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Not many are aware of the regulations governing 2 wheeler vehicle insurance. This has resulted in many people making mistakes, thus, often resulting in rejection of their claims. Some of them include:-

  1. Not calling the police: Do not try to settle with the third party sans the involvement of the police. Though the other party may try to convince you into settling the claim without police intervention, it is important that you stress on filing a complaint with the police before proceeding to make any claim. Also, filing an FIR with the policy ensures greater ease in filing claim to the insurance cover that you had bought from your choice of insurance company.
  2. Escaping from the accident scene: Do not move your 2 wheeler vehicle from the accident scene or move the other party’s vehicle from there. Even if the other party is in need of urgent medical aid, try to arrange it without shifting your vehicle from the place.
  3. Unnecessary panicking: There is a tendency to panic after meeting with an accident. Unnecessary stressing over the accident will only aggravate its effects. Escape any scope for any kind of argument and contact the police and the customer care service of your insurance company immediately.
  4. Signing releases to your insurer: You must refrain from signing any kind of releases unless you have been intimated by your insurance company that the estimated claim settlement provided by it is final.
  5. Ignoring post-accidental formalities: It is important to file the post-accidental formalities so that you may collect necessary documents and file the 2 wheeler vehicle insurance within the stipulated time.
  6. Accepting cheque saying “Final Payment”: Do not accept any cheque that has “Final Payment” written on it unless you are convinced that no further insured amount is due to you for the same.

It is important to understand that insurance companies release the third-insurance payment amount only after going through a set of necessary procedures. Hence, giving all details required and submission of necessary documents helps to claim the amount sans the probability of claim rejection.

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