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Navi General Insurance

Navi General Insurance, a subsidiary of Navi Technologies, offers a wide range of health, motor, property, commercial and gadget insurance. The company provides a wide range of well-priced products with faster claim processing. As per the data, Navi General Insurance was estimated to have 1.1 million trusted customers by 30th December 2020. So, if you are looking for an insurance plan, take a look at the products offered by Navi General Insurance on this page below.

Navi Health Insurance Plans

The insurance company provides you the following health insurance plans –

Navi Cure: A comprehensive health insurance plan that provides coverage for the entire family. Key features of this plan are as follows –

  1. Sum Insured options ranging from INR 2 Lakh to 1 Crore
  2. Additional Sum Insured of INR 20,000 shall be payable for hospitalization due to dengue, malaria, swine flu & other covered vector-borne diseases
  3. No initial waiting period of 30 days for accidental hospitalization and hospitalization due to Cancer, Myocardial Infarction and Stroke

Arogya Sanjeevani: A health insurance plan with sum insured options of INR 1-5 Lakh. This policy is available to persons aged between 18 and 65 years. You can cover yourself, your spouse, children and parents or parent in law under this policy. Key features of this plan are –

  1. No pre-policy medical check-up for insured aged below 50 years with no adverse medical condition
  2. Extensive coverage includes in-patient hospitalization expenses, daycare treatment, pre and post-hospitalization, cataract treatment, modern treatment/procedures, AYUSH treatment, ambulance cost.

COCO Seasonal Byte: Under this policy, you’ll get coverage against the following expenses –

  1. In-Patient Hospitalization
  2. Pre and post-hospitalization expenses up to 15 days
  3. AYUSH treatment
  4. Emergency road ambulance, repatriation of mortal remains, funeral expenses
  5. Home care treatment
  6. OPD treatment

The insurer will pay a lump sum amount, as specified in the policy schedule, if you are diagnosed with Dengue/Malaria during the policy period.

COCO Protect: You will get the option of Accidental Death or Accidental Permanent Total Disability coverage under this policy. You can customize your plan by adding any of the following optional covers –

  1. Accidental Permanent Partial Disability Benefit
  2. Accidental Temporary Total Disablement Benefit
  3. Common Injuries due to an accident
  4. Child Tuition Benefit
  5. Repatriation of mortal remains and funeral expenses
  6. Physiotherapy
  7. Emergency Evacuation
  8. Trauma Counselling
  9. Lifestyle Support
  10. Orphan benefit
  11. Daily hospital cash
  12. Skill development
  13. Mobility AIDS Allowance
  14. Accidental medical expenses reimbursement
  15. Coverage for adventure sports injuries

Corona Kavach Policy: This is indemnity-based health insurance against COVID. Key features of this plan are –

  1. In-patient hospitalization
  2. Ambulance cover
  3. A 15-day pre-hospitalization cover
  4. A 30-day post-hospitalization cover
  5. Home Care Treatment
  6. AYUSH In-patient Treatment

Note: The above-mentioned expenses shall be covered upon positive diagnosis of COVID. The sum insured ranges from INR 50,000- 2.5 Lakh.

Corona Rakshak Policy: This is benefit-based health insurance against COVID. Key features of this plan are –

  1. Lump-sum payment upon positive diagnosis of COVID if it requires a minimum continuous hospitalization for 72 hours.
  2. Sum Insured Options – INR 50,000-2.5 Lakh
  3. Policy tenure from 105-285 days
  4. Available in both Individual or Family Floater basis
  5. No Pre-Policy Medical Check-Up required

Navi Motor Insurance Plans

You can purchase insurance for your two-wheeler or four-wheeler from Navi General Insurance. The following is the list of motor insurance plans available to you –

  1. COCORide Two-Wheeler Package Policy
  2. COCORide Two-Wheeler Package Policy Add-on Covers
  3. COCORide Long Term Two-Wheeler Package Policy
  4. COCORide Long Term Two-Wheeler Package Policy Add-on Covers
  5. COCORide Two-Wheeler Policy
  6. COCORide Two-Wheeler Own Damage Policy
  7. COCORide Two-Wheeler Own Damage Policy Add-on Covers
  8. Liability Only Two-Wheeler Policy
  9. COCODrive Private Car Package Policy
  10. COCODrive Private Car Package Policy Add-on Covers
  11. Liability Only Policy

Navi Home Insurance

Navi General Insurance provides you with Home Insurance that provides financial protection to you against fire, terrorism and losses caused to your home. Depending on your home size, geography and risk profile, the insurer will craft home insurance policies for you.

Why Should You Choose Navi General Insurance?

The following are the reasons that you should buy an insurance plan from Navi General Insurance –

  1. get your policy in 90 seconds with the Navi Health Insurance app
  2. Cashless claims approval in 20 minutes
  3. Around 10,000+ network hospitals in India
  4. Zero paperwork
  5. No agents required

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