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Care Health Insurance is one of the most trusted health insurance providers in the country. It offers some of the most comprehensive health plans at some of the most pocket-friendly rates. This is why you must consider getting these plans when you look to buy health insurance. The plans are easily and widely available online. You can buy health insurance online and you can also download the Care Health Insurance Premium Receipt online. Read on to know more.

The Care Health Insurance Premium Receipt Download process

Listed below are the steps involved in the process:

  1. Start off by going online and visit either Care Health Insurance Company’s website or mobile application.
  2. Then, visit the health insurance section and detect your policy by entering the policy number or your registered email ID.
  3. Download the copy and take a printout or opt for an email to be sent out to your registered email ID.

The process is just as simple as it seems and so you must never skip it.

Reasons why It is important

Now let us understand why this process is so important:

  1. You need the receipt to prove that you have indeed paid the health insurance premium and that your medical insurance coverage is valid and active.
  2. When you make a claim, your premium payment must be up to date and your policy should not be in a lapsed state. For this the premium payment is important and the receipt would help explain that.
  3. The Indian Income Tax law states that everyone who pays a health insurance premium can get an IT rebate for the amount paid towards the health cover. To get this rebate, you need to submit the premium receipt when filing the taxes.

To wrap it up

Thankfully, the Care Health Insurance Premium Receipt Download process is an easy and straightforward one. It does serve many benefits, so go ahead and complete it and keep a receipt copy with yourself.

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