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IFFCO Tokio Group Health Insurance

IFFCO Tokio Group Health Insurance offers complete protection to a group of members from unforeseen medical expenditures. By choosing a group health insurance plan from IFFCO Tokio, individuals don’t need to worry about their finances in a medical emergency. The reason being it ensures comprehensive medical coverage to them and their families too. A group policy can be offered to corporate clubs, associations, firms and institutions.

Let’s check here the reasons to buy IFFCO Tokio Group Health Insurance.

  1. Cashless treatment at 6,400+ network hospitals across India
  2. Customized policies according to diverse needs
  3. Flexible sum insured options
  4. Pre and post-hospitalization expenses coverage
  5. Day Care Treatment Coverage
  6. Group discount according to the size of the group
  7. Coverage against medical expenses (room rent, nursing, etc.)
  8. Critical Illness and Technological surgeries coverage
  9. The hassle-free claim settlement process

Now that you have understood the features of IFFCO Tokio Group Health Insurance briefly, you would want to know about its different plans with their benefits. On this page, we will discuss the same so that you can understand better. Keep reading to know more!

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Features and Benefits of IFFCO Tokio Group Health Insurance Plans in Detail

IFFCO Tokio Group Health Insurance lets a group of members enjoy their life peacefully without worrying about their finances in a health emergency. You can choose from a wide range of group health insurance plans according to your needs – Group Mediclaim Policy, Group Personal Accident Insurance, Group Critical Illness and Group Hospital Cash.

You can check the features and benefits of all these plans one after another below. Let’s start!

Group Mediclaim Policy

Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy from IFFCO Tokio covers a group of 50 or more individuals against injuries, illnesses and other medical conditions. One of the best things about Group Mediclaim Policy is that it also covers the dependents of the insured group members. Let’s have a look at the key features of this plan mentioned below.

  1. Wider coverage with affordable premiums
  2. Coverage from Day 1
  3. Hospitalization expenses coverage
  4. Coverage against cost of diagnostic expenses, consumables and medicines
  5. Pre and post-hospitalization expenses coverage
  6. Day Care Treatment coverage
  7. Customization of the coverage according to needs
  8. No need to purchase a different policy for every individual
  9. Cashless claims at all network hospitals of IFFCO Tokio
  10. Multiple incentives for being a part of the group
  11. Tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961

You will not get any coverage in the following situations.

  1. Costs incurred on Naturopathy treatment
  2. Charges on spectacles, hearing aids and contact lenses
  3. Inoculation and vaccination
  4. Circumcision, cosmetic surgery or procedures
  5. Hospitalization for domestic reasons
  6. Pre or post-hospitalization charges for doctor’s home visits
  7. Costs on private nurses and attendants etc.
  8. Non-medical nature costs for the treatment of sterility

IFFCO Tokio Group Personal Accident Insurance Plan

Group Personal Accident Insurance from IFFCO Tokio provides coverage to a group of members in the event of death or disablement due to an accident, which is external, violent and visible. We are showing the features of this plan below. Please check!

  1. 24-hour coverage facility
  2. Discounts on premiums (if taken as online business insurance)
  3. Coverage against expenses incurred on the carriage of a dead body (up to 2% of the sum insured or INR 2,500)
  4. Ambulance charges cover
  5. Education fund to dependent children in case of death or permanent disablement

The policy does not cover the following things. 

  1. Self-injury, suicide, insanity or venereal diseases
  2. Intoxication, substance abuse or drugs
  3. Death due to childbirth or pregnancy
  4. Issues arising out of contempt of law, the involvement of nuclear weapons

IFFCO Tokio Group Critical Illness Plan

This IFFCO Tokio Group Health Insurance plan provides a lump sum benefit to the insured members on the diagnosis of a critical illness or a medical event, or a surgical procedure during the policy period. However, the insured person should survive for a minimum of 28 days from the date of diagnosis.

The plan will cover the following nine critical illnesses and four surgical procedures.

  1. Cancer of specified severity
  2. Kidney failure requiring regular dialysis
  3. Multiple Sclerosis with persisting symptoms
  4. Benign Brain Tumor
  5. Motor Neuron Disease with Permanent Symptoms
  6. End-Stage Lung Failure
  7. End-Stage Liver Failure
  8. Primary (Idiopathic) Pulmonary Hypertension
  9. Parkinson’s Disease Before the Age of 50 Years
  10. Organ (Heart/ Lung/ Liver/ Kidney /Pancreas) or Human Bone Marrow Transplant
  11. Open heart replacement or repair of heart valves
  12. Open chest CABG
  13. Surgery Of Aorta

IFFCO Tokio Group Critical Illness Plan will not cover the following-

  1. Pre-existing conditions
  2. Treatment has taken from a family member or self-medication
  3. Any external congenital anomaly or birth defects

IFFCO Tokio Group Hospital Cash Plan

This is a predefined policy that pays for each continuous and completed 24-hour hospitalization up to the benefit period per year. Do check the highlights mentioned below.

  1. Benefit period options of 15/30/60/90/180 days
  2. Twice the benefit amount in case of ICU Hospitalization
  3. One-day daily benefit for Day Care Surgeries

Insured members will also be covered for the following treatment methods and advancements in technologies during the policy period.

  1. Uterine Artery Embolization and HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound)
  2. Balloon Sinuplasty
  3. Deep Brain stimulation
  4. Oral chemotherapy
  5. Immunotherapy- Monoclonal Antibody to be given as an injection
  6. Intra vitreal injections
  7. Robotic surgeries
  8. Stereotactic radio surgeries
  9. The vaporisation of the prostate (Green laser treatment or holmium laser treatment)
  10. IONM – (Intra Operative Neuro Monitoring)
  11. Stem cell therapy: Hematopoietic stem cells for bone marrow transplant for hematological conditions

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