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Oriental Group Health Insurance

With Oriental Group Health Insurance, employers can ensure that their employees remain financially protected in case of a medical emergency. A group health insurance plan from Oriental Insurance provides coverage to a group of more than 50 individuals as well as their families.

Let’s check the key reasons because of which employers should choose Oriental Group Health Insurance.

  1. Coverage against different hospitalization expenses
  2. Flexible sum insured options
  3. Cashless hospitalization facility at 4,300+ network hospitals
  4. The hassle-free and transparent claim process
  5. Accidental Death and Disability coverage
  6. Affordable premium
  7. Multiple premium payment options
  8. No Pre-acceptance health check-ups below 45 years of age

On this page, we will talk about the features and benefits of different Oriental Insurance Group Health Insurance Plans so that you can understand them better. Let’s start!

Know the Features and Benefits of Oriental Group Health Insurance Plans in Detail

Oriental Insurance Group Health Insurance understands the diverse needs of employers and offers the plans accordingly. There are two plans that can be purchased for a group of members – Oriental Insurance Group Mediclaim Policy and Oriental Insurance Group Personal Accident Policy.

Keep reading if you want to understand the features and benefits of these plans one after another as we will discuss the same below. We are starting with Group Mediclaim Policy.

Oriental Insurance Group Mediclaim Policy

If you want to secure the financial future of your employees, the Oriental Insurance Group Mediclaim Policy can be a perfect solution. This policy can be taken by any group, association, institution, or corporate body with a central administration point, and there should be more than 50 persons in the group. We are showing its key features so that you can understand them more clearly.

  1. Policyholders can enjoy cashless facilities at Oriental Insurance network hospitals in case of any medical emergency. However, if an individual opts out of this facility, he or she can get a discount of 5% on premiums.
  2. No pre-medical screening for individuals below 45 years of age
  3. Flexible sum insured options ranging from INR 50,000 to 5,00,000
  4. One-year policy term
  5. Room, boarding, and nursing expenses up to 1% of the sum insured or INR 5,000 per day (whichever is lower)
  6. ICU expenses up to 2% of the sum insured or INR 10,000 (whichever is lower)
  7. Coverage against fees of Surgeon, Medical practitioner, Consultants, Specialist and Anesthetists
  8. Expenses related to Blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, appliances, medicine & drugs, chemotherapy, artificial limbs, cost of prosthetic devices implanted during surgeries like a pacemaker, X-ray, etc.
  9. Ambulance cover up to 1% of the sum insured or INR 2,000 (whichever is lower) via reimbursement method
  10. Domiciliary Hospitalization Benefit for more than 3 days of hospitalization
  11. Telemedicine coverage up to INR 2,000 per insured and/or per family
  12. Maternity expenses and newborn child benefit up to INR 50,000 (on payment of 10% of the basic premium)
  13. HIV or AIDS Cover
  14. Mental Illness Cover
  15. Deep brain stimulation coverage up to INR 50,000 per policy period
  16. Oral Chemotherapy up to INR 50,000 per policy period

In the following situations, this policy will not provide coverage. Have a look!

  1. Pre-existing health conditions or diseases (up to 4 years of policy from its commencement)
  2. Cataract treatment
  3. Diabetes-related illnesses up to 2 years
  4. Cosmetic Surgery for correction of eyesight, cost of spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aids, etc.
  5. Circumcision unless necessary and prescribed by a doctor
  6. Injury or disease directly or indirectly caused by war, invasion, the act of a foreign enemy, warlike operations, etc.
  7. Convalescence or general debility
  8. Expenses on Vitamins and tonics etc.
  9. Genetic disorders and stem cell surgery
  10. Change of Gender Treatments
  11. Hazardous or Adventure Sports
  12. Expenses on massages, steam bathing, etc.

Oriental Insurance Group Personal Accident Policy

As mentioned in the name, this Group Policy from Oriental Insurance protects insured persons from accidents. Group Personal Accident Policy offers compensation if an insured person faces bodily injuries from an accident that results in death or permanent total disability. Do check the prominent features of this plan mentioned below.

  1. Accidental death coverage up to 100% of the sum insured
  2. Accidental permanent total disability coverage up to 100% of the sum insured
  3. Partial Permanent disability coverage up to 50% of the sum insured (depending on the extent of the injury)
  4. Coverage against expenses for carriage of a dead body and/or funeral up to 2% of the sum insured or INR 2,500
  5. Compensation for loss of employment (up to 1% of the sum insured or INR 15,000)
  6. Accidental medical expenses coverage up to 25% of the valid admissible claim

Insured members will not get coverage from this group policy in the following situations.

  1. Intentional self-injury, suicide or attempted suicide
  2. Death or disablement resulting from childbirth and pregnancy
  3. Accident while the insured is under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs
  4. War and allied perils

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