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Apart from protecting your life, there are other things too for which people like to get Insurance. It can be for their Health, Cars, Two-wheelers, Travel, etc. Such types of Insurance comes under the category of General Insurance. Individuals opt for any kind of insurance to save themselves from financial loss. This loss can be due to a health emergency or the loss of your vehicle. Different types of Insurance Products from Liberty General Insurance ensures that you do not face any kind of financial emergency. Some of the popular insurance products that Liberty General Insurance provides are Health Insurance, Two-wheeler (bike) Insurance, Car Insurance, etc.

You must be wanting to know different insurance products provided by Liberty General Insurance. In this article, we will discuss the same. Apart from this, we will also be telling you the reasons because of which you should choose Liberty General Insurance. So, let’s start!

Why Should You Choose Liberty General Insurance?

One of the first questions that people ask when choosing any kind of Insurance is why should they choose a particular company’s product? Well, Liberty General Insurance has a Claim Settlement Ratio of 91% in the Financial Year 2018-19 that tells you how good their claim settlement process is! A higher ratio indicates that you have more chances to get your claims for any insurance product. Liberty General Insurance Company has more than 5,000 Network Hospitals where you can enjoy cashless treatments without any worry. No matter wherever you are, cashless health care assistance will never be far from you!

You can also enjoy the services of more than 4,300 Garages for both your two-wheelers and cars. Other than this, Liberty General Insurance also has 110 offices in more than 95 cities across 29 states. All these features can make your insurance experience better! Let’s move on to the different products of the insurer!

Types of Liberty General Insurance Products

As we mentioned earlier too, Liberty General Insurance provides a wide range of insurance products such as Health Insurance, Car Insurance, and Two-wheeler Insurance. We are discussing each of them below that you can check. We are starting with Liberty Health Insurance!

Liberty General Health Insurance

Liberty Health Insurance maintains a Claim Settlement Ratio of 74.58% in FY 2020-21. Its Health Insurance products can secure the health of yourself and your family if you need any medical treatment. One of the best things about Liberty General Health Insurance is that it provides different types of products from which you can choose the one that fits your requirements. Liberty Health Insurance also provides a Loyalty Perk Benefit that helps increase your Sum Insured each year by a certain percentage.

Liberty Health Insurance offers a total of 5 Health Insurance Products. These are Liberty Health Connect, Health Connect Supra, Individual Personal Accident Plan, Janata Personal Accident Insurance Policy, and Secure Health Connect. Each product offers different benefits such as In-patient Hospitalization Expenses (Room, Boarding expenses, Doctor’s Fees, Nursing Expenses, etc.), Pre and Post hospitalization Expenses, Daycare Procedures/Treatments, Loyalty Perk Benefits, etc. With Liberty General Health Insurance, you can also enjoy additional benefits such as First Medical Opinion, Live Health Talk, Fortnightly Newsletters, and Electronic Medical Record Management. Amidst all,  individuals can also enjoy the tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Liberty General Car Insurance

Car insurance has become mandatory for 4-wheeler owners to have. But car insurance helps you too when you face adverse situations related to the 4-wheeler. With the Liberty General Car Insurance Plan, you can secure your vehicle’s losses or theft or any other liabilities from the third party in the form of financial losses. With the Car Insurance from Liberty General Insurance, you can have the much-needed peace of mind when you are on the road with your vehicle.

Some of the prominent benefits of Liberty General Car Insurance include a hassle-free Claim Settlement Process, On-road assistance, a wide network of more than 4,300 garages, Transfer of existing No Claim Bonus from any other insurance provider, etc. Liberty Car Insurance gives you two options for buying the product online – Liability Only Policy (Statutory Requirement) and Package Policy (Liability Only Policy + Damage to owner’s vehicle called O.D. or Own Damage Cover). Other than these two options, you can also avail of additional protection with additional covers.

Liberty General Two Wheeler Insurance

With features like Renewal Discounts, Roadside Assistance, Instant Online Policy and Zero Documentation, Liberty General Two Wheeler Insurance can help free yourself from any stress related to the Two-wheeler. A Two Wheeler Insurance product from Liberty General  Insurance Company can cover both Liabilities as well as Own Damage related to your Vehicle.

Liberty General Insurance provides two kinds of Two-wheeler Insurance products. These are the Annual Policy and Multiyear Policy. With Multi Year Policy, you can enjoy hassle-free long insurance cover for 2 or 3 years by just paying the Insurance Premium once. So, if you are someone who doesn’t like to renew your insurance every year, a Multi-Year Policy can be suitable for you.

With Liberty General Insurance, you will get coverage under Loss of or damage to the Vehicle Insured (by riot, fire, theft, malicious act, terrorist activity, landslide rockslide, etc.), Liability to Third Parties, and Personal Accident Cover for both Owner and Driver. You can purchase both Annual and Multi-Year Policy via the Online Method.

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