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Navi Group Hospicash Policy

Navi Group Hospicash Policy could be the right fit for those employers who want to protect their employees’ finances in a medical emergency. This group health insurance plan offers daily cash to insured members during hospitalization, day care procedures, maternity, etc. Coverage against funeral expenses, repatriation of mortal remains, reduction in a waiting period are some of the benefits that make this plan popular among customers.

We are showing its key features below for you to look at.

  1. Daily Hospital Cash during Illness or Disease
  2. Accident Hospital Cash
  3. Day Care Procedure Cash
  4. A 15-day Free Look Period
  5. Option to Pay the Premium in Installments
  6. Convalescence Benefit
  7. Accommodation Benefit
  8. Maternity Benefit
  9. Private Nursing Care Cover
  10. Emergency Ambulance Cover
  11. Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  12. Funeral Expenses
  13. A Grace Period of 30 Days

On this page, we will talk about the features and benefits of the Navi Group Hospicash Policy in detail. Do read to know more.

Let’s Understand the Features and Benefits of Navi Group Hospicash Policy in Detail

As we mentioned earlier, this group policy from Navi Health Insurance helps people take care of their treatment expenses during hospitalization. We have discussed its key features below so that you can understand the plan better. Please check.

Sickness Hospital Cash

If an insured member needs admission to a hospital (due to an illness) and the same is recommended by a medical practitioner, the policy will pay a fixed daily benefit amount for the days he or she is hospitalized.

In case of an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) hospitalization, the plan will pay twice the daily benefit amount for each day the insured member is admitted to an ICU. If he/she spends a day partly in an ICU and partly in Non-ICU, the plan will still pay twice the daily amount for such a day.

Note: Under this coverage benefit, the plan also covers Mental Illness as per the provisions of the Mental Health Care Act, 2017.

Accident Hospital Cash

If an insured person faces an accident and needs to get hospitalized (recommended by a medical practitioner), Navi Group Hospicash Policy will pay the daily benefit amount during the hospitalization.

If the member needs admission to an ICU, this policy will pay twice the daily benefit amount for each day. The maximum coverage amount will be up to the number of hospitalization days and the daily benefit amount mentioned in the policy. However, such hospitalization should be within 30 days of suffering injuries from the date of the accident.

Day Care Procedure Cash

If you need to undergo a day care procedure treatment (treatments that do not require a minimum 24-hour hospitalization due to advancements in technology) in a standalone day care center or a hospital for less than 24 hours, the policy will pay the daily benefit amount for the days you are hospitalized. Under this benefit too, the maximum coverage amount and number of hospitalization days will be as per the policy’s terms and conditions.

Optional Covers

Convalescence Benefit

If an insured person faces an illness or accident during the policy term and the same requires hospitalization for more than 10 days, the policy will pay a lump sum amount for the number of days chosen by him/her. This benefit is payable only if the insurer has accepted the claims under daily cash benefit.

Private Nursing Care

If an insured member is hospitalized for more than ten days and a medical practitioner recommends a nurse after discharge, the policy will pay the daily nursing amount for a maximum of 10 days in a policy year.

Note: The registered private nurse should be hired to attend the Insured Person at his/her home immediately after the discharge from the hospital.

Maternity Benefit Cover

Navi Group Hospicash Policy also provides a daily benefit amount towards the hospitalization of female insured members during childbirth. This benefit will be payable to you only for the first two living children.

Accommodation Benefit

During the policy year, if an insured person suffers an illness or accident that requires hospitalization for more than continuous three days, the policy will pay an amount equal to the daily benefit amount towards parent or companion accommodation (up to a maximum of 10 days per policy year).

Navi Group Hospicash Policy Eligibility Criteria

Please check the conditions related to the plan mentioned below.

  1. Minimum Age at Entry – 91 days
  2. Maximum Age at Entry – 75 years

What is Not Covered Under the Plan?

Policyholders will not get any coverage in the following situations.

  1. Expenses related to the insured person committing or attempting to commit a breach of law
  2. A consequence of war, invasion, an act of foreign enemy, civil war, public defense, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped acts
  3. Chemical and nuclear exposure, radioactive material, chemical weapons, etc.
  4. Treatment-related to alcohol and drug abuse
  5. Birth control expenses and reproductive treatment
  6. Cosmetic Surgery
  7. Circumcision unless necessary for the treatment of a disease or an injury
  8. Dental Treatment or Surgery requiring hospitalization
  9. Adventure/Professional Sports/Defence Operation
  10. Experimental Treatment
  11. External Congenital Diseases
  12. Maternity Expenses – Pregnancy, Miscarriage (Except as a result of an accident or illness), etc.
  13. Correction of Refractive errors of the eye
  14. Non-allopathy Treatment
  15. Rehabilitation and Hospice
  16. Self-inflicted injuries or attempted suicide
  17. Sleep Disorders
  18. Treatment by someone who is not licensed to practice the discipline
  19. Hospitalization outside the Republic of India
  20. Private Duty Nursing

Note: All payments under the plan will be made in Indian Rupees.

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