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Chola MS General Insurance offers insurance products such as Health Insurance, Motor Insurance, Property Insurance, Accident Insurance and Travel Insurance. The company’s claim settlement ratio is 70.31% for the financial year 2018-19 as per the IRDAI annual report. And you are also eligible for tax benefits under Chola MS General insurance products as per the prevailing income tax laws.

Details of Chola MS General Insurance Products

Chola MS Health Insurance

Protect your family and yourself financially against future health risks. You can buy any of the following Chola MS Health Insurance policies at an affordable rate. Take a look!

Chola MS COVID-19 Cover

A specialized Health insurance plan for COVID-19 that provides financial cover to you at the time of diagnosis of covid-19. Also, a daily cash benefit for every 24 hours of hospitalization or quarantine, whichever remains the case.

And if COVID-19 diagnosis causes the job loss, 50% of the base Sum Insured will be payable to you per month for a maximum of 3 months. Persons aged between 3 months to 65 years can be covered in this policy. The proposer’s age should be minimum of 18 years at the time of commencement of the policy. The Policy Term for Chola MS COVID-19 cover is 1 year only.

Chola Healthline

Purchasing the Chola Healthline Insurance will benefit you by covering all your hospital admissions (must be longer than 24 hours), pre-hospitalization expenses for up to 30/60 days before the date of admission, post-hospitalization expenses up to 60/90 days from date of discharge, daycare procedures, domiciliary hospitalization, AYUSH treatments, donor expenses, ambulance fee, maternity treatment, newborn baby expenses, child hospitalization allowance, OPD dental expenses, contact lens, spectacles, hearing aids and health check-up, extended hospitalization allowance, accidents and critical Illnesses.

Critical Healthline

There are two types of plans available under Critical Healthline Insurance that you could see below.

Chola MS Standard
Critical Healthline
Chola MS Advanced
Critical Healthline
Survival Period for the Critical Illness
Cancer of Specified
Cancer of Specified
30 days
Surgery to AortaSurgery to Aorta30 days
Permanent Paralysis of
Permanent Paralysis of
180 days
Major Organ/Bone Marrow TransplantMajor Organ/Bone Marrow Transplant30 days
Multiple Sclerosis With
Persisting Symptoms
Multiple Sclerosis With
Persisting Symptoms
180 days
Kidney Failure Requiring
Regular Dialysis
Kidney Failure Requiring
Regular Dialysis
30 days
Open Chest CABGOpen Chest CABG30 days
Myocardial InfarctionMyocardial Infarction30 days
Stroke Resulting in
Permanent Symptoms
Stroke Resulting in
Permanent Symptoms
90 days
Primary Pulmonary
Primary Pulmonary
30 days
-Parkinson's Disease180 days
-Motor Neuron Disease With
Permanent Symptoms
90 days

Note – The waiting period for availing of the benefits is 90 days from the date of the commencement of the policy.

Super TopUp

This Chola MS Health Insurance is an aggregate Topup plan that provides coverage for your higher medical expenses. The policy comes in two different plans – Premiere Plan & Supreme Plan by which you can customize your individual or family floater Chola MS health insurance plan.

The policy covers in-patient hospitalization expenses, ambulance fees, 141 daycare procedures, domiciliary hospitalization, non-allopathic treatments, AYUSH treatments and Pre-& Post-hospitalisation expenses (for up to 60/90 days under the supreme plan only).

Hospital Cash

If you Buy Chola MS Hospital Cash policy, Hospital Confinement Cash Benefit, Double Confinement Benefit (for ICU hospitalization) and Convalescence Benefit will be payable to you in a lump sum whenever the risk arises during the policy term.

Your Hospital Cash benefits as per your chosen plan option:-

BenefitsPlan A (cover up to 20 days)Plan B (cover up to 20 days)Plan C (cover up to 20 days)Plan D (cover up to 25 days)Plan E (cover up to 25 days)Plan F (cover up to 25 days)
Illness/AccidentINR 1,000 per dayINR 2,000 per dayINR 3,000 per dayINR 1,000 per dayINR 2,000 per dayINR 3,000 per day
Intensive Care unit2X limit of daily cash benefit per day2X limit of daily cash benefit per day2X limit of daily cash benefit per day2X limit of daily cash benefit per day2X limit of daily cash benefit per day2X limit of daily cash benefit per day
Convalescence BenefitINR 10,000INR 15,000INR 20,000INR 10,000INR 15,000INR 20,000

Arogya Sanjeevani

A Standard Chola MS Health Insurance Plan that provides financial protection for unforeseen medical contingencies. In this plan, you will get the flexibility to choose from multiple Sum Insured options and pay premiums at any of the monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly intervals. The company will pay for the following expenses-

  1. In-Patient Hospitalisation Expenses
  2. Emergency Ambulance Expenses
  3. Day Care Procedures
  4. Pre and Post Hospitalisation (for 30/60 days)
  5. AYUSH treatments
  6. Dental Treatment and Plastic Surgery

Flexi Health

A Flexi Health plan is a cost-effective way to protect yourself and your family from unexpected health issues, and in this plan, you will have more control over your healthcare choices. You can select your sum insured, premium mode and tenure under the policy and get covered for alternate treatments besides allopathy, hospitalization expenses, daycare procedures, AYUSH, domiciliary hospitalization, organ donor hospitalization expenses, newborn baby cover, emergency ambulance expenses up to 1% of the Sum Insured, subject to a maximum of INR 2,000/- per hospitalization.

