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HDFC ERGO General Insurance – Overview

NameHDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited
Company TaglineTake it Easy
CEORitesh Kumar
OwnerJoint Venture between HDFC Ltd., India’s premier Housing Finance Institution and

ERGO International AG, the primary insurance entity of Munich Re Group
Serving CountryIndia
ProductsMotor, Health, Travel, Home and Personal Accident in the retail space and customized products like Property, Marine and Liability Insurance in the corporate space.
Total No of Employees3000+

Health Insurance

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HDFC ERGO General Insurance, formerly known as HDFC ERGO Health Insurance, provides a wide range of customized health insurance plans to meet your healthcare expenses. So, you don’t need to worry about any financial expenses when a medical emergency arises. The company has over 10,000+ network hospitals, which means the hospital will never be far away from you. Not only that, but the company also offers car insurance, 2-wheeler insurance, travel insurance and other general insurance products. Let’s read this page further and check out all these general insurance products of HDFC ERGO.

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Products

Health Insurance

Medical expenses are rising with each passing day. And if you haven’t planned for it, it’s not too late! You can buy an HDFC ERGO Health insurance policy and protect yourself and your loved ones financially. Here is the list of HDFC ERGO Health Insurance plan, check out their benefits below:-

Optima Restore Family Health Insurance Plan

We do everything to keep our family healthy and happy. Knowing that HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Ltd. has introduced the Optima Restore Family Health Insurance Plan that has features like complete cashless treatments at network hospitals, 100% restore benefit when your Sum Insured is partially or fully exhausted after the first claim, Daily Hospital Cash from INR 1,000-6,000 if you choose a shared accommodation at inception, along with benefits like Multiplier Benefit and Complimentary Health Check-up at the time of renewal.

Optima Restore Individual Health Insurance Plan

An HDFC ERGO Health Insurance plan that is made only for you. It can provide a financial cover of INR 5-50 lakh. So, if you buy HDFC ERGO Health Optima Restore Individual Insurance Plan, you will get 100% restoration of the Sum Insured after the first claim, Daily Hospital Cash, No Claim Bonus, and a complimentary health check-up at renewal.

my:health Suraksha Insurance – Silver Smart Plan

A flexible health insurance plan either for an individual, family and senior citizens. With my:health Suraksha Insurance – Silver Smart Plan, you are financially covered for INR 3-5 lakh and eligible for benefits like no room rent limit, the sum insured rebound that applies when the base sum insured is exhausted, free health check-up every year and cashless home health care treatment.

my:health Suraksha Insurance – Gold Smart Plan

Under this HDFC ERGO Health Insurance, you will get the same benefits as my:health Suraksha Insurance – Silver Smart Plan. But my:health Suraksha Insurance – Gold Smart Plan has some additional features like Air Ambulance service for treatment outside India and alternative treatments that are proven to cure your illness or injury, such as Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy treatment.

my:health Suraksha – Platinum Smart Plan

If you buy this HDFC ERGO Health Insurance, you never will be underinsured. Because with my:health Suraksha – Platinum Smart Plan, you will get a cover up to INR 75 lakh with benefits like no room rent limit, the rebound of the sum insured, cashless home healthcare treatments and free health check-up every year at renewal.

Energy Health Plan

This HDFC ERGO Health Insurance covers people who are suffering from Diabetes and Hypertension. According to the policy document, the insured will get coverage against Diabetes and Hypertension from day 1 of the policy commencement. Under this plan, you have the following benefits:

  1. Sum Insured Restoration (up to 100%)
  2. 2% discount on renewal (for no claim in the previous year)
  3. HbA1C Tests Cover (up to INR 750 per policy year)
  4. Your personalized wellness portal (with a Health Coach and a place where you can store all your medical records)

Note – Other than Diabetes and Hypertension, the rest of your pre-existing diseases have a waiting period of 2 years.

my:health Medisure Super Top-up

We all need a back-up plan, understanding that HDFC ERGO has introduced my:health Medisure Super Top-up. This policy will come into action when your existing health insurance is not enough for your health expenses. Under this, you, your parents, in-laws, niece, nephew, spouse and kids can be covered. And there is an advantage like no health check-up up to the age of 55 years and constant premium payment for life-long from 61 years onwards. To be eligible for the HDFC ERGO Health Insurance discount, opt for a long-term policy (2 years). Under this, you will get a 5% discount on the premium. And if you cover your family (where there are more than 2 members) on an individual plan, you can get a 10% discount.

Corona Kavach Policy

If you are tested Corona positive, don’t worry this HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Corona Kavach Policy will take care of you. Under this policy, you will get coverage against hospitalization, pre- and post-hospitalization, home care treatment expenses and AYUSH treatment.

