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The online insurance world has made it very simple for people to buy and maintain their life insurance covers. From comparing insurance plans to making purchases to paying the regular premiums, everything can be done online these days. There is minimal need to go to the insurance provider’s office or meet an insurance agent for any of these tasks. The insurers also communicate with their clients via the online channels. When you buy a life cover from a large and reputed life insurance company such as Reliance Nippon Life Insurance, you get many modern facilities. One of them is the option to download the premium receipt instantly. As you know, the premium receipt is a very important document that you need to have. The Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Premium Receipt Download process is simple, free and quick. Read on to know more.

Significance of Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Premium Receipt

Here are some significant reasons why you need to undergo the Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Premium Receipt Download process:

  1. Helps to keep records – The receipt copy helps you to keep track of your expenses and spendings. You can keep a copy of the receipt in your financial file and refer to it as and when needed.
  2. Helps to file taxes – When you file your taxes, you can claim a tax rebate of up to Rs 1,50,000 for the premium paid for life insurance. At this time, you will need to submit a copy of the premium receipt.
  3. Helps to make claims – After your demise, your family will file a life insurance claim with the insurance provider. The claim will only be accepted if the premiums are all paid. The premium receipt will prove to be extremely crucial at this time to prove the premiums have indeed been paid.

These are the main reasons why you need to complete the Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Premium Receipt Download process.


Just visit the insurer’s website or app. Then, enter your policy number along with your birthday and you will get to download the premium receipt. Keep a copy with you and stay covered.

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