Personal Accident

Any person between the age of 18 to 69 years can buy the Chola MS Personal Accident policy that covers the following:-

  1. Accidental Death
  2. Permanent Total Disability

If an accidental injury causes permanent total disablement and continues for 12 months, the company will compensate for it up to the basic capital sum insured. This will include

  1. Loss of sight of both eyes
  2. Loss of two entire hands or two entire feet
  3. Loss of one entire hand and one entire foot
  4. Loss of sight of one eye and loss of one entire foot or hand
  5. Complete loss of hearing of both ears and complete loss of speech
  6. Complete loss of hearing in both ears, complete loss of speech and loss of one limb or loss of sight of one eye
  7. Permanent Partial Disability

If an accidental injury causes permanent partial disablement and continues for 12 months, the company will compensate for it up to the basic capital sum insured. Check out the table below to know the part of the sum insured admissible for Permanent Partial Disability.

Loss Due to AccidentPercentage of the Sum Insured
All Toes20%
Toes both phalanges0.50%
Toes one phalanx0.20%
More than one toe is lost0.20%
Hearing - both ears60%
Hearing - one ear30%
Four fingers & a thumb of one hand40%
Four fingers35%
Thumb: both phalanges25%
Thumb: one phalanx10%
Index finger - 3 or 2 phalanges or 1 phalanx10%
Middle finger - 3 or 2 phalanges or 1 phalanx0.60%
Ring finger - 3 or 2 phalanges or 1 phalanx0.50%
Little finger - 3 or 2 phalanges or 1 phalanx0.40%
Metacarpals - first, second, third, fourth or fifth0.30%
Sense of smell10%
Sense of taste5%
Sight of one eye50%
One foot50%
One hand50%

Chola MS Home Insurance

Protect your home from the risks like fire, natural calamities, burglary, breakdown of contents and more. And the benefit is that both the homeowners and tenants can get the Chola MS Home Insurance cover. So taking care of your needs, Chola MS General Insurance provides you the cover for the following:-

  1. Building
  2. Building + Content
  3. Contents only

Note – Owners can buy any one of the three above-mentioned insurance while tenants can buy only content cover.

You will get financial security for the following incidents

  1. Fire, natural and man-made calamities
  2. Burglary
  3. Damage of Home appliances and Home utility appliances
  4. Personal accident
  5. Accidental hospitalization
  6. Jewelry loss
  7. Loss of personal baggage

Chola MS Travel Insurance

If you are a traveler, you should buy Chola MS travel insurance as it helps safeguard you from unforeseen situations. Under this insurance, you will get covered for flight delays, loss of baggage, loss of passport, medical emergencies, etc. And Chola MS General Insurance offers you the following travel insurance plans –

  1. Comprehensive Travel Insurance – Different range of Sum Insured, Extension up to 185 days on a Single Trip, No sub-limits for insured persons above the age of 60 years, and a Family Discount if you cover more than 2 family members.
  2. Student Travel Insurance – Medical expenses, Dental treatments, Loss of passport, Bail Bond (if arrested/detained by the police or judicial authorities for any bailable abroad offense), 2-Way Compassionate Visit.
  3. Leisure Travel Insurance – Total loss of checked-in baggage, Medical expenses, Dental treatments, Delay in checked-in baggage, Passport and International Driving Licence loss.

Chola MS Motor Insurance

The company not only takes care of your health, home or travel only, but it also has an insurance policy for your vehicle whether it’s a car or two-wheeler (Bike). Chola MS offers the following motor insurances.

  1. Car Insurance – Dual coverage of Third Party risks and Own damage risks, live Video streaming for the instant claim, 24/7 customer support, hassle-free claims process, access to 7100+ cashless garages, compulsory personal accident cover for a registered car owner, Indemnity for third-party property and unlimited liabilities for personal injuries of third-party.
  2. Two-wheeler Insurance – Own damage cover, unlimited liabilities for personal injuries of third-party, Indemnity for third-party property and compulsory personal accident cover for a registered vehicle owner.

How to Apply for Different Services of Chola MS General Insurance Online?

You can apply for a slew of services online, including refund/cancellation, NACH cancellation, update contact details. Besides, you can track your service request and get the policy copy on your email. To do all these, visit the official website of Chola MS General Insurance and go to ‘Customer Services’. Once you click on it, different services will appear on the list of drop downs. Click on the service you want to have. For example, if you want refund/cancellation, click on the link stating the same. Subsequently, enter your policy number, email ID, mobile number and customer name before clicking on ‘Submit’. After that, refund/cancellation can be executed. And if you want to track your service request, enter the Policy Number and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

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