Arogya Sanjeevani Policy, HDFC ERGO

As you know, medical expenses can damage your savings and turn your plans upside down. But don’t worry if you have Arogya Sanjeevani Policy, HDFC ERGO, you can manage both your medical expenses and savings. This HDFC ERGO Health Insurance has features like:

  1. Affordable premium
  2. Access to 10,000+ network hospitals
  3. Sum insured options ranging from INR 3-10 lakh
  4. Cover for your entire family
  5. Cumulative bonus of 5% every year (up to 50%)

HDFC ERGO iCan Health Insurance Plan

You can fight cancer with HDFC ERGO iCan Health Insurance plan. This policy provides you coverage against cancer treatments only. Under this policy, you will get the following:

  1. Cover for chemotherapy to stem cell transplantation (any advanced treatments)
  2. 60% additional sum insured (for cancer of specified severity)
  3. 100% sum insured for your family (if you are diagnosed with stage IV cancer)
  4. Life-long renewals
  5. Coverage for all stages of cancer
  6. Lump-sum payment for any miscellaneous expenses
  7. Cashless cancer treatment at 10,000+ network hospitals.

Note- And if you have Pre-existing ailments for cancer, existing signs & symptoms before the date of the policy issuance, you won’t get the cover.

Critical Illness Insurance

HDFC ERGO is there for you at critical times. And if you buy this Critical Illness Insurance, you can get coverage for up to 15 critical illnesses. This plan has features like lump-sum payout, policy terms of 1 & 2 years and options of two plans.

my:health Women Suraksha Plan

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance plans for women such as – Women Cancer Plus Plan, Women CI Essential Plan and Women CI Comprehensive Plan – help women get coverage against Cancer, Major Illnesses, Surgical Procedures, Cardiac Ailments & Procedures, Critical Illnesses, Wellness & Health Coach, Preventive Health Check-up, Pregnancy & Newborn Complications, Post diagnosis Support(PDS), Molecular Gene Expression Profiling Test, Outpatient Counselling Second Opinion and Loss of Job.

Health Wallet Family Floater Plan

If you buy this HDFC ERGO Health Insurance, you can meet your medical expenses without compromising on your budget. It happens as the Health Wallet Family Floater Plan stores in the following benefits:

  1. 100% Sum Insured Restoration
  2. Multiplier Benefit (for a no-claim year)
  3. Health Check-up at renewal
  4. Reserve Benefit (It carry forward your unused sum insured at an interest of 6% per annum)

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance General Exclusions

In the following scenarios, the company won’t pay the sum insured.

  1. Adventure sport injuries
  2. Self-inflicted injuries
  3. War
  5. Venereal or sexually transmitted diseases
  6. Treatment of obesity or cosmetic surgery
  7. Participation in defense operations
  8. Prosthetics and non-surgical devices
  9. Diagnostic expenses
  10. Rehabilitation & Cure
  11. Non prescribed Dietary supplements
  12. Unproven Treatments
  13. Vaccination

Claim Process at HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Ltd.

There are two ways by which you can claim HDFC Health Insurance – Cashless and Reimbursement. Cashless claims are accepted only at network hospitals of HDFC ERGO. So, check the list of such hospitals and visit the nearest and convenient one in case you or any of your insured family members seek medical treatment. Here’s a step-by-step process for availing cashless claims.

  • Get cashless treatment at the network hospital by presenting your health card and valid photo ID
  • The network hospital will send the pre-authorization cashless request to HDFC ERGO
  • The insurer will check the documents thoroughly and notify you about its stand on the claim so raised through email/SMS to your registered mobile number or email ID.
  • The hospital will then send the final bill to HDFC ERGO, which will scrutinize it and provide final authorization for approved transactions to the hospital. Remember, the insurer won’t pay for any inadmissible expenses.

After cashless, let’s get to the reimbursement claim process, which involves a few simple steps shown below.

  • Get admitted to the nearest or convenient hospital
  • Submit the soft copies of your medical bills and documents on the registration module shown on the official website of the insurer
  • Claim registration can be done by mentioning any of the following – Policy Number, Mobile Number and Email ID
  • Subsequently, HDFC ERGO’s team of doctors will initiate the claim processing based on the documents submitted

You can even send the soft copies of your claim documents along with a duly filled claim form to Download the digital form online, fill in the details and send it to the email address shown above. HDFC ERGO will examine the details carefully before approving a claim. In case the insurer seeks additional information or documents, do provide the same for a smooth claim settlement. Within a few days from approval, you will get the claim amount in your bank account.

