parent Accommodation (extension) and Dependent Accommodation (extension) under Hospitalization Expenses Benefit, the insurer will pay only one of the extension benefits at a time.

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