Car Insurance

Take good care of your Car with HDFC ERGO Car Insurance. If you buy this policy, you will get access to 7,100+ network garages, lower premium and overnight repair services. There are mainly 4 types of car insurance plans – Single Year Comprehensive, Third-party, Stand Alone Damage, Cover for Brand New Cars.

Two-wheeler Insurance

Buy insurance coverage for your Bike from HDFC ERGO. With its Two-wheeler insurance, you can get coverage against Bike damage, 24×7 roadside assistance service, No Claim Bonus up to 50% and cashless garage services. You can choose your HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance from the following plans:

  1. Single Year Comprehensive
  2. Stand Alone Motor Own Damage Cover
  3. Long Term Comprehensive
  4. Two-wheeler Liability Only

Home Insurance

Secure your home financially with the HDFC ERGO Home Insurance. If your house is in a city/state that is prone to natural calamities like floods, earthquakes and cyclones, an HDFC ERGO Home Insurance will be most suitable for you. Apart from natural calamities, you can be protected against fire incidents and theft/burglary. The following are your Home Insurance options at HDFC ERGO.

  1. Home Insurance for Tenants
  2. Home Insurance for Owners
  3. And Housing Society Insurance

Travel Insurance

To plan your travel with safety precautions, buy an HDFC ERGO Travel insurance. If you buy this, you can get coverage for medical emergencies, evacuation, body repatriation, loss of baggage/documents, personal liability, financial assistance, etc. And under this insurance, there are 4 types of plans – Individual, Family, Student and Frequent Flyer.

Cyber Insurance

Get e@Secure Insurance from HDFC ERGO and get covered for your online activities that include Unauthorised Online Transactions, Phishing & email Spoofing, Damage to e-reputation, Identity theft, Cyberbullying and e-Extortion. For your convenience, HDFC ERGO provides additional covers like a Family cover and a cover for malware.

Goods Carrying

Vehicles carrying goods in India run our national economy and for their protection, HDFC ERGO has Goods Carrying Vehicle Insurance Plan. This protects the insured financially from Accidents, Fire & Explosion, Theft, Calamities, Personal Accident and Third Party Liability.

Tractor & Other commercial vehicles

Buy insurance for your tractor and any other commercial vehicle to assure financial protection against Accidents, Burglary, Calamities, Personal Accident, Third Party Person and Property Liability. There are two types of insurance under this – comprehensive and liability only.

HDFC ERGO Uses AI to Acquire More Customers

HDFC ERGO is tapping into the potential of Artificial intelligence (AI) to strengthen its customer base for insurance products. The AI is handling 30% of the customer service requests. As more than 50% of customers are going digital after purchasing a policy, HDFC ERGO sees it as an opportunity to firm its grip in the general insurance segment. Looking to tap into the needs of customers residing in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities who may not be tech-savvy to use its website or Mobile App, HDFC ERGO has built chatbots to engage with them on WhatsApp. Amid the pandemic, people are increasing online to buy insurance products, resulting in raising the sale of HDFC ERGO Health Insurance products by 100% over the last year.

Awards Won by HDFC ERGO General Insurance

Perseverance combined with excellence always leads to brilliant results. The success of any company lies in its customer satisfaction. While the increasing customer base indicates increased satisfaction, industry recognition implies enhanced stature and repute. Some of them include:-

  1. ICAI Awards 2015-16 (For Excellence in Financial Reporting)
  2. SKOCH Order-of-Merit (for Claims Survey Management (CMS) for qualifying amongst the Top 100-projects in India)
  3. Best Customer Experience Award of the Year (Financial Sector)
  4. CMS Outstanding Affiliate World-Class Service Award 2015
  5. iAAA rating (by ICRA)
  6. ISO Certification (by ICRA)
  7. Best Insurance Company in Private Sector – General 2014

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Contact Details

How to get in touch with HDFC ERGO General Insurance?
Toll-free Customer Service Number
Call 1800 2666 400 (to buy a new policy)
Call 022 6234 6234 / 0120 6234 6234 (for service-related queries)
HDFC ERGO General Insurance Limited CIN: U66030MH2007PLC177117
Registered Office Of HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company
1st Floor, HDFC House,
165-166 Backbay Reclamation,
T. Parekh Marg, Churchgate,
Mumbai – 400 020

Address Of HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Claim Offices in India
HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Ltd.
5th floor, Tower 1, Steller IT Park,
C-25, Sector-62, Noida – 201301
For Authorization Issues:
Network Hospital Issues:
Customer Claim Query